Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thursday 13

My Thursday 13 is being published on Wednesday night. I've got to be in at work by 5:30AM, so I don't think I'll be blogging tomorrow morning...

Thirteen Things about K T Cat

13 Places I want to visit

I suspect you'll see a theme here. I really enjoyed this exercise. It took forever to find nice links for each of these, so I didn't write much. You'll just have to check out the links to get the message. I've got a ton of frequent flyer miles and I'm thinking that #5 looks pretty good right now...

1. Maui – been there several times. Maui no ka oi!
2. Key West – Going there soon. Can’t wait!
3. New Orleans – Awesome food and N’awlins Saints football!

Mmmmm. Tropical Islands....
4. Kiribati
5. Fiji
6. Tahiti
7. St. Thomas
8. Maldives

Cool places to visit...
9. Cairns, Australia
10. Thailand
11. Peruvian Amazon
12. Yucatan
13. Galveston – Of course!

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Jake Silver said...

I would love to visit Fiji, and Key West is one of those places my Squadron goes TDY (temporary duty) to once in a while... that would be great...

YellowRose said...

Tropical islands...yeah that's sounds good, so good that next week I think I'll find one! ;)

Thanks for visiting my TT!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really travel but all of those sound nice!

Happy TT!

Wystful1 said...

Cool list of places to visit! Hope you can see them all!! Ummmmmmm, a cat has nine lives, so you should be able to with ease!!

Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13

Master Enigma said...

Just as long as it is warm and has a beach I would be there in an instant!

I am so ready for Spring!

My 13 is up @

Thanks for stopping by!

Heather Smith said...

I want to visit Australia! That's my life goal. Of course the others look fun too!
Thanks for stopping by!
You can view my other 13 here!

jeni said...

well happy TT! :)

as a former miamian...key west was one of my favorite places to visit. you'd probably like to see captiva & sanibel islands too. awesome! :)

have a great day! :) and thanks for stopping by "my" island! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my 13. That's a great list you have there.

So you like Maui, Huh? It is nice there. Used to go there just for the day and shop around. :)