Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Letting Kids Make Excuses

... is a recipe for raising underachieving kids.

I grew up with a disadvantage or two. Mine were health-related. Whatever they were, my parents never, ever let me use them as excuses or complain about them. They had no patience for that at all.

Like everyone, our kids had their own share of headwinds. We never let them use their problems as excuses, either. The end result was four kids who are capable of dealing with life. Sometimes they sling blame, but not often and rarely in front of us.

I think that's what bothers me the most about political campaigns. I hate the speeches where some dingledork or dingledorkess talks about "the family, sitting around the dining room table, trying to figure out how to pay their bills." Geeze, man, sometimes is rough. Turning to politics to solve things isn't the answer. The answer is in the mirror.

Dittos for the 1619 Project from the NYT. That's where the Newspaper Of Broken Record is trying to tell us that America was founded on racism and slavery. What's the outcome going to be? It's just a pile of excuses for people to whip out every time they fail or don't feel like trying. Jordan Peterson had a great interview with Jamil Jivani that addressed this very issue.

Jamil saw that in his own life. While he was grasping for excuses, he failed or didn't even try. When he took responsibility for his life, he went from illiteracy to Yale. He mentions "learned helplessness" which is just what the dominant culture, read: Secular Left, is trying it's best to teach us all.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

What Happens When The Normals Don't Care Any More?

Masculinity is toxic and monogamy is a product of the oppressive patriarchy. Trannies are normal and good. Thus sayeth our Ivy League Elites, in unison. Disagree and you will be Canceled. Your social media presence killed, you will be banished from the best parties and your speaking events terminated. You might even lose your job.

Why did the Epstein and Weinstein bombs go off? What made them combustible? It certainly wasn't the Elites. They didn't just know what was going on, they were full participants. Epstein's Rolodex was filled with their names and they all knew who was doing what with whom.

If two guys spend more than 60 minutes of leisure time together, driving, hanging out at a bar, watching sports, golfing, whatever, you can pretty much discern the other's attitude towards sex and women. Specific fetishes might still be deeply hidden, but you can tell the score hounds from the traddies.

The Elites all know what's going on and approve of it. Epstein, Weinstein, drag queen story hour at the library, the suicide rates of the trannies, the kids performing as sex acts for gays, it's all noble and good to them. Dig this.
A nine year-old boy has made his debut as his drag queen alter-ego at a pride celebration.

Vincent Garcia appeared as DunkaShay Monroe at Los Angeles Pride in June, with the full support of his mother Elizabeth Leyva.

DunkaShay donned a bronze sequinned dress, green wig, silver sneakers and rainbow-striped socks for the occasion after being inspired by TV drag contest RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Who among the Elites would be troubled by this?
If you disapprove of RuPaul, you will be Canceled by the Elites.

So what was the big deal with Epstein and the others? If the Elites are all on board with anything-goes amorality, what was the problem? It was the Normals and their close-minded bigotries. From the kid's mom in the article linked above:
‘People dismiss children a lot and tell them they don’t know what they want and are too young to understand – but they have their own minds, just like everyone else.

‘The worst thing you can do is shut them down and be small-minded.

‘At the end of the day, you should love and support your children 100 per cent, regardless of whether they want to be a doctor, a cop or a drag queen.’
She might be a Normal, but she has completely adopted the Elites' worldview. Epstein procuring 15-year-old girls for Bill Clinton and others could have been spun in a way that she would have accepted, but she's an exception among the Normals. No, the truckers and waitresses and WalMart greeters are disgusted by grade-school drag queens as well as Bill Clinton banging junior high school girls. Normals vote. The Elites still need the Normals, at least around election time.

Epstein and Weinstein and child drag queens at the Pride Parade are problematic because the Normals still cling to their Bibles or at least the primitive social norms of the Bible. If the Elites' morality was generally known, the votes of the unwashed masses would be much harder to harvest.

What happens when the Harvard / Berkeley attitudes get traction in the community college / trade school set? That's the goal, you know. That's why Good Morning America was shoving it in our faces.

See how cool it all is? Don't be judgmental. Don't be a prude. Stop clinging to your guns and Bibles. Don't be a Deplorable.

Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are / were apex predators in society. Below them are slightly smaller predators, organizing the child drag queen performances. Below that are the people making huge money off of porn videos. They're all predators doing what predators do. The only thing slowing them down right now are the primitive superstitions of the Normals and the fact that Normals vote. The more they can weaken our beliefs, the more freedom they will have to prey on the weak and the young.

Van Helsing is old and will die soon. The Elites are working hard to see that his kind will fade from the Earth. When that happens the Dracula-Clintons will be able feed at will.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Homemade Louisiana Hot Sauce

I harvested my cayennes yesterday and made a batch of hot sauce using this recipe.

A pick of peppers, unpickled.
I picked the recipe because it called for more than vinegar and salt. Adding in the onions and garlic looked to be a good move, something to give the sauce a richer flavor instead of the simple hot-vinegar taste you get from Tabasco.

As it simmered, I began to worry as there was almost no odor to it at all. I needn't have been concerned. Once the veggies were soft and the mix had cooled, I put it in the blender and added the vinegar. There was the familiar scent! Once it was pureed, I poured it into a pickle jar and then spooned it out on a sandwich I was eating. Fabulous! Given the peppers, I don't think I'd buy hot sauce again.

As a data note, one full harvest of cayenne peppers from my plant yielded about 5 ounces of usable peppers. That allowed me to make a half-recipe from the one linked above. It still filled a decent-sized jar.

I left the seeds in to give it a bit more kick. And kick it did! Delish!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Epstein Twerked Himself To Death

I went on an extended rant on Twitter this morning because I felt that was a constructive way to spend my time.

Making genius decisions like that, you can be sure I also have some stock tips for you. DM me and we'll talk.

Anyway, Epstein was offed and Peggy Noonan, whose writing I adore, penned a typically lovely piece wondering what happened to real reporting. If only the old school journalists were on the beat, this thing would blow sky high!

Why? Would someone in our Elites actually care? I doubt it. Dig this.

Think about the culture that got us to the point where librarians invite men wearing makeup and evening gowns to perform simulated sex acts in front of children in their libraries.

Librarians. Libraries.

Being a librarian is no joke. You need a degree in library science which is not the same as gaming management or leisure studies. As you watch that video, think of the culture in which the librarians have lived. It's the Elites, no? There's not a lot of PBR-drinking truckers in the library.

A sexual deviant mating with the air in front of kids isn't just OK, it's actually scheduled by the librarians. Scheduled as in planned, advertised and prepped by those librarians.

The librarians are part of the Elite, but they're the part down near the base of the pyramid. The Epsteins, Clintons and Elijah Cummings of the world are at the top, but it's all part of the same culture of "don't judge." If it's OK to invite perverts in to expose themselves to children and it's OK to slaughter newborn babies as it is in NY and elsewhere, what's the big deal about Bill Clinton having sex with 15-year-old girls on Epstein's private island? What are you, some kind of prude? You want us to live in the Handmaid's Tale, don't you?

How about the 11-year-old boy who dresses in drag and dances for gay men at bars? He was feted on Good Morning America.

And you think some sex slaves are a big deal to the Elites? Ha!

Here are black kids looting a Walgreens in Philly. Did you hear about that? Probably not or, if you did, it slid out of view forever after a 30-second spot on the news.

Where are those kids going to be in ten years? Prison? Poverty? Whatever. The Elites haven't cared about them since they were conceived. They were perfectly fine with mom and dad being unmarried and making no joint commitment to the children. Back off with your rigid morality, man. You sound like some kind of crazed, far-right fundamentalist.

The Elites invite the pervert into the library for the same reason they glorify little boys as drag queens for the same reason they look away when fatherless black kids run riot. It provides cover for their own twisted lives. Epstein wasn't doing anything wrong in their eyes because they weren't doing anything wrong. After all, as Lightworker Obama said, sin is being out of alignment with your values. When you make your own values, it's not likely you'll declare your personal perversions to be sinful.

Just how bothered are you going to be by the guy who creates the playground for you to indulge yourself when your indulgences aren't out of alignment with your values? His only sin would be to expose your preferences to the world where those racist, deplorable PBR drinkers live.


So the dude got offed. So what? He had served his purpose. Now the big deal is finding a new procurer so Billy Clinton and his pals can get their rocks off. If you think the librarians or the crew from Good Morning America or Elijah Cummings' staff are going to stand up and say, "No more!" to the fetid, purulent culture that got us here because some throwback reporter exposed Jeffrey Epstein's sordid ways, you need to get out more.

Update: So the official story is that he committed suicide. So what? What does that change? You take a guy with dirt on all the elites, someone at a huge risk of suicide and leave him unguarded? Why not just give him a revolver with a single bullet and leave the room so he can take the honorable way out? The dude was offed whether it was done in the first person or not.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Prayer Is Quadrant II

... which means I will almost never get to it.

I'm listening to Father Larry Richards' book, Be A Man! these days. It's good, but a bit disappointing as I was expecting something less religious. Father Larry gives all manner of instruction, aimed at young men, which means it's full of good-natured remonstrances to get over your issues and get on with meeting your responsibilities. My favorite goes something like this.
Sometimes young men will come up to me and give me an excuse for bad behavior, saying, "Father, I come from a dysfunctional family." HA! We all come from dysfunctional families. Someday in the future, your kids will come to me or another priest and say, "Father, I come from a dysfunctional family!"
Hilarious because it's true. It has certainly made me think.

 Anywho, as I listened to Father Larry tell me how important it was to pray and I thought about how I don't pray because I don't have the time, can't concentrate, am stressed because I come from a dysfunctional family or am wracked with guilt because I am a dysfunctional family and the chihuahuas aren't getting enough love and attention and I need to send them to a doggy psychologist, I suddenly thought of the four quadrants of business and life decisions.

Man, that was an enormous sentence. Too long? Probably. Whatever. Here's the chart.

Shopping for dinner ingredients on the way home or prepping for business travel is Quadrant I. Watching Wheel of Fortune is Quadrant III. Checking Twitter is Quadrant IV.

Prayer is Quadrant II. We almost never get to Quadrant II. Quadrant II takes effort and the payoff is far away. Meh.

After I thought of this, I listened to Father Larry tell me how important it was to set aside time for contemplative prayer where I listened for what God wanted me to do.You betcha, Father Larry! I agree! Still, it's not Quadrant I, is it? And speaking of that, what am I making for dinner tonight? Wife kitteh has a meeting with her papist homies at 5, so cooking is up to me. We had steak last night and chicken the night before ...

Prayer? Yeah, I know it's  super important, but I don't have time right now. I'll get to it later ... Whoa! It's 7 already? That means it's time for Pat and Vanna!

Those Quadrant II things almost never get done.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fighting With Children

I used to wrestle with our kids. It was lots of fun. I also used to study Kung Fu. That was fun, too. When I could work up the courage, I'd go to sparring class and get beaten up in the ring. Now check out this video from San Francisco where two women take on a single man.

I watched it a couple of times. Here's what I noticed.
  • The guy was in total control of the encounter even though he was outnumbered. When I wrestled with the kids, I would ignore all but one and focus on that kid. In my case, it was to tickle them unmercifully. Once they were incapacitated with laughter, I'd turn on another. Since there was nothing they could do to me, I could engage with each in turn.
  • My favorite bit is where the girl security guard is hopping up and down, around 0:25. The man is holding the door closed against her with one hand while wrestling with the other. He's effectively fighting children.
  • The encounter ended when the man decided it was over. Had he not been a deranged druggie, this could have turned out quite differently. Which it does, frequently, in those places where women don't have men to protect them. See also: Urban communities, single-parent homes in.
  • This is San Francisco, one of the capitals of Wokeness. No one would suggest that a woman can't be a security guard because that's not who we are. For all we know, xe may identify as a man, not that the outcome would change.
  • There were no weapons available to the guard or if there are, she doesn't use them. If this had turned truly vicious, those two girls were going down and there was nothing they could do about it. A gun in trained hands would have made all the difference in the world.
  • Forget about batons or things like that. Close combat weapons wielded by children are only marginally dangerous. To be effective, you really want a stand off weapon to negate the guy's massive advantages in strength and ferocity.
  • If I'm the security guard or that's my wife, dude is going down or I'm going to die defending her and I do mean die. That changes the calculations completely. The strikes you make in combat à outrance are completely different than hopping up and down or wrestling with doors. Eyes, throats, joints, etc - it's all on the table and you take the first opening and strike without mercy or thought.
  • In that vein, the dude was clearly not trying to kill them or they would be dead. They had no defense against him at all.
There's more, but you get the point. We got that one on video, but I'm certain there are tens of thousands every week that don't get recorded where undefended women get slammed around and worse. And why not? Dig how we see women.