Monday, December 09, 2019

Diversity Is Crucial

... to diversity activists.

Dig this.
Forty-seven percent of black voters said Biden was their first choice and 12 percent said both Warren and Sanders. Only 4 percent said Harris.
When Harris dropped out of the race last week and as Booker and Castro struggled to qualify for the next debate, the airwaves and inkpots reverberated with accusations of racism and cries for more diversity. Just who were the screamers representing?

If People of Color (PoC) really cared about Candidates of Color (CoC) because of their Color (C), then CoC would poll higher with PoC. They don't. PoC clearly don't value "diversity" as highly as the Really Smart Important People (RSIP) in the media.

It's almost like PoC are independent individuals and the RSIP are imbeciles.


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