Saturday, March 02, 2024

Cops Ruined My Workout

 ... or rather, the absence of cops ruined my workout.

Weekend mornings are heaven at the gym. The bros are all in bed, sleeping off last night's debauchery, so it's quiet and empty. I've got a full day today, so I got up at 0330, did my morning routine and got out the door by 0500. Perfection!

It's raining this morning. Turning onto the main drag that leads to the gym, I nearly hit this car.

No lights on, just parked in the middle of the right lane. The driver's side window was open, but I didn't see anyone inside. This location is coming right out of a blind corner. On a rainy night, someone was bound to hit it. Lots of people drive 40-50 in this area, so any wreck would be severe.

I maneuvered my Juke behind this car, turned on my flashers and called 911. The dispatcher recognized the license plate number because someone had already called in the situation.

I sat there for 45 minutes with my flashers on, acting as a warning. After 45 minutes, a guy pulled up and told me he had called in the car about 90 minutes earlier. He said there was a black guy in the car, either drunk or wasted. While he was there, the driver had gotten out, staggered around and then went back in the car. I hadn't seen the driver because he was laying down inside. I had considered going in the car and turning on the flashers, but it had all the hallmarks of a drug situation and I didn't want to leave the protection of the Juke.

Survival often depends on positioning. Drugs mean weapons. Things can go sideways really, really fast when you're on foot.

So I sat there, I called 911 again and they couldn't give me an ETA for the cops. 90 minutes? That's nuts.

Finally, the guy woke up enough to turn on his lights and start the car. I drove around him and escaped. Losing nearly an hour wrecked my workout. Oof. Still, I was glad to have provided a warning to the 40 or so cars that drove by me while I was there.

Buy A Gun

This drove home the need for home defense. When seconds count, the cops are only 45 minutes away.

I can't even imagine what it's like in NYC where they are operating at about half strength.

NYC Update

I saw an article this morning about Mayor Eric Adams questioning the whole sanctuary city thing. Apparently, NYC now has 180,000 illegals. That means NYC has more illegals than the US Army has infantry. Imagine trying to deport them. 

You'd have to be a complete idiot to stay in NYC now. Interviews with the illegals being dropped off in San Diego show that many of them have plane tickets, bought by you and me, taking them mostly to NYC and Chicago.

If we were smart, we'd skip the plane tickets and just stuff them into box cars and send them by freight rail. That journey couldn't possibly be worse than the one they endured getting to the border. 

If we didn't have a death wish, we'd close the border.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Illegal Invasion Comes To My Doorstep

In my Twitter feed yesterday came news about Senator Laphonza Butler (D-CA) asking the Federal government to send money to San Diego because we're being overwhelmed with illegals and the city has run out of money to take care of them. Here's the letter. Below is the paragraph that blew my mind.

States, including California, continue to see significant numbers of migrant encounters at our southern border. The situation in California became even more pressing this past week. In San Diego, a transitional assistance center that was serving up to 1,200 migrants per day was forced to shutter after local resources provided by the County ran out. Without the intervention this transitional facility was able to provide, Border Patrol will now be forced to release an estimated 800-1000 migrants a day without orientation or basic humanitarian assistance at regional transit stations. There is an urgent need for additional SSP funding to ensure that these migrants have access to essential temporary services, including food and shelter. While I am optimistic that Congressional leaders will soon pass a full-year appropriations bill, it is imperative that the Administration acts now.

Emphasis mine. 800-1000 a day! That's 25,000 new homeless people in the city per month.

I wondered if it was real. I know how the game is played with government money. You cry about a crisis, make it seem bigger than it is and if you frighten the bag men in DC, they give you some coins. A little searching on YouTube got me this video.

I looked up the Iris Transit Station in San Ysidro and decided to pay it a visit. I'd seen some tweets about San Diego hotels being bought out by the government to house illegals, so I dug around a bit and heard that the Ramada in Mission Valley was one of them. Looking at the reviews for the hotel, I found this one.

Booked several months ago. Got a confirmation email 3 days before. Showed up and was not allowed in by security. They told me it was closed and is "not a hotel right now" and hasn't been for months.

They did not attempt to contact me to tell me I no longer had a room. Was left to scramble to find a new hotel at the last minute.

They would not even allow me to talk to someone on property because it was being used as a "federal facility". Something very shady is going on here.

It was on the way to San Ysidro, so I swung by and took some photos. Bingo.

It's blocked off with a locked privacy fence. There's no construction happening, but plenty of people inside.

The Iris Transit Station looked exactly like what you see in the video above. I watched an unmarked, white bus disgorging 50-60 illegals into the parking lot and saw Border Patrol guys inside the bus. I didn't take any photos of the lost and forlorn illegals wandering around, trying to figure out what they were supposed to do next. It was heartbreaking to see. Photographing them would have been ghoulish.

The Ramada is less than 10 miles from my house. Iris is a good deal farther away, but illegals are also being dumped at the Old Town Transit Center, which is also less than 10 miles away from me.

The invasion has come to my doorstep.

Hate, Not Love

This is hate, not love. The secular left, allied with far-left Catholic Charities and other greedy NGOs, isn't doing this because they care about "migrants." There's no way you could see a young family of illegals - mom, dad and three kids under 12 - wandering around in a daze at the transit center and think this was the product of compassion.

This is the demon child of intersectionality and the hunger for power.

Evil is on the top, good is on the bottom.
You can't make an earthly paradise omelet without breaking the lives of a couple hundred thousand future voters by dumping them on the streets.

In order for good to triumph over evil, evil must become a minority so that evil can never again seize power through elections. The illegals dumped on the streets of our cities are nothing more than cannon fodder infantry units for the secular left. Instead of rifles, they carry future votes.

Oddly enough, the most chilling thing about what is happening is the Ramada. Our local, secular-lefty government has commandeered a hotel with our money and then put a privacy fence around it so no one can see what they're doing. This is happening in plain sight.

They hate us.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

There Are Two Ways To Return To The Truth

 ... one would be through the re-emergence of a muscular Catholicism that defends truth and objective reality. Since that's a decade or two away when our newest crop of mostly conservative priests take the reins from the effeminate soyboys who are in charge right now, the other option would be a Secular Reformation.

Secular theology is organized around intersectionality.

Evil is on the top, good is on the bottom.
Other than my age, I'm pure evil.

The intersectional catechism of secularism puts social justice ahead of truth. A couple of data points will suffice to show it.

Google's Massive AI Effort, Gemini

The Democrats

Our Universities


Scientific American

The Federal Government's Migrant Invasion Of San Diego

Rescuing The Truth

I could go on and on and on with examples of powerful organizations proudly and vigorously spreading the Gospel of Secularism. Gemini itself was designed as a massive evangelization engine. By giving schoolchildren ChromeBooks, driving them to use Google and then putting Gemini results at the top of their searches, the social justice catechism of the secular world would be spread far and wide. Good luck rooting it out after that.

Social Justice is built on a foundation of lies. It posits that moral goodness resides in group failure and group success is proof of moral evil. If you're secular and you have some affection for the truth, you're facing an effort on the scale of the Reformation to take secularism back from these people. Right now, they have all the power and all the money and they don't give a tinker's cuss about the truth.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Why I Yell About Secularism All The Time

I am the youngest of four. I had two brothers and still have one sister. Both of my brothers died as addicts, my oldest brother at 29 and the other, just a few years ago, in his 60s. Both spent a decent number of years of their adult lives as drug dealers. In fact, my oldest brother, we'll call him Jack, was murdered by fellow drug dealers when he injected the cocaine instead of selling it.

I only had a few adult conversations with Jack as he was so much older and died so young, but I had plenty with my other brother, who we'll call Jeff. We were all raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools. Jeff had bachelor's degrees in both pharmacy and pharmacology. Jack had gotten a full scholarship to Yale. We were all told how smart we were more than enough times to make us smug and self-assured in our smarteriness. I'm still plenty smug, as you know.

Raised in the Catholic tradition of ethics and morality derived from logic, observation and revealed truth, Jeff and I had many conversations about the ethics and morality of his life. In addition to selling drugs, Jeff also slept with almost any woman who would have him. He once bragged to me that he had slept with his boss, a woman 20 years his senior.

Jeff was thoroughly secular. He sneered at all that religious mumbo-jumbo for the same reasons many today do - if it was true and valuable, how come its practitioners weren't living perfect lives? When we discussed ethics and morality, it was always from the secular point of view because appeals to an external, objective moral authority were a waste of breath.

Jeff sold drugs because someone was going to be selling the drugs and it might as well be him. Jeff slept with the women because they let him. He once told me that four different women had abortions by him. After a moment he added, "Well, it takes two to tango," meaning that they wouldn't have needed an abortion if they hadn't made the choice to have sex with him.

When I write things like this on these blog posts, I suppose that I'm reliving those conversations with Jeff where I simply could not think of an argument to challenge his sociopathy.

My exit questions for the secularists are this: Why was any of this wrong? Derive your answer from first principles. What provides the guardrails to put an end to this? Why pursue the truth? Is there such a thing as the truth?

I'm begging you to tell me what I should have said. I used to tell him that he was hurting other people. That posed a trivially simple moral problem for the secularist to solve. Well, what of it? They wanted to hurt themselves. Someone was going to make a buck off of it, why not him? We were all going to die anyway, what difference did it make? Besides, he never sold to people with really serious drug habits, only to recreational users.

I'm not sure if that last was true, but it hardly mattered. As someone with an addictive streak myself, recreational is just a point farther up the fast-moving river that ends in a waterfall onto rocks. If you're helping the addict get his fix, you don't know where he is on that river, but you've definitely helped him to get closer to the falls.

So, my friends, what answer should I have given? What's the magic, secular turn of logic that stops the sociopath?

If you can't solve that riddle, what's your plan for surviving in a world where people like Jeff are in the majority? How are you going to equip your children to survive in a world with even more Jeffs than there are today? That's clearly what the cultural trend lines are showing.

Now that the secular world has defeated us superstitious Catholics, we might want to find an answer to those questions and pretty soon at that.

Or maybe we could return to the Church.

Nah. That's a stupid idea. Forget I said it.

LOL! Talk about delusional!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Secularism Produces Trash Science

I'm not going to go into a description of the recent revelations about Google's Gemini AI system. At the bottom of this post are just some examples of the neo-Nazi, racist trash and the sexually degenerate filth it returned to various prompts. If you want to learn more about it, the information is easy to find.

Instead, I want to point out that everyone who worked on the Gemini project was a college graduate, most of whom had degrees in science and engineering fields. If you think that secularism will produce good science, that you can maintain the purity of science without an overarching, objective moral system, then you need to explain mainstream science and engineering descending into sexual degeneracy and racial madness at the same time the culture is ditching Christianity.

Google Gemini is just a tiny example. Scientific American, loaded as it is recently with neo-Nazi musings about race, is equally warped as are many professional medical organizations who promote the poisoning and mutilation of girls in the name of "gender affirmation."

My exit questions for the secularists are this: Why was any of this wrong? Derive your answer from first principles. What provides the guardrails to put an end to this? Why pursue the truth? Is there such a thing as the truth?

Before you talk about slavery and the Church, I'll just point to the fact that it was Christianity and only Christianity that put an end to slavery. Even the Confederacy constantly grappled with the moral contradictions of their "peculiar institution." Had the United States been secular, there would have been no need for the South to struggle with the morality of slavery and no need for the Civil War. Without Genesis 1:27, we would have been no different than the Aztecs or the Dahomey, who never understood objections to slavery.

My hypothesis from the previous blog post still stands. In the absence of an objective morality, codified in a catechism, derived from logic and a set of first principles, you will always end up here.

A Sampling Of Gemini AI Responses

Tweets From The Head Of The Gemini Project

Gemini Is Fine With Pedophilia

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Atheist Science Doesn't Go Where You'd Expect

Dig this.

Who and what you serve matters. If you serve the secular world, there's no reason at all why your research should pursue truth. It's far more likely, as we're seeing with the corruption and degeneracy at Scientific American, that research will be pursued in order to provide rationalizations for doing whatever powerful people want done. Without an objective basis for a moral order or even belief in the existence of an objective moral order, there are no guard rails to prevent you from claiming absolute nonsense like that above.

I've been ranting for a long time on this blog that the Catholic Church is the last barrier to out-and-out illogical chaos. This story, along with reading Scott Hann's excellent Rome Sweet Home, where he and his wife followed logic back across the Tiber, made me see all my ranting in a different light.

Without an objective moral order, why wouldn't you expect to see science degenerate into superstition and charlatanism? There's nothing to stop it. One glance at the mountains of funding being poured into climate science to the starvation of other fields is enough to convince you that money, even in science, follows political power. In the absence of an objective moral order, one you live under, but did not create, it's only natural that a scientist would prioritize his well-being and that of his family over any notions of serving "truth."

If you can earn $190,000 generating one more study telling us the world is going to end from Global Warming Climate Change, but you can only earn $105,000 studying astrophysics, which one are you going to choose? Those power boats don't buy themselves, you know. Only a chump would forgo a payday to pursue truth when we can't really be sure there is such a thing as truth.

It's not that Scientific American and our education industry have become corrupt, it's that they have left the spiritual nature of the world behind. Their corruption was a natural byproduct of that.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

180,000 Is Greater Than 170,000

 ... and NYC looks like this with 170,000 illegals.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the fat, black, female cop in the back who held her baton high and looked lost throughout the video. I'm not sure what her plan was if things heated up a bit more, but I'm pretty sure running wasn't part of it.

The second thing that hit me was how much this looked like a prison riot.

The other thing that hit me were the numbers. I only counted 3 NYPD. The rest looked like rent-a-guards. The range of the potential combatants is so short that drawing your revolver and shooting was out of the question. If the illegals rushed them, those cops were dead.

Under these conditions, I cannot believe NYPD recruiting is going well.

Add to that, the number of illegals in the city is growing as reinforcements continue to be shipped in from the border.

I've said before that you'd have to be crazy to stay in the NYPD. Now I'd say that you'd have to be crazy to stay in NYC. This is only going one direction for the foreseeable future and that direction is down.