Friday, March 03, 2006


Tragic events (which may not be completely factual) have led The Sratching Post employees to beg for some links and traffic. You see, I had to pawn my only jacket to buy tofu for my ailing grandmother and the winter is so very, very cold here in San Diego. Why, just last week it rained on the palm trees right outside my window. Rain! Can you imagine the chaos and panic? The roads were slick after the rain and we nearly spilled our lattes as we were talking on our cell phones and driving our SUVs to the beach volleyball game. Poor Heather, my neighbor, had to wear a one-piece bathing suit because it was too cold for her string bikini.

Our only solace is that we might have just a few more links and a visit or two to keep us warm while we wait for the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club’s Over-the-line tournament.

Please, any help is appreciated. If you can't spare a link or email a post to a friend (or enemy if the post was really bad), then a quick visit to the rest of the site will gladden our hearts.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

This ban shit is simply not true. I'm in France right now. No ban, not even discussion, we could not give a rat's fuck about those danish cartoons or the 50 muslims that rallied (when was that ? I don't even remember) at the Trocadero. This "Danish ban" is *complete* bullshit. I'm sure you saw this on TV. We get the same crap about USA here, because stupidity my friend, is international.

About "the natural instinct" for retreat, you mention Napoleon... You lost me there. Were you thinking Lafayette ? ;)

Yes, I'm a fucking french. & I found your blog funny, in a good way.