Thursday, February 27, 2020

Watching Someone Go Mad

At our Mardi Gras party on Tuesday, a couple of the guests were full-on social justice types. They are genuinely good people and have devoted their lives to helping the homeless and the addicted. I still think they're wrong, but I love them and love their motives. I wish I was more like them and sometimes, I wonder if my arm-waving about the whole social justice craze isn't colored with envy.

Still, they were there and one of them talked about a person they know who has a long history in the civil rights movement. I wanted to say something, but I kept quiet. No point in being a jerk unnecessarily when I can be a massive and deliberate jerk here. Today is the rant I would have launched at the time had I given in to my worst nature.

Begin Rant

What ever happened to those civil rights guys? It looks to me like they've become self-absorbed, sanctimonious and downright evil. They're the ones who are making sure that some of our friends are experimented on like prisoners in a Nazi death camp. My specific example is my transgendered friend who has recently entered a new phase in her hopelessly doomed attempts to become a man.

Here's how her life has gone since I've known her.
  1. Could hold a job, had boyfriends.
  2. Could hold a job, had girlfriends.
  3. Could hold a job, was a boy.
  4. Could hold a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed.
  5. Had a hard time holding a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot.
  6. Had a hard time holding a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot, dabbled in Satanism.
  7. Had a hard time holding a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot, involved in Satanism, took 100x doses of testosterone*.
  8. Bipolar, couldn't hold a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot, involved in Satanism, took 100x doses of testosterone.
  9. Bipolar, couldn't hold a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot, involved in Satanism, took 100x doses of testosterone, into polyamory.
  10. Bipolar, couldn't hold a job, was a boy, smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot, involved in Satanism, took 100x doses of testosterone, into polyamory, exploring BDSM.
The polyamory and BDSM is the new twist to the whole thing. Both scream out, "Please, someone love me!" With polyamory, a woman crawls towards any relationship that will have her, even if she's the third-choice concubine. With BDSM, well, if someone is beating you, that doesn't suggest self-respect, now does it?

In short, I'm watching someone go mad in slow motion and there's nothing I can do to help. It's like one of those nightmares where you can't stop the doom you see coming.

Thanks, Social Justice crowd!

Because of civil rights and social justice tyranny, everyone has to keep their mouths shut about it. Medical professionals hand out poisons and slash bodies apart even though they know it's all rubbish. Me, if I was still working, I might get fired if I said I didn't think a woman could become a man. At the very least, HR would discipline me.

Here's what the social justice and civil rights warriors have told my friend:
  • You are perfect the way you are.
  • You should express your inner desires.
  • Anyone who doesn't agree that you're a boy is full of hate.
  • Avoid and fight hate.
  • Cut yourself off from family and friends if they don't acknowledge your gender because they are transphobic.
To my friends, I'd say, "On your way home, you can listen to NPR and their airy-fairy stories about acceptance and open-mindedness. You can fold your hands and look up to heaven and talk about how you're fighting hate. You can smile when you see trans kids and perverts in the library and say that love wins. But right here, right now, between me and you, I just want you to know what you've done. You did this to her. You're killing her, slowly torturing her to death while I watch her go mad in slow motion, day by day."

End Rant

And after that, my wife would rightfully divorce me and I'd become a crazed, blogging hermit.

I see it! I see it all now! Years and years of talking to myself on this blog and I have finally achieved total wisdom and clarity! Too bad there's no one to tell because my rants have driven everyone away.

* - I spent a fraction of a minute looking up the testosterone regimens for women with low T and women trying to become men. A normal woman who needs T gets doses from 0.5 to 2 mg. A tranny gets doses in the hundreds of mg. There is simply no way her body can cope with that and it's no wonder there are mental illness issues cropping up in my friend.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Seven Howler Monkeys Walk Into A Bar

... or maybe onto a debate stage.

I keep promising to get off this track, but thoughts occur to me that I want to share, so here we are again. This time it's really simple. John Harris, writing at Politico, pointed out the obvious.
The snarling incoherence of the latest Democratic presidential debate Tuesday evening made it painfully hard to follow.
The Democrats' debates have turned into apes screaming at each other because they're not debating anything substantial. They agree on everything, so all that's left is poo flinging and loud noises.

These are highlights from last night's debate. Or maybe it was the Vegas debate. Or maybe an earlier one. Or it could be a preview of a future one.


Whether it's government mandating health care or slaughtering babies as they are being born or pledging undying support to women who think they're Cleopatra men, there isn't a sliver of difference between them. They all want to take more money from successful people and they all despise profit. Bernie is called a radical, but everyone says they agree with his goals.

For crying out loud, they all want to give free health care to illegals. After that, what's left? Racism? Nope, they all think America is profoundly racist.

This is the natural end point of the left's cancel culture. No one is allowed to disagree with the mob. Anyone getting out of line with progressive thought is going to be obliterated. The Democrats made this bed full of howler monkeys and now they get to watch their candidates jump up and down on it, screaming at each other and tearing the sheets to shreds.

Live it up, kids.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Happy Mardi Gras!

Wife kitteh is lovingly supporting my ersatz-Southerner schtick as we host a monster Mardi Gras party tonight. 40 people or so. Having learned from previous parties, I started my kitchen prep work on Sunday. I did all my shopping then and made three dishes yesterday, a pair of gumbos and jambalaya. All of those will age well, particularly the gumbos.

I have a couple of posts I need to share that fit what my dad used to call "letting my hair down" on the blog. That is, semi-intimate things I've learned from personal failures and weaknesses. Those will have to wait for Lent proper. In the meantime, I've got a long list of stuff I still need to do today to make this soiree happen. I hope you have a great day yourselves!

Wife kitteh has done all the cleaning and decorating. The place looks great.
Side note about marriage and parties: For wives, parties are those times when a woman invites her friends over and they come to pass judgment on her as a housekeeper, hostess and fashion model. For men, it's simply conversation, drinking and food. That's why women freak out in stress before a party while men think it's no big deal. I'd be happy to host my parties in a barn with a dirt floor. She insisted on all manner of decorations and cleaning.

I did my best to understand and, as always, ended up tremendously grateful for her artistic touches that will make this a lot more fun.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Forget Bernie, The Coronavirus Is Going To Kill The Democrats

Once the thing gets loose in Mexico and Central America, especially their prisons, we're going to wish we had the border under control. We are also going to have no appetite whatsoever for giving health care to illegals.

This is the story that spooked me.
China reported 889 new cases of novel coronavirus infection on Friday, including more than 200 from a prison, and an additional 118 deaths – all but three in the province of Hubei, bringing the total deaths in the country to more than 2,200.
I went to Russia in the late 1990s. Before going, I went to a travel clinic where they told me how rife with diseases Russia was. Tuberculosis was particularly bad because their lousy prisons were riddled with it. When prisoners were released, they spread it to friends and family members. Coronavirus will work the same way. Lots of weakened people in dirty, enclosed spaces are tailor-made for viral slaughter.

And if you think Chinese prisons are bad, look up Guatemalan or Mexican prisons. They're a horror.

So once it starts running wild down Mexico way while the Democrats preach open borders and health care for illegal immigrants, how do you think sane people will vote? How much impact will accusations of "RACISM!" have then? Do you think anyone will be worried about children in cages? Nah.

Yes, I know that with an epidemic, once it crosses the border, more of it crossing the border might not be all that big of a deal, but the optics of the thing will be a millstone around the necks of the Democrats. And spreading or not, demands that we take care of a hundred thousand or more medical refugees streaming across our open, southern border will be infuriating. Talk about skin color and fantasies of white supremacists all you want, it will fall on deaf ears.

California, of course, will remain a sanctuary state. After all, our governor thinks he can solve homelessness with doctors' prescriptions. No, really. He's gone mad. I can only imagine what will happen among the massive, homeless, drug-addict populations in feces-ridden Los Angeles and San Francisco. And when we go to our hospital for treatment and find it teaming with infected Hondurans, we might start wondering if America should atone for imagined racial sins after all.

Finally, I can predict the headlines that will pop up in the proggy news media.

"White Supremacists Take Advantage Of Coronavirus Outbreak To Spread Racial Hate."

That's as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Kind of like this sunrise from Virginia Beach in 2010.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Russia! Russia! Russia!

What is the lefty fascination with Russia and Putin? Why all the hysteria about "Russian meddling in our elections?" Russia is a pipsqueak. Dig these facts.

  • Russia ranks 30th among our trading partners. China ranks first. We do $635B worth of business with China every year and $24B with Russia. Ireland is more than twice the size of Russia in terms of American trade.
  • Russian per capita GDP is about $27,400 which places them 74th in the world. By comparison, ours is more than double theirs at $59,800.
  • Russia's population is declining by about 700,000 a year.
  • About 20% of their roads are unpaved.
  • Russia has all kinds of problems with its military, not the least of which is their lousy equipment. In the Middle East's military test zone, the Israelis regularly walk all over other countries armed with expensive, Russian junk.
In short, they can't project power, their economy is stalled and their population is declining. I would bet that Russians worry more about whether or not their cars will start in the morning than who is going to be elected president of the US. The place is a trash heap and yet our media screams "Russia! Russia! Russia!" regularly.

I guess that beats trying to figure out why the Normals aren't voting for the Elites' chosen candidates.

Only in Russia.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Hostage To Maniac Ideas

... or is it riding the tigers they've raised in their backyards?

Dig these. There are hundreds more just like them.

There's no such thing as men or women. A tiny scrap of paper with a doctor's signature can provide someone a home. This is insanity, but it had to be this way. This is the logical next step in the progressives' madness. Everyone can be or have anything they want just by wishing.

We should have seen this coming as soon as we began to separate having from earning, and threw out objective reality in favor of post-modern relativism.

Note that these aren't crazed, Nazi academics like the ones that teach whiteness studies in almost all of our universities. This is the mayor of one of the world's greatest cities and the governor of the wealthiest state in the US. This is the teachings of those crazed Nazis infecting a large portion of our political leadership.

Filling the education industry with madmen is all fun and games until leaders start losing their minds.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Money And Politics

I didn't want to do one more post about that dumpster fire of a Democratic debate, but everyone is missing the biggest point that I had to write this.

Pundits are suggesting that it was a huge mistake for the also-rans to savage Mike Bloomberg and not go after Bernie. It wasn't. It was absolutely mandatory. Mike is an immediate, existential threat to all four of the second-tier candidates. Their campaign managers aren't fools and they all saw what was about to happen.

Presidential campaigns don't die because of lack of support in the polls, they die because they run out of money. Tom Steyer gets about as many votes as the write-in campaign for Donald Duck, but since he can self-fund out of his billions, he'll be in the race until Milwaukee. Far more valid candidates like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris had to drop out because their donors turned off the money spigots.

Mike Bloomberg's entry into the race turned off all the money spigots for everyone but Bernie. His legion of manic followers will keep him going. No one else has that kind of grassroots support and so they all must have wealthy donors ready and willing to make payroll. Once Bloomberg's ad campaign gained traction and he passed them in the national polls, it made no sense for some mid-level Democrat fatcat worth $73M to pit his money against Bloomberg's $60B. Bloomberg was spending more than the fatcat's total net worth every month.

I would bet that Warren and Klobuchar have enough dough to meet expenses for a week or two and after that, they're going to have to cut staff. They had to smash Bloomberg so their donors would open their wallets again. If they didn't, it was game over.

Bonus Take: Future debates won't get any better for Mini Mike. He didn't have any good answers for the racism and sexism questions from his opponents because there aren't any. He's simply a racist and a sexist and there's no getting away from that. For every one particular quote he can explain, there are a dozen more waiting to be thrown at him.

Extra Special Bonus Tidbit: From today's Wall Street Journal:
While billionaire Michael Bloomberg is already spending about $156 million on TV and radio ads across the 14 states that weigh in on March 3, neither former Vice President Joe Biden nor former Mayor Pete Buttigieg had invested in a single Super Tuesday commercial as of Thursday night, according to ad tracker Kantar/CMAG.

Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren combined have put less than $2 million into Super Tuesday ads. Of the six candidates in Wednesday’s Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders is the only nonbillionaire with a major paid-media presence in those states, with $11 million in ads.
They're out of money and if they don't knock Bloomberg out of the race right now, it will be too late even if their donors turn on the money spigots. It might be too late anyway as Bloomberg will be toast, but Bernie will have racked up massive Super Tuesday wins.