Monday, December 16, 2019

When Atomic Lawyers Attack

... you're screwed. Especially when it's your own lawyers.

Amidst all the impeachment madness and the IG testimony, an atomic bomb went off unnoticed. From the IG's testimony, we learned:
  • The first FISA warrant was more or less legal and appropriate.
  • The first FISA warrant was reviewed by FBI lawyers.
  • All of the FISA renewals were fraudulent.
  • None of the FISA renewals were reviewed by FBI lawyers.
That is mind-blowingly bad for the Comey Cabal and I don't see anyone talking about just how bad it is.

A corporate legal team exists to protect the organization and its employees in court. For that to work, you have to keep your lawyers in the loop if you're doing anything that might end up there. They are paid to give you legal advice that will keep all of you out of jail.

If you knowingly do illegal things in your capacity for the organization and you keep your lawyers in the dark, they will all turn on you like rabid dogs. No one understands legal jeopardy better and no one is more paranoid than your lawyers. If you commit a crime while deliberately hiding it from them, they will immediately go into self-preservation mode and throw you under the bus to protect themselves.

In this case, the FBI lawyers were completely innocent. Because they had nothing to do with the FISA fraud, when the Comey Cabal goes to trial, they will be witnesses for the prosecution. They will be free to tell the court that they would have followed all procedures and all ethical standards had the Cabal come to them for advice. They have nothing to gain from protecting the Cabal and everything to lose.

On top of that, all employees, especially the lawyers, for a government organization are obligated to report corruption as soon as they see it. There is no way on Earth the FBI lawyers are going to tell a court that they knew anything about it. They will all say that had they known what was going on, they would have done their best to stop it. I'll bet that most of the FBI lawyers hope to have jobs there for several more years. They won't want to see their careers destroyed for the sake of a pack of criminals who deliberately put them in jeopardy by keeping them in the dark.

In short, just think about what it would be like to go to trial for corporate malfeasance and have your corporation's lawyers testifying against you.


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