Monday, June 24, 2024

My Joe Biden Debate Conspiracy Theory

Elsewhere, more responsible people are positing that the reason the Democrats offered Joe Biden up as a human sacrifice in a debate with Trump well before the party conventions was to determine whether or not he was going to last through the campaign.

Me, I'm willing to make a wild, unsubstantiated suggestion because I've got nothing at all riding on these blog posts.

What if the plan is to have Biden fall apart on stage? That is, they juice him with amphetamines before the debate just like they did before the State of the Union speech, only this time they shortchange him. Instead of enough drugs to carry him through 90 minutes of ranting, they only give enough for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of spittle-flecked raging, he subsides into those weird whispers and finally just falls apart completely.

If they did that, he would obviously have to replaced as the candidate before the convention and the DNC could pick their own nominee in a bong-smoke-filled back room. I've heard others say that passing over Kamala would be a problem, but I don't believe that. They could nominate Newsom and he could pick a Hispanic drag queen as VP or something like that and everyone could get behind him/her/them/xim because behind it would be the safest place to be.

It's all winning, if you ask me.

Gavin Newsom, you are the winner!

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Don't Judge! Trump!

Dig this from Bill Maher and Andrew Cuomo, discussing Trump's NY felony convictions.

They've got it partly right, but they've missed a bigger point, probably because they agree with it or perhaps because they marinate in it so much that they don't even know it exists. The point is this:

If every sex act known to man or beast is morally the same, then you can't very well go after Trump for boinking a porn star and expect the charges to be taken with any kind of importance at all.

For decades, the progressives have told us "love is love," "don't judge," "love the one you're with" and so on. They won that particular battle and now dominate the culture of sex. Everything goes! For example, dig how Lego is now including furries in with the LGBT crowd.

If you've convinced us that people having orgies while wearing animal costumes is OK, you can't very well expect us to gasp in scandalized, Victorian horror when a billionaire playboy pays off a porn star. In fact, paying off a porn star is so mild that it's almost prudish. Compare Trump's hush money to the behavior of the head of LGBTQ Democrats for Maryland.

Is it any wonder why Trump's convictions didn't move the polls and only resulted in him receiving a tsunami of donations?

Friday, June 21, 2024

All Political Violence Is Local

This is from Twitter, so you can't tell if it's real, if it's a video from somewhere other than France or if it's just an isolated incident blown out of proportion for clicks. Still ...

... it doesn't just seem plausible, it seems inevitable.

Muslims now have local majorities across Europe and England. That is, there are towns or suburbs or inner city areas that aren't just majority Muslim, but are also run under Sharia law. The Muslims are dug in and don't want to leave. In fact, there are plenty of videos out there showing how some of them see what's happening as the right and proper conquest of the infidels.

Europeans can vote however they want, but the violence is coming unless the European infidels submit or flee. It's worth noting that the ANTIFA goons are currently riding the tiger, but their perch is pretty unstable. It won't be long before they fall off the tiger and get eaten.

My money, if you want to know, is on flight. That seems to be the trend with civilized folks these days, whether it's people fleeing San Francisco or people fleeing Malmo, Sweden.

Google is planning to move out of one of its massive offices on the edge of San Francisco Bay later this year, Google confirmed to SFGATE on Thursday.

As first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Google plans to depart from its 300,000-square-foot office in One Market Plaza’s Spear Tower within the next year. This is the first time in Google has been reported to be entirely leaving a building in San Francisco, even as the tech giant has moved to cut over a million square feet of office space elsewhere in the Bay Area.

Last I heard, a lot of those Google jobs will be moved to Las Vegas.

Anyway, it's all well and good to be a firebrand and talk about forcibly deporting migrants, but when push comes to shove, you'd better be ready to do a lot of pushing and shoving because the people you want to evict don't want to go and they're more used to violence than you are.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Be All You Don't Want To Be

Dig this.

Now take a gander at this.

The diversity crowd does not respect Islam. When you have Queers for Palestine and when erstwhile feminists go full Hamas cheerleader, you know they haven't bothered to learn a thing about Islam. Like children who adopt a pet whose needs they don't understand, the progs see the Muslims as small, furry animals, not real people.

As a result, the Muslims have been imported into European countries by the boatload and now many European and English cities are run by Muslims, if not outright majority Muslim. Sharia courts are proliferating and, pace Mohammed, the Muslims are feeling powerful enough to start telling the truth about their intentions. I don't have the time to track them down, but there are plenty of imams preaching the inevitable conquest of this host country or that.

Some conservatives, like those in the Reform movement in England, are under the impression that they can retake London and other cities just by stopping immigration. Au contraire, mes amis. That will only slow down your submission. Your current crop of Muslims is outbreeding you by about 4-1 per woman.

No, it's not going to work, just closing your border. You're going to have to do something that doesn't suit you at all. You're going to have to get aggressive and kick them out of the country. You and they are not compatible. You cannot live together. 

Bringing them in by the boatload doomed you to become something you never wanted to be. You will either become aggressive and unpleasant or you will become a dhimmi in your own country and submit to their rule or you will become Muslim yourselves.

The same thing has played out over and over throughout history. None of this is new or surprising. It's a sign of how much we've grown to hate our own culture that we don't see the Muslims as an existential threat.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Education Is Free?

I just got back from Dixie and it's Father's Day, which means I get to cook whatever I want. I've got a full day ahead, so this will be short.

Dig this.

The lousy test scores are dominated by horrific performance among black students. Like it is in Baltimore, which is a city run top to bottom by blacks.

If every time the education budget was increased, we each needed to write a check to the city to pay for it, we'd have gone completely nonlinear over this long ago. Instead, a decent chunk of it is paid with borrowed money our children and grandchildren will have to repay.

The destruction of a generation of black children is happening, in part, because the rest of us are living in a fantasy world made from borrowed money. It doesn't impact our wallets, it just impacts the lives of people we will probably never meet.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Logan Airport Is A Marriott Hotel

This is Boston's Logan Airport.

The people in that shot are all illegals. Boston has run out of other places to store them. The illegals are here in the country, not because we're compassionate like we tell ourselves, but because our children are paying for them. That's what $34T+ of debt means.

This is what I was saying in the last post. We're living on a movie set, the most expensive movie set ever. We're all play-acting as compassionate people, allowing as many "migrants" into the country as can make it over the border. Love, not hate!

It's happening because we don't have to pay for any of it, not yet at least. We've borrowed our way into a fantasy world.

Any politician who suggested they all be deported would be greeted with gasps of horror by the press. The very idea would be racist, xenophobic, heartless, cruel, hateful, etc. That's because the press live on the movie set where everything is free.

If the members of the press had to pay out of their own pockets for the illegals, they'd be demanding the illegals be deported right away.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Most Expensive Movie Set Ever

 ... is where we live right now.

I'm about an eighth in the bag, in Fairhope, Alabama, after 10 hours on the road, after several days of high-stress work that determined how I live for the rest of my life, so you're going to have to deal with some zaniness.

In following blog posts, I'm going to argue that, thanks to spending zillions of dollars we don't have, we're actually all living in a fantasy world. Like so.

It's not that he's shouting, "This is an octopus!" it's that we all agree with him.

This is the reason we live on that particular movie set.

I know I live on that movie set. A good deal of this blog had been devoted to pushing over the fake trees and touching the fake water to see that it's not actually wet.

See you in a day or two. Like I said, I'm only an eighth in the bag right now. That needs to be rectified slightly*. It's been a crazy, happy week.

Ohioan, I found the perfect place here in Dixie, but it got an offer today and will hopefully be sold to someone else.  I finally saw it with a realtor today and what it told me was encouraging information about prices and locations. I'm very happy even if we miss out on that particular piece of heaven. There will be more.

* - That translates to one more beer. I'm not going that far these days.