Monday, May 23, 2022

Lavender Fur

I was playing around with my macro lens in the backyard the other day and got this photo of our lavender in bloom. I love the fur on the flower petals. I left the pictures large, so I think they're worth a click. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Weakening MLK

 ... can best be done by ditching Christianity.

Yesterday, we looked at George Wallace's segregation speech and compared it to his nemesis, MLK and his speeches. 

Wallace's speech surprised me in that it didn't support racism so much as it did racial purity. It had a very Hitlerian quality in that way. Wallace didn't want to enslave the blacks, he just wanted them over there while the whites stayed over here...

His speech is also filled with racial paranoia...

He mumbles stuff about God, but it's not tied to any theological points from either Scripture or the Church Fathers, so it sounds like what it is - a cheap political stunt designed to make you think he's a faithful Christian...

MLK, in contrast, wrote well-crafted speeches. They have easily-followed narrative arcs and their logic is clear. God says we're all the same, our founding documents say we're all the same, why don't we treat each other all the same?

What happens when you ditch Christianity? Well, as we found by reading Caesar and Geronimo, absent Christianity, racial classifications and their attendant injustices are perfectly logical.

Unburdened by Judeo-Christian notions that all men are created equal in the image of God, Caesar is the ultimate, secular Utilitarian. He has a job to do and he gets it done with minimal fuss. If you submit to Roman rule, even after battle, he takes hostages from your royal families and demands a tribute to pay for garrison legions. Your nation is allowed to survive, albeit as a vassal state to the Romans. If you betray that agreement or oppose him through any kind treachery, he defeats you in battle, burns your villages to the ground, slaughters your leaders and sells the population into slavery.

Geronimo had similar ethics.

Geronimo had no concept of morality outside of his own. It was perfectly honorable to raid and steal and murder as long as it was done the right way. He had no problem wiping out whole farmsteads if they resisted when he and his goons showed up to rob the place. When it happened to him under different circumstances, he was aghast and complained of treachery.

When America cuts itself adrift from Christianity, MLK's argument is reduced to an appeal to our founding documents. When those are called into question because our Founders were flawed humans, MLK is left with nothing at all.

At that point Caesar and Geronimo make much better arguments. So does, for that matter, the University of South Carolina

The Moore Business Success Academy, a three-day workshop hosted by the University of South Carolina's  (USC) Darla Moore School of Business, is not accepting applications from White students. 

“Student must identify as African American or Black, Hispanic, LatinX, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, or Two or More Races," the application requirements read. 

Campus Reform obtained an email from the Moore school's Office of Diversity and Inclusion that stipulates the same race-based prohibition as the online application. 

And that, as far as I'm concerned, is how we've gotten to this sorry state of affairs.

Repent and believe in the Gospel. Or else.

Friday, May 20, 2022

MLK vs George Wallace, The Rematch

... and this time, George Wallace is winning.

Every time I hear someone on the left or right make a big deal about grouping people by race, I think about the MLK speeches I listened to on Audible. Their point was clear - stop classifying people by race. Everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. Their logic was clear as well. According to the Bible, we're all made in the image of God. According to the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal.

I began to wonder about George Wallace's segregation speech. Old George was the Democrat governor of Alabama who famously said, "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!" in response to attempts to allow people to mingle freely. I was able to track down the text of that speech, which was his inaugural address as Governor. You can find an excerpt here. As the hosting site focuses on African American history, it's no surprise that they picked out the pieces that deal with race. It does no damage to the content of the speech. I've read the full speech, as much as I could manage, and couldn't find any indications that the intent had been altered by the editing.

George Wallace was no Cicero. That speech of his is a real slog. The structure is clumsy and the logic is marginal. MLK, in contrast, wrote well-crafted speeches. They have easily-followed narrative arcs and their logic is clear. God says we're all the same, our founding documents say we're all the same, why don't we treat each other all the same? A few times, he gets a bit judgmental and those episodes detract from his point, but for the most part, his message is gentle and easy to support.

Wallace's speech surprised me in that it didn't support racism so much as it did racial purity. It had a very Hitlerian quality in that way. Wallace didn't want to enslave the blacks, he just wanted them over there while the whites stayed over here.

And so it was meant in our racial lives . . . each race, within its own framework has the freedom to teach . . to instruct . . to develop . . to ask for and receive deserved help from others of separate racial stations. This is the great freedom of our American founding fathers . . . but if we amalgamate into the one unit as advocated by the communist philosophers . . . then the enrichment of our lives . . . the freedom for our development . . . is gone forever. We become, therefore, a mongrel unit of one under a single all powerful government . . . and we stand for everything . . . and for nothing.

His speech is also filled with racial paranoia.

Let us rise to the call of freedom- loving blood that is in us and send our answer to the tyranny that clanks its chains upon the South. In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny . . . and I say . . . segregation today . . . segregation tomorrow . . . segregation forever...We can no longer hide our head in the sand and tell ourselves that the ideology of our free fathers is not being attacked and is not being threatened by another idea . . . for it is...the international racism of the liberals seek to persecute the international white minority to the whim of the international colored majority

He mumbles stuff about God, but it's not tied to any theological points from either Scripture or the Church Fathers, so it sounds like what it is - a cheap political stunt designed to make you think he's a faithful Christian.

We find we have replaced faith with fear . . . and though we may give lip service to the Almighty . . in reality, government has become our god. It is, therefore, a basically ungodly government and its appeal to the psuedo-intellectual and the politician is to change their status from servant of the people to master of the people . . . to play at being God . . . without faith in God . . . and without the wisdom of God.

In the end, MLK mopped the floor with George Wallace because he had the better product. MLK still does. Sadly, he doesn't get much play any more while Wallace's ideas do. It wouldn't take much work to recast the segregation speech into a modern screed attacking whiteness. When I see even our Catholic universities speak, act and think with segregation's logic, I can't help but think that Wallace is winning his rematch with MLK in the 2020s.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Disintegrating Disinformation Board

I thought I'd toss out this semi-random thought while the topic was still fresh.

I never understood what the Disinformation Board was supposed to do in the first place. A group of people working for the DHS who ... did what? Would they have meetings and talk about tweets? Would they review newscasts? What would be their results?

More to the point, I can't see that anyone would listen to them if they did make pronouncements. A bunch of civil servants claiming some rando on Twitter said things that weren't true would be indistinguishable from a group of partisan hacks defending the regime. We've already got tons of those on both sides. 

How would the Disinformation Board make its voice heard?

The whole thing seemed ridiculous from the get go. I'm kind of sad they disbanded it. I wanted to see it in action.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Of Satan And Illogic

I'm going to get all theological on you with this one.

In trying to puzzle out just what is going on with both the transgender mania and Critical Race Theory, what keeps coming back to me is how illogical they are. The other thing is how evil they are. Girls are getting poisoned and mutilated in a futile attempt to become boys. Black children are being killed in abortion and the survivors left illiterate coming out of high school. A psychotic couldn't have designed anything better than those two insanities.

Listening to the obsessively logical Jordan Peterson talk about faith and meaning in a podcast recently, the pieces fell into place.

God created an ordered world and gave us a reasoning mind that we might reverse engineer His creation. Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, they are all objectively universal and discoverable. His work isn't haphazard or random, it's methodical and predictable.

If Satan is the opposite of God, then wouldn't you expect things that come from him to be illogical? I'm not saying this as a universal as the actions of the Aztecs, the Ashanti and the Nazis all had a certain amount of logic to them. What I'm wondering is this: can you detect works of evil by seeing illogic?

People say Jesus is love, but that's only half true. Jesus is love built upon a framework of logic. Picking a passage from the Gospels at random, I found this, Matthew 12:10-14.

And behold, there was a man there who had a withered hand. (The Pharisees) questioned Him, “Is it lawful to cure on the sabbath?” so that they might accuse Him.

He said to them, “Which one of you who has a sheep that falls into a pit on the sabbath will not take hold of it and lift it out? How much more valuable a person is than a sheep. So it is lawful to do good on the sabbath.”

Then He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and it was restored as sound as the other.

But the Pharisees went out and took counsel against him to put Him to death.

The act of curing is one of love. The analogy of the sheep is one of logic.

Catholics call Satan the Father of Lies. Wouldn't that also make him the Father of Irrationality?

On Facebook, in our Catholic group, I posted the story of my daughter and then posted again about how some schools are grooming children into sexual degeneracy. This led a friend of mine to ask me to talk to another parent whose daughter is on testosterone and has already had her breasts amputated. The woman is beside herself with despair. I said I'd be happy to listen to the woman and give her any support I could.

As I thought about these girls mutilating themselves, the Satanic illogic angle hit me again. It's evil and it's insane.

Is that such a big surprise?

This is obviously insane.

Bonus Lizard Empire Update

The lizards never sleep. A major lizard offensive is underway in the Philadelphia school district. You have to see it to believe it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Moron Netflix And Disney

 After looking at the results below, I could have just bumped this recent post and left it at that.

And so here we are with the Walt Disney Corporation siding with the sexual degenerates who lack a frame of reference for raising children over the parents of the children who are their target audience.

That is so unbelievably stupid that the only people who could possibly make a mistake that large would be the highly educated.

Now dig this headline from a few days ago. 

Story here.

How is it even possible for a company who exists to make happy, colorful entertainment options for children to end up with an approval rating of 33%? More from my post linked above.

Disney lost track of their primary mission - to provide wholesome, family entertainment. They then lost track of their customer base, normal parents. In fact, they didn't just lose track of those things, they took positions in complete opposition to them.

I don't think anyone has ever seen something like this. It's so unbelievably stupid that you can't imagine anyone doing it and still being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's amazing that the management at Disney doesn't get their heads stuck in buckets all day long.

Seriously, how could they be this awful? They and Netflix are just taking a beating in the market, too.

Disney is down about 33% this year.

Netflix is down about 66% this year.

Again, from my previous post.

Another theme of this blog is the gulf between the Elites and the Normals. The Progs have completely taken over the education industry and, as a consequence, the HR and marketing teams of all the major corporations are hiring from a pool of race and gender maniacs. The aforementioned gulf is an isolating structure. The woke loons not only don't understand the Normals, they don't even know how large that group is.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Disney's and Netflix's creative management teams are childless. You couldn't possibly be a parent and hang out with other parents and think that sexual degeneracy would sell.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Baby Formula Shopping In San Diego

 ... is a fruitless task. If you think the outages are confined to places like Texas and Tennessee, think again.

We have two new grandkittens, a boy and a girl. The girl doesn't like to breastfeed, so she takes a mix of breast milk and formula from a bottle. Wife kitteh and I went shopping for formula yesterday and more than half of the stores were completely out of it. The only ones that had any had so little that they will certainly be out of it by today. I can't imagine that any store in San Diego will have any at all by, say, Tuesday.

This is a photo taken at a store in Nevada, but ours looked just like it.

This is some scary stuff. The toilet paper shortages were kind of funny, but not really serious. There are all manner of substitutes for it from paper towels to spraying your nether regions with a garden hose. Baby food is a completely different animal.

When I visited the regime's search engine, Google, the first ten or so hits I got on "baby formula recipe" were links to sites telling you not to try to make any yourself because it's so dangerous. That blew my mind. There's no baby food available and the childless, non-binary furries at Google want you to ... what?  Let your kid starve to death? What on Earth is the alternative? Seriously, what is it?

Look, I understand that self-sufficiency is a bad thing. We can't have just anyone out there providing for themselves without the direct oversight of credentialed experts, but if there's no baby food at the store, you're going to have to make your own, just like people did decades ago, when the streets were piled with dead bodies.

San Diego in 1960, right after government workers had cleared away all of the dead bodies of people killed by homemade food.

In all non-snarkiness, what we experienced yesterday was frightening. Starving babies isn't good for social stability.