Friday, June 30, 2023

Maybe They're Just Idiots And They're Screwing Up Everything

At the American Over-Thinker, there's this piece about how a cabal of Elites might be manipulating national economies for their own gain.

What if these stated goals are merely talking points meant to justify a central bank's continued monopoly over a nation's creation of money, and the true objective of any central bank is to maximize wealth for the wealthiest economic players?  Central banks, after all, are usually institutionally independent from government interference.  They are private firms managed by the world's financial elite.  How might a central bank pursue a hidden agenda to grow the wealth of its friends at the public's expense?

Well, that might be true in the short run. In the long run, their nation-states will look somewhat like this.

Look, a person still has to live somewhere. When the nefarious Elites finish sucking the blood from their countries, they will live ... where? In France where the Muslims are having their very own George Floyd moment? In San Francisco which is up to its eyeballs in drug addicts and crime? In Chicago where they can fall asleep to the sounds of diversity, err, gunfire?

Please, just stop with these thought-pieces. There is no plan.

(P)redictions about the future are impossible, not because the rules have changed, but because there are no longer any rules at all...

KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: People with power, whether that is economic, political or (para-)military, lost their Christian moral foundations a while back. They're only now realizing that a majority of the population has lost them as well. That means that all bets are off. There are absolutely no boundaries to behavior any more. Money, sex, power, it's all up for grabs and you'd be a fool not to take what you want.

Not KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: There is no cabal of the powerful guiding anything in any direction in particular. It looks like that from time to time because the interests of some subset of the powerful align temporarily and they all pull in the same direction. Instead, it's all Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX everywhere.

Of course, I go on in that post and elsewhere to make all kinds of predictions about the future, so your mileage may vary. 

How about this as a mutation of my Moral Chaos Hypothesis: Any plan being enacted by the Cabal is doomed to be short-lived as the fruits of The Plan destroy the fixed assets and human capital of their societies.

Maybe they're not super brilliant. Maybe they're just idiots and they're ruining everything for everyone, including themselves.

Now that you've made your gazillions, I've got this great piece of property for you. It’s a little gloomy, but we could probably work wonders with just a few geraniums.

The members of the Cabal will have to live somewhere. Eventually, even the Ivy Leaguers will see what's happening.

Super Special Bonus Content

The hashtag #FranceRiots has a ton of content from the people of India. They've been down this road before. Dig this.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

This Indicates The Need For More Solar Panels

This we know: Extreme weather is caused by Global Warming Climate Change. Hail is extreme weather. These solar panels were destroyed by hail. That means these solar panels were destroyed by Global Warming Climate Change. The only way to stop Global Warming Climate Change is to install more solar panels.

Since Global Warming Climate Change destroys solar panels, then we must install still more solar panels to stop Global Warming Climate Change from destroying solar panels.


Monday, June 26, 2023

Flight Of The Bumblebees

During this holy season of Pride, there have been all kinds of, err, wonderful things on display.

Turning the Corner

There are about a zillion more. We've turned the corner and are into full-on Aztec territory here. Any Christian that still thinks they still have a voice is delusional. All the corporations, the education industry, the Democrats, the news media including Fox and the entertainment industry are supporting the Pride people.

Bud Light, still in freefall from their Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, even sponsored a Pride float in Toronto and, after the parade, had a booth that explained different sex acts to children. Yay!

The Flight Of The Bees

Bees are industrious. They are dedicated. They are all business. Bees are productive and useful. If an area's bees die off or leave, that place is going to have some serious issues.

Tim: Work with me here, can ya?

Outside of one event in Dallas, all of the videos that I've since the holy month of Pride has started have come from blue cities, almost all in blue states. Something hit me this weekend about what I was watching. 

Normal people can't live like this. If you've got young children, you don't want them exposed to perverts and pedophiles. Just for your own peace of mind, you need to know that they will be safe at school, at sporting events and with friends. If your city looks like this, it's time to leave.

That's the same thing that is happening with industrious people in blue cities. You can't accumulate a family nest egg in a place where carjackings, home invasions and shootings are common. What's the point of working hard if you have to drive through the druggies every morning and every night on the way to and from work?

It's definitely true that the reds are fleeing the blue states, but I think there's more at play than just political leanings. 

How can a normal family with working parent(s) stay in a blue city? The industrious and family-oriented people, the bees, if you will, can't and won't stay in places of perversion and crime.

The Transformation

Maybe it's not that the blue states are becoming bluer so much as they're becoming less productive and less wholesome.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

When Does Meaning Enter Your Life?

I'm still unpacking my stuff from our move. Also, wife kitteh's needs and desires have come first in the white supremacist, patriarchal tyranny that is our household, so I've not had much time to blog. I've also been playing in the kitchen with my free time, so that's consumed blogging energy as well.

Anywho, here's today's question: When does meaning enter your life?

If you get to define the meaning of life for yourself, what is the meaning of life at age 2? Is it simply bodily needs? From the Pride parade excerpts I've seen, that would appear to carry through to old age for some people.

Do your parents define the meaning of your life until a certain age? When is that? If someone other than you can define the meaning of your life at some point, why not at all points? Do the rest of us get a say in any of it?

Is it discovered or invented?

That's the real conundrum I've been pondering. You are born small, wet and ignorant. You move on from there. You didn't create anything in the world. It existed and then you entered it. The meaning of life, then is made up of components that you did not create. Did life not have meaning before you arrived? What was that?

It seems to me that the meaning of life is discovered as it is created from discoverable things that existed before you.

Wouldn't that indicate that a community of people has a discoverable and not invented purpose as well and that part of your purpose is to fit into it? The world is not tabula rasa until you arrive. You show up in a stream of humanity, a stream that travels through time. 

My off-the-top-of-my-head conclusion is that meaning is discovered and existed before us. That's a very Catholic answer, but it seems to fit all the facts.

"I loved you from the moment you were created," says the mom. Does that not give this tiny life meaning?

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Transitioning From Christian To Aztec

Deano, upon his return to Twitter after a long absence, posed this conundrum to me.

I hadn't thought of that question, so it gave me pause. After I responded, Dean had his own explanation.

Well, I was thinking more along the lines that it would be unseemly of us to criticize the people of those "backwards-*ss" countries when we are doing much the same to the children of our own country.  So, all the above, I guess.

I replied in the requisite 250 or so characters, but I'd like to expand on the idea now.

Mark Steyn, writing back in the day at National Review points the way.

Okay, since you ask, here’s my prediction: American decline will not be like France’s or Austria’s. For one thing, we don’t appreciate how unusual the last transfer of power was. If you’re not quite sure when that took place, the British historian Andrew Roberts likes to pinpoint it to the middle of 1943: One month, the British had more men under arms than the Americans. The next month, the Americans had more men under arms than the British. The baton of global leadership had been passed. And, if it didn’t seem that way at the time, that’s because it was as near a seamless transition as could be devised — although it was hardly “devised” at all.

I'd say that the same sort of thing is happening as the civilized world transitions from a Judeo-Christian foundation to a secular atheist one. In our case, the transition isn't seamless, it's jarring and dramatic, leading to questions like Dean's.

Judeo-Christianity requires the acknowledgment of objective reality, an objective morality above Man and logic. Secular atheism requires none of these. Darwinian evolution, one of the darling concepts of the secular atheists, is the expression of competitive superiority and has no connection with logic or morality. Alligators have been eating and mating for about 80,000,000 years. That's some serious competitive superiority. They don't worry about logic or morality, they simply eat and mate.

If you don't acknowledge anything greater than yourself, then all bets are off when it comes to behavior. If you can get away with it and you want to do it, then do it.

On top of this is layered our modern Marxism. Marxism, at its most basic level, separates people into easily-detected groups and then declares this group oppressors and that group oppressed. First it was owners bad, workers good. Then it was Jews bad, Germans good. Now it's straight, white men bad, everyone else good.

Under a Judeo-Christian model, people are individuals, not members of groups. Mutilating women is wrong because it's an individual doing something horrible to an individual.

Under the secular-atheist, modern-Marxist model, it's still not super cool to mutilate a woman, but since it's being done by an oppressed group, Muslims, it pretty much gets a pass. Better still is to mutilate little boys and girls in the service of gender ideology because it takes straight children, oppressors, and turns them into queer children, the oppressed. Best of all is that most of the children being poisoned and mutilated are white. What could be better than to affirm the gender of white children and put them in the camp of the oppressed?

Yes, this is illogical and cruel, but so what? Logic and compassion are not features of the modern culture as Darren Stallcup has repeatedly documented as he roams San Francisco, one of the central nodes of modern, secular atheism.

Most of the secular atheists don't see where this is headed, but again, so what? The cultural momentum doesn't care whether you see it carrying you along or not. The secular atheists are more likely to lead us to live like the Aztecs than the geniuses in the Harvard faculty lounges. If you want evolutionary superiority, the Aztec culture did a bang-up job of it for quite a while. Meanwhile, Harvard can barely beat Yale.

Of course, we'll never get the point where we sacrifice animals and people to the weather gods, right?

Uh oh.

Monday, June 19, 2023

San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore And Berlin

 Dig these.

San Francisco, Now

Chicago, Now

This is a suburb of Chicago.

Baltimore, Now

Berlin After The War, 1945

We Don't Know When We Are

That sequence is what I mean when I see this or that person doesn't know when he is. Five months prior to that video from Berlin, to pick a length of time almost at random, Nazi officials were giving speeches about the glories of National Socialism and the Reich's newscasts talked about how the Luftwaffe was shooting down bombers by the dozens. It was all nonsense. The place was in ruins, because of National Socialism. If National Socialism was going to work, it would have born better fruits than flattened cities and a generation of dead, young Aryans.

The evidence of its failure was clear to see.

These days, we hear speeches about racial justice, social justice and gender affirmation. Our social media sites, save for Twitter, enforce censorship codes that prevent you from exploring the causes of the horrors of the modern events above. 

By 1943, the Nazi experiment had failed. The next two years were just Germany being ground into dust because they wouldn't surrender. Today, the progressive experiment has failed. We're just delaying the inevitable by allowing it to drag on and on and on.

Our national media, the CNNs and the NPRs have seen all of those videos, images, news stories and more. Like the Reich news media, they tailor what they present to us to hide what is really happening. Almost all of us have seen the homeless, the crime, the filth and the degeneracy, but so long as we're not given the big picture, we can be uncertain about how widespread the failure is.

Oh sure, our freeway overpasses here in San Diego are littered with drug addicts in tents, but the newscasts are telling us Trump was arraigned and Juneteenth celebrations are in full, wholesome swing across the country. Maybe things aren't going badly. Besides, aren't our officials working hard to suppress white supremacy and hate?

Oh sure, our neighborhood got whacked by the Eighth Air Force last night, but the newscasts say that 83 B-17s were shot down and Hamburg was untouched. Maybe things aren't going badly. Besides, it sounds like the Bolsheviks are taking a beating on the Eastern Front.

National Socialism, the idea that all power should be given to the government and racial differences were a thing, was a failure. Unfortunately, it wasn't acknowledged until May 1945. Its lineal descendants, critical race theory and gender ideology, are failures. In places like San Francisco, Chicago and Baltimore, we're around September, 1944. That's when we are.

Unfortunately, we still have plenty of people consuming the propaganda from the media, the Academy and the entertainment industry telling us things are actually going really, really well.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Trump Is Not A Threat To Democracy

 ... he's just a complete idiot.

Dig this.

The Washington Post reported that attorney Christopher Kise believed that the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland did not want to charge the former president and that the department would be willing to agree to a settlement in the case if the former president were to return the all the remaining documents.

The report said that Trump was “not interested” in the plan after listening to others in his orbit who urged him to take a more “pugilistic approach.”

Then-Trump attorney Alex Cannon urged the former president to give the documents back to the National Archives in the fall of 2021 and warned him of the serious legal repercussions that he would face if he did not, the report added.

Someone on Twitter told me that Trump was being railroaded. I replied that he wasn't being railroaded so much as he tied himself to the tracks and is now about to be squished by the oncoming DOJ train.

By the way, I made a Kubler-Ross-Trump chart in case you're interested.

A couple of high-profile Trump supporters have made it to the Bargaining stage, suggesting that DeSantis will face the same onslaught of legal woes as Trump. That's doubtful as DeSantis doesn't appear to be as much of a belligerent bonehead as The Donald.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Trump Going Topless

We're back in San Diego after about 18 hours of travel from St. Thomas yesterday. Whew! 

Now with the luxury of my big desktop, I'd like to pose two questions.

What Was Inappropriate?

Dig this.

The Biden administration said transgender activist Rose Montoya will not be invited back to the White House following her decision to go topless during the Pride Month event on the South Lawn.

Asked about Montoya's behavior, a White House spokesperson told Newsweek in a statement it was "inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House."

Here's the dude's reply.

I'm with the creepy, silicone-enhanced dude on this one. "Why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off?" is a perfectly legitimate question. On what basis did the sexual-degeneracy-supporting Biden Administration ban Rose? I'd like to see that derived from first principles.

I would have no problem with such a derivation, but my chain of logic would have deemed the entire Pride event and Pride Month itself inappropriate.

I wouldn't be surprised if next year, topless perverts at the White House won't be a big deal. That's the way it goes when you remove the Judeo-Christian foundations from your morality. You can't make a coherent argument against anything sexual without them. Ben Shapiro and Bishop Robert Barron lay it out quite clearly here.

National Security > Trump?

Where do you want to be in 10 years? Would you trade, for example, the lives of 10,000 US Army infantrymen for Donald Trump's acquittal in the classified documents case?

Say Trump skates on this one. At that point, both Hillary and Trump would have invalidated the entire legal structure defending classified documents. No one on either side at any level could point to the loss of classified information to our enemies and demand punishment for the perpetrators. The loss of such information could lead to battlefield catastrophes.

If a couple of US Army battalions got mauled because the enemy knew where they were and what they were doing, would you sigh and say, "Well, at least President Trump didn't go to jail?"

More people are coming out and saying that Trump is toast. John Yoo, whose reputation is vouched for by people I respect, had this to say.

John Yoo: If it was anyone else other that a former President, I would be telling the defendant to go get a good plea bargain while you can. Usually, people who are prosecuted for this kind of crime, taking classified information, have a lot less evidence in the indictment. I mean, you’ve got pictures of the documents themselves in unsecured facilities. You’ve got apparently tape recordings of the defendant talking about how he’s got the documents and how he knows they’re still classified. This is the most damaging of evidence in a way because you don’t need to rely on witnesses’ valuable memory, you don’t have to worry about the witness changing stories on the stand. You’ve got physical photographic proof or recorded proof of Trump himself talking about how he shouldn’t have these documents, how he knows that they’re classified, and he’s violating the law.

Good riddance.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Diving And Dining On Vacation

Well, I have only the scantiest of evidence that I went in the water here in St. Thomas, so I might as well share it with you now. Enjoy?

My GoPro flooded and died almost immediately. It's rated to 33' without a housing and because life has been so hectic, I hadn't remembered or checked if it needed one when I packed. The thing didn't make it to 20'.

I suspect that its seals dried out from the arid heat of San Diego plus having used it to make dashboard videos while driving in the South. Oh well. I'll recharge the battery and see if it still works today.

Update: It didn't survive. It didn't take a charge and drops of brown water came out of it when I shook it, suggesting corrosion. Not surprising, considering its immersion in salt water.

The diving was lovely and I really regretted not having put it in a housing. There were lots of colorful fishes that seemed more tame and relaxed here than other places I've dived. They let me get up close to them while they did their fishy things.

The reef structure was more rock and weed than Grand Cayman, but the diving was still excellent. Because there was no serious current and the guides took us on a slow cruise, I was able to work on my skills and by the end of my fourth dive here, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. All in all, it was a great trip, GoPro or no.

I just spent a few minutes looking for a representative St. Thomas diving video on YouTube, but didn't find anything I liked. Oh well.

Cooking On Electric Stoves With Rubbish Pans

Our VRBO has an electric stove and absolutely rubbish pans. The stove takes forever to get hot, overshoots the temperature you want and then takes forever to cool down. The pans are glorified aluminum foil. The result is that everything touching the metal burns.

Cooking being one of our hobbies, wife kitteh and I discussed how to plan menus in the future for places like this. My thought was that black-eyed peas would be fine under these circumstances. Cook some diced bacon in a pot, use the hot grease to sauté the Holy Trinity with the Pope, then add black-eyed peas that you soaked overnight and some store-bought beef stock. The liquid would eliminate the threat of burning. Toss in some seasoning meat like smoked turkey and the cooked, diced bacon, let it simmer for an hour and serve over rice.

Casseroles would work, too, but we're not fans of casseroles. We used the oven to make the morning sausages and that worked fine. The first night here, I baked some seasoned chicken leg quarters and sautéed some green beans and served that with rice. It worked fine, again because the green beans had water in the pan to help them steam. Anything touching thin pans on an electric stove is doomed to charring.

Putting Trump In Jail Is An Act Of Political Hygiene For Conservatives

The girls are still sleeping, so I have a little time to bloviate about the Bloviator In Chief. I'm completely in favor of him being tried, convicted and put in jail. Here are my reasons.

National security uber alles. Do you want Hillary to be an aberration that we all point to ten years from now and say, "Never again!" or do you want Hillary plus Trump to set the precedent that allows powerful people to throw classified documents out the windows of their limos as they drive around town?

Trump is an idiot. He's never going to "drain the swamp" or anything even close to that. All of this was self-inflicted, motivated by his infinite ego. He knew the people he had driven mad were looking for any reason at all to take legal action against him. There was no reason to take anything other than his personal goods from the White House, but there he was with boxes and boxes of classified documents.

Trump is pure electoral poison. He is probably the only Republican capable of losing to Joe Biden in 2024. He would wreck the down ballot elections as well. See also: John Fetterman, election of.

2020 was exactly what Joe Biden said it was. It was an election for the soul of our nation. Satan won that one. Children's Hospital in San Diego is now mutilating and poisoning little girls on purpose and our Democrat political leaders cheer for them.

2024 could be an election for a return to normalcy if Trump isn't in it. DeSantis would be the perfect candidate for that. If Trump is the nominee, it will be demons shrieking on all sides. It would be the Pride Demoniacs vs. the Trump Vengeance Harpies. Oh goody.

The sooner Trump goes away, the better.

Monday, June 12, 2023

USVI Assessment And Trump

I'm going diving today with my GoPro, so I hope to have some nice videos to share with you later.

USVI Assessment

St. Thomas and St. John are nice, but they don't match up with either Maui or Grand Cayman. The place is beautiful and the people are friendly, but it's more run-down than the Caymans, the water isn't quite as clear, the reefs not as flush with life and the Caribbean isn't as developed as Maui. If you want America with great reef fish, go to Maui. If you want mind-blowing reef fish and a taste of the exotic, go to Grand Cayman. 

Your mileage may vary.


The beaches are beautiful and the water is in the 80s.

There are dinosaurs living on the islands. Two of them came over to our rental to mooch food from us. They liked pineapple and green beans.

This closeup of a beach on St. Johns gives you an idea of what I was saying in an earlier blog post about the USVI being like SoCal. It's green and lovely, but it's not a tropical jungle in the same way as the wet side of Maui.

That same beach on St. John's from a distance. Lovely!

Both St. John's and St. Thomas have areas with lots of exquisite homes where the rich and famous set up shop or vacation spots. I just can't see the attraction, given the limited shopping and logistics. Then again, I vacation in Alabama, so what do I know?

A Brief Word On Trump

Like Bill Barr said, if even a bit of what is in the indictment is true, he's toast. He deserves to be in jail if a quarter of it is true. I would strenuously argue that what Hillary did with her email server was far worse, but so what? Yes, there is currently a two-tiered justice system where conservatives get indicted and the progs get away with it, but again, so what? The guy needs to go to jail. I don't think he did anything maliciously, I just think he's an idiot with malignant narcissism personality disorder.

I admire and respect both Jonathan Turley and Bill Barr and they're not sanguine about Trump's chances.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

It's Later Than You Think

A simple request to stop sexualizing children got a famous user removed from the popular Call of Duty game.

If you only consume the MSM, you have no idea what is happening. They know this is going on and hide it from you. Similarly, they don't show you the books that places like Florida are removing from their schools, even though they know what those books contain. 

The progs hate traditional culture and feel it is a moral good to destroy it. They believe that traditional culture was created by straight, white men to maintain their power over everyone else. Pedophiles are now commonly referred to as "Minor-attracted Persons" or MAPs. MAPs are fighting the white supremacist patriarchy. MAPs are living as their authentic selves, fighting the marginalization of the cis-normative structural powers of the culture.

MAPs are good. Traditional morality is bad.

Special Bonus Tidbit: White Supremacy Really Is The Biggest Threat

This falls out naturally from the progs' worldview. On the right, we look around and can't see any KKK members or anything even close to that. We're missing the forest for the trees. If the entire culture has been designed by straight, white men to keep them in power than everything you see around you that isn't queer or originating from people of color is, by definition, white supremacist. This is how you end up with Hispanics or blacks who hold traditional views being accused of white supremacy.

Thursday, June 08, 2023

St. Thomas, Rum And The Telos Of Sex

We're in the USVI, St. Thomas to be exact, and I'm escorting wife kitteh and wife's best friend kitteh (WBFK), so blogging and commenting will be light as I'll be their chauffeur, chef and entertainment. I've got two scuba dives scheduled, so I'm hoping to get some video to share as well.

In this post, I'll try to reply to Ohioan's and Tim's excellent comments here, but I make no promises. Once the girls are up and about, the party will start and the keyboard will have to be discarded.

First, a photo from our VRBO.

The view from our balcony.

I've now been here for 18 hours, so I'm an expert and can pronounce on all things USVI while looking over my pince-nez at you. St. Thomas is a lot like SoCal. It's coastal desert, not jungle. The higher elevations, such as they are, have more growth, but it's not the wet side of Maui.

When the wind is just right, or just wrong, rather, there's a dreadful smell, possibly from rotting seaweed. We got whacked with that yesterday afternoon, but it went away as time and the winds changed. Maybe it's something temporary. The people are lovely, but their accent is a bit difficult to understand. 

We had a change of planes in ATL with a 3-hour layover. ATL being the South, we made a dozen or more new best friends while we waited at the gate. It was great to be back in Dixie, even if it was only for 3 hours.

On The Internet, Pedophilia Is Rampant

Dealing with the topic from the previous posts comes this news documenting how massive pedophilia rings have been discovered operating in plain sight on Instagram.

A comprehensive investigation by the Wall Street Journal and the Stanford Internet Observatory reveals that Meta-owned Instagram has been home to an organized and massive network of pedophiles.

But what separates this case from most is that Instagram's own algorithms were promoting pedophile content to other pedophiles, while the pedos themselves used coded emojis, such as a picture of a map, or a slice of cheese pizza. 

I'd bet the farm that the pedophile rings were not stamped out because they overlap strongly with the Pride activists. You can easily do the research yourself and find oceans of pedophilia from this month's Pride parades, "family-friendly" drag queen events where children were taught to twerk and undoubtedly many other searches as well.

Like all the rest of us, normal gays have been slow to react to the massive perversion cancer that has metastasized all around us. One of my best friends is a gay man and we've been roommates on several weekend retreats. He's told me about how he feels and what it's been like working through his feelings. We haven't discussed the Pride or drag monstrosities, but I'm certain he's nauseated by it.

Drag, at least the drag that goes on directed at children, is not a clown costume. It's sexual degeneracy. It's grooming at the least and predation at worst.

Forms And Meaning

Here's the gist of Ohioan's comment:

I think you’ve missed your own point. You said that they ‘ understand the forms, but not the purpose or meaning of what they're doing.’ I could not disagree more. Yes, they know the forms, but they also know the purpose and meaning of what they are doing.

Religion is a description of the world as it is.

(I)t's a holistic system of beliefs which describe the world as it is. I'm probably cadging the definition of another phrase, "worldview" perhaps? Oh well. 

Catholicism unites philosophy, science and faith. So does Islam. So does atheism. Agnosticism lays down on the couch, hoping it will all go away.  How about this as a definition of religion:

The selection of one of a set of competing hypotheses about the nature of reality.

After all, since you can't prove the existence or nature of God the way you can work out thermodynamics equations, they all require faith. No one knows which one is true. You can only make an educated guess with more education giving you more accuracy.

Your religion, whether it's Catholicism, Rastafarianism or atheism, is the source of meaning in life. It existed before you and it will exist after you. It existed before the Universe. The Law of Gravity is part of it. Gravity was discovered, not invented and gravity doesn't care if you deny its existence and live as if it wasn't there. 

Sex is no different. Sex makes babies. That is its meaning, its telos. You can act as if it didn't have that meaning, but the Universe doesn't care. Sex still has that meaning. Since babies need a bonded mom and dad, another telos of sex is to deepen that bond. That's it.

That dude is dressing as a woman because his sexual drive is disordered. Ain't no babies coming out of that. For whatever reason, he feels more comfortable presenting as a woman or he is aroused by it or both. If you spend any time at all doing the searches I recommended above, it's hard not to conclude that this is almost certainly a fetish.

A man acting out a disordered fetish in front of children at Disneyland is pretty far from the telos of sex. He understands the forms of sex, but not its meaning. Women wear makeup and pretty dresses because they want men to find them attractive. Yes, they do it for each other as well, but even that is a way of letting the other women know that they can be attractive to men. In those cases, the women are showing that they understand both the form and the meaning of the act.

The meaning of sex is not defined by the person. It existed before the Universe. You can invent your own reality and climb into it, but existence doesn't care. That's all make-believe. It's no different than pretending that gravity doesn't exist.

And now I'm off to deal with a key fob whose battery died. Ugh. Without a car, buying the local rum for the evening cocktails will be difficult.

Monday, June 05, 2023

The Perfect Soundtrack

When I saw the original version of the video that opens the video below, the one where the kids are being marched into their school while the teachers wave pride flags and pride flags festoon the walls, all I could think of was the Nazi anthem, the Horst Wessel Lied.

I would have thought of it if the flags had been Vatican flags. The goose-steppery of the whole thing is nauseating, regardless of the object of obedience. 

It took no effort at all to find enough videos to fill out the whole, repulsive song.


Sunday, June 04, 2023

Cargo Cult Princessing

Disney, completely captured by woke insanity, had a mustachioed dude in heavy makeup and a dress helping little girls buy expensive princess dresses at their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (B3) at Disneyland. At B3, little girls get a full makeover and then pick out a princess dress to wear so they look like the cast members who are playing the various Disney princesses. The cast members are chosen for their exquisite feminine beauty and their resemblance to the princess they play. Done properly, it looks like this.

Princesses have no meaning without a knight in shining armor to serve them. A princess is an archetype for femininity. She is the epitome of grace, charm, softness and glamour. The knight is an archetype of masculinity. He is the epitome of courage, valor, competence and devotion. He has no meaning without a princess. From Book 10 of Le Morte D'Arthur comes this passage where La Beale Isoud has sport with Sir Dinadan.

"Why," said La Beale Isoud, "are ye a knight and be no lover? it is shame to you: wherefore ye may not be called a good knight but if ye make a quarrel for a lady."

Le Morte was considered a classic of English literature up until 20 minutes ago, in part, because it laid out ideals for both men and women. Isoud's summation of a knight's duty to a lady is repeated throughout the book and then throughout British literature for hundreds of years after Le Morte was written.

Here's the dude from Disneyland, an amusement park whose purpose, up until 20 minutes ago, was to present an ideal for American culture.

It dawned on me yesterday that the drag queen fetishists and the children's Pride indoctrination in schools and the trans mania are effectively a cargo cult for sexuality. The participants know the forms, but not the purpose. That's how you end up with a dude in makeup and a dress helping little girls pick out princess gowns.

Disney understands erections and orgasms, but that's about it. This pervert is wearing a dress because it arouses him. He's helping little girls put on ultra-feminine clothing because it also arouses him. He and his employers aren't aware of anything outside of their sexual desires. Like the cargo cult primitives of the Pacific, he and Disney understand the forms, but not the purpose or meaning of what they're doing.

The knight exists to provide for and protect his lady and their subsequent family. That's why he wears armor and has a sword. It's why he is portrayed as brave and competent. The armor and the charger and the sword are the forms and his willingness to fight for and take care of his family are the purpose and meaning. Similarly, the gowns and veils of the princess are the forms of femininity, symbolizing her willingness to take care of her knight and their children.

Disney and the other woke organizations have completely lost the plot. They've regressed into savagery. They mimic appearances, but don't understand the purposes. That's what drag queens are as well. They're aborigines. They're pantomime women. They understand the appearance, but not the meaning.

This is what happens when you throw out the wisdom of thousands of years of culture. The instruction manuals for life are gone, but all the costumes remain.

Friday, June 02, 2023

Thursday, June 01, 2023

What Has Been Seen

 ... cannot be unseen.

Dig this.


Can you imagine that guy shoving his fat, sweaty butt into some Spanx and then blowing out the seams on a size 22 quinceañera dress before he waves his wangly dangly at some 5-year-olds? Horrible.

Nothing says, "You can put your money in our bank with complete confidence" quite like having a fat pervert on your staff that gets premium footage in your marketing materials.

* - That needs to be said in a Jim Rome voice.