Sunday, December 08, 2019

The Epstein Library Empire

... is like the Roman Empire, only for sex.
Update: I have since renamed this the Lizard Empire after our lizard-brain limbic system.
Here is a map of the Roman Empire at its height. You may have to click on it to read the labels.

One of the reasons the Romans liked a big empire was that it pushed the borders, where lived dangerous barbarians, far, far away from them. The larger the Empire, the safer you were, no matter where you were. I'd like to suggest that Jeffrey Epstein, children in drag and trannies in the library are all part of the modern-day American cultural Empire. That is, acceptance of their behavior expands the empire by normalizing ever more degeneracy.

Remember, your behavior might be degenerate under some definition, but the farther out the borders go, the less degenerate you look.

Let's create a mapping for the map.

  • Rome is all acts acceptable to the Catholic Church.
  • Italia is all acts acceptable in America, circa, say, 2000 AD.
  • You, a person who likes to watch abusive threesomes online, are somewhere in Aquitania.
  • Epstein is just barely beyond the border of Dacia. When ABC spiked the Epstein story three years ago, that was an attempt to conquer that territory and make Epstein acceptable.
  • Trannies in the library are Brittania.
  • Desmond is Amazing, the 11-year-old who dresses in drag and performs in gay bars, is Mauretania.
  • Allowing children to choose their gender is Assyria.
Let's further postulate that you are secular or belong to a progressive faith not bound by any objective, religious dogma about sex.

Are you really bothered when Good Morning America fetes Desmond and the Empire conquers northwestern Africa? Does it matter to you that librarians are inviting trannies to read to children and Brittania is invaded? How about the progression below of the invasion of Brittania, all of which have happened?
  1. It's OK for men in evening gowns, heavy makeup and heels to read to children.
  2. It's OK for men in evening gowns, heavy makeup and heels to teach children how to twerk.
  3. It's OK for men in evening gowns, heavy makeup and heels to read to children while the children sit on their laps or lay on top of them.
Here are the next offensives, probably already under way.
  1. It's OK for men in evening gowns, heavy makeup and heels to twerk while children sit on their laps.
  2. Since it's OK to let children choose their genders, children choosing to engage in sex play with adults is OK.
  3. Since it's OK for Desmond to take money from gay men for his performances, it's OK for Desmond to give lap dances for money.
  4. Since it's OK to get paid for porn performances, prostitution is OK.
  5. Combine all of these and you get: Paying to have sex with children is OK so long as the child consents.
By the way, I read somewhere that in some parts of England, the police have given up pursuing child pornography convictions since the practice has become so common.

For the secularists and progressive religious out there, tell me why any of those things are wrong. Where would you draw the borders of the Empire and with what justification will you sell those borders to the public?

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