Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Teachers In Baltimore

I've posted a couple of times in the past about the dreadful stats coming from schools in Baltimore. In a recent Tucker Carlson bit, he mentioned that in 2017, fully a third of the city's high schools, 13 to be exact, not a single student tested as proficient in math. No one.

Baltimore schools are well-funded. The cost per pupil is about $14,000 per year.

Beyond that, I'd suggest that the teachers are well-trained, motivated by good intentions and work hard. They'd have to have those characteristics in order to go to work every day in that environment.

Further, the American education industry, whatever its faults, isn't trying to screw up. In fact, it's constantly trying to improve. There is no doubt in my mind that American education techniques are, for the most part, superior to ones from 100 years ago or even 20 years ago. That's the nature of a skilled profession where a lot of work is put into improvement.

So if it's not money, it's not motivation and it's not incompetence, what is it?

Maybe if your kid can't read or do math, you need to do something about it.

I don't know about you, but I didn't have access to anything remotely like this when I was learning fractions for the first time. It looks like if you want to learn, there are lots and lots of ways to do it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Pair Of Excellent Pork Chop Rubs

I grilled four pork chops the other night, using two different rubs. I figured I'd find a winner. I didn't, I found two winners. Here they are.
I did not brine the chops before cooking, so if you decide to do that, I'd highly recommend omitting the salt from those recipes.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Lazy Elite Slobs

What happens when you can no longer have discussions with people who disagree with you? What happens when you lack the knowledge and depth of thought to discuss matters with others? In the case of our Elites, you scream slogans like, "Racism!"

President Trump's accurate portrayal of Baltimore as a rat-infested failure of a city was the stimulus. The Elites' response wasn't thoughtful, it was reflexive. "Racism!" When you think about it, that's not much of a surprise.

Our academic institutions no longer teach, they indoctrinate. Working with student activists, they ban conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro instead of engaging with them. That's the symptom of a larger disease. Our universities train intellectual weakness.

Like a gym with no equipment, but a big donut bar, what should be the training ground for our best thinkers is instead a training ground for mentally lazy slobs. I can't think of a singe legitimate response to Trump's accusations and all of his opponents were Elites.

Furthermore, almost no one in the media, also members of our Elite, pushed back on the racialist spasms of the left. The accusations were ludicrous, but because it reinforced by their own lousy mental training, they went with it.

When our universities close their minds, they make us weaker.

I'm betting Socrates, a white male of all things, never argued with his eyes bugged out like this.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Discussing Baltimore

... instead of discussing race is what we need to do.

I keep getting surprised by how effective President Trump is and how Pavolvian his opponents are. Consider what his goading has gotten them to do and this is a very, very partial list.
  1. Fauxcahontas takes a DNA test and proves she's about as Indian as the Kaiser.
  2. Nancy Pelosi defends Ilhan Omar and all of her anti-Semitic baggage.
  3. Nancy Pelosi defends AOC and all of her lunacy.
  4. The entire Democratic Party is now defending Baltimore.
Baltimore is a complete and total disaster. It's also been run by the Democrats for 60 years. There's not a single Republican on the city council. In 2017, this happened.
A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English
The place is radioactive with fail. Then Elijah Cummings, who represents West Baltimore, where those schools are and where crime is about the worst in the nation, decides to whack the Border Patrol in Congress. Big mistake. Trump flattens him on Twitter, bringing up the true state of his congressional district. The Democrats have a reflexive spasm and scream, "Racism!" Another big mistake. That card is not only overplayed, but practically meaningless now. Trump responded with another devastating broadside.
He's got the facts on his side, facts we all know. No one, not even the most woke transgender latinx from Oberlin drives through West Baltimore at night if there is any other option. We all know this. Screaming "Racism!" into the teeth of bald reality does nothing but discredit you.

Dig this.

There are gallons and gallons of videos just like this and worse from West Baltimore. Screaming "Racism!" isn't going to work when people see stuff like this. With the information gatekeepers washed away because of social media, people are going to see it.

Not that it really matters, because we all know this stuff is happening.

We've needed to have conversations about the breakdown of society and civilization for a long time. It's not a conversation about race, it's a conversation about behavior. With Trump blowing right through the "Racism!" barricades, we might finally have that conversation.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Classic Pier Photo

I've got several posts in my head, but too many things to do today. I took this shot this morning while walking on the beach. I think it might be worth a click. Enjoy!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Why Was Robert Mueller Sober?

Man, I'm telling you, if I'm 74 and retired and a pack of political jackals wants me to come into their hearing and grill me for hours and hours, I'm showing up half in the bag. Seriously, guys, go get your jollies somewhere else. Why do I have to be your dancing bear? Get lost.

In fact, that's just about what the old dude did. Good for him.

I'll bet he never gets asked back into that pit of vipers again. Mission accomplished, my man. Well done.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Drowning Peppers

... is what I've been doing.

I meant to get a photo before I left the house today, but I didn't do it, so I beg your pardon for the lack of graphical evidence. In any case, my jalapeno and cayenne plants are exhibiting signs of stress. Their new leaves are curling up and shriveling.

It turns out the problem is like when you spend too much time in the water and your fingers become all pruney. I'm overwatering the poor things. It turns out that my tiny drip heads running for 7 minutes, 3 times a week is way too much. The peppers want to be watered once a week and then have the soil dry out.

You learn something new every day!

Who knew Mexican plants wanted it dry? Why didn't anyone tell me these things?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Trouble Comes In Threes

... maybe so does woke stupidity.

So now we not only have a black, female James Bond, we also have a tiny, feminine Thor.

Yes, you heard that right, the new Thor is Natalie Portman. 5' 3", 110# Natalie Portman. As Thor.


Well, what's next? I have an idea. How about if Hollywood goes all woke on ... Lassie?

Anyone who doesn't like the new Lassie hates immigrants and is a racist.
Note: Click on the image for a decent version of it. The aspect ratio is such that Blogger is only going to show you a tiny thumbnail. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wall Dinosaur

I've been fighting temporary, situational depression lately. I woke up at 0415, in plenty of time to go to the gym, managed to get out of bed by 0430 and here I am, blogging. I didn't work out. I got up, so that's something at least. As I lay there, pondering how to cope with the depression, considering going back to sleep, I figured that if laying in bed was a remedy for depression, all those depressed people who can't get out of bed would be fine.

So I got up. I made my coffee and then made the mistake of sitting down with my phone while I sipped the Black Elixir of Life. Time went by and it became too late for the gym. That wasn't good. Failing at something reinforces the depression. Had I worked out, even partially, I'd be able to look on that as a success and encourage myself to do more.

Note: Like everything else on this blog, I'm writing this to work things out in my head. I learn through expression, which is why I inflict all this stuff on you.

Maybe the key is to stay in motion, even if the motion is inefficient, desultory or languid. Being idle and inert is the enemy.

On to the lizard photo. I took this a day or two ago. It's a baby lizard that was on the wall of our garage. I liked the contrast and he held still while I got close, so his details are visible. I had thought I could make him really pop if I brought him into Photoshop and adjusted color levels and vibrance, but since it's essentially a grayscale image, nothing really made a difference. Still, I think he's a handsome fellow. I think he's worth a click.


Monday, July 22, 2019

A 007mm Artillery Barrage

So the new James Bond, err, 007 character is going to be a black woman. Of course she is. Because that's what people want, right? No? Well, that's what you're going to get because the Secular Left is going to take out another cultural icon in its battlefield preparation for fundamentally remaking society.
If progressives and socialists can at last convince the American public that their country was always hopelessly flawed, they can gain power to remake it based on their own interests. These elites see Americans not as unique individuals but as race, class, and gender collectives, with shared grievances from the past that must be paid out in the present and the future.
Who cares how many people go see the movie? The job of the movie is not to entertain, it's to blow things up. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, you know.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Instead Of Arguing, Give

Surfing around, looking at videos from Baltimore's wretched schools, I found this.

I'm pondering something I'll blog about later, but in the meantime, let me suggest that a lot of the arguing we do is a waste of time. All the screams of "RACISM!" are intellectual trash. It's not meant to do anything but tear at the foundations of America for the sake of giving power to the Secular Left. Instead of responding to primal screams of rage, it might be better to give to causes like this and reach out to sane people.

Make connections with other Normals instead of arguments against blockhead Elites. Your arguments are useless against their rock-solid faith in racialist socialism anyway.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

NYT: Jared Goff Stinks!

What with all of the articles, essays, news clips, talking heads and university classes telling us that America was never that great, I figured I'd apply their logic to a sports personality. Jared Goff, the QB for the Los Angeles Rams, is an absolute phenom.

To the NYT, the WaPo, CNN and the entire Ivy League, he was never that great. For example, in the third quarter of last year's game against the Arizona Cardinals, the threw an interception. Here is that play.

Just look at that. Look at it again. And again, but this time in slow motion. Then look at it from another angle. Bring in experts to discuss it. What went wrong? How was Jared at fault? Why did he make such a poor decision? Couldn't he see that his man wasn't open?

What does this play tell you about Jared Goff? To me, it suggests that he isn't very good. Some people, off the record, are saying that he sucks. He might be past his prime. The game could well have passed him by and this play is the harbinger of many, many more interceptions to come.

Let's face it, Jared is nothing at all like we were led to believe by the extremist Rams fans. When you look at history, when you see what he was really like, I think you'll come to the conclusion that Jared is not that great.

Left unsaid: The Rams won the game 34-0 and Jared threw for 354 yards and a touchdown. His passer rating for that game was 108.1.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Come, Let Us Hate Together

Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote a clarifying piece about the Secular Left's crusade to discredit and destroy American historical figures. Here's one of the key tidbits for me.
These arguments over our past are really over the present — and especially the future.

If progressives and socialists can at last convince the American public that their country was always hopelessly flawed, they can gain power to remake it based on their own interests. These elites see Americans not as unique individuals but as race, class, and gender collectives, with shared grievances from the past that must be paid out in the present and the future.
Just like their racialist nonsense, the historical nonsense is only there to help them gain power. If the people think our Founders got it pretty much right, then it's going to be hard to convince voters to give the Secular Left the massive authoritarian power they crave and need in order to "fundamentally remake" America, as Obama said.

Dittos for the attacks on Catholicism. This echoes how and why lefties throughout time, from the socialists, the Nazis, the communists and assorted fascists attacked the Catholic Church. They need the foundations of society in rubble so they can remake it into the utopia they have created in their minds.

Perhaps the proper counter-argument to the howling of the Secular Left is to point out that it's all about power. If historical ignorance or outright lies help them gain power, so be it. If it takes race-baiting, fine. If it means brainwashing our children in schools run by the State, then that's the way it goes.

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Very Best Basketball Player In The 1950s

... had to have been LeBron James. I mean, just look at this highlight video!


That's kind of what I hear when I see that people are tearing down monuments and holidays to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The critics aren't comparing those two giants to their contemporaries, they are comparing them to the standards of today. If you look at who else is available as a paragon of virtue and heroism from their era, there really isn't much competition.

Mankind is in a constant state of technological, moral, political and artistic evolution. Passing judgment on individual people from the 1700s using the standards of the 2010s or even the 1200s doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

As L. P. Hartley said, "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pagan Prayers

I was listening to my favorite podcast, Clerically Speaking, yesterday when they made an interesting point about prayer. Prayer is not my strongest suit, to say the least.

Pagan prayer is where you pray and expect results. That is, if I say this incantation, God will love me or I'll get some benefit. Or, perhaps, if I sacrifice this chicken, my team will win the big game.

If the chicken sacrifices me, there's no telling what might happen.

In any case, they discussed contemplative prayer which is where you exist in the moment and let the moment wash over you as you contemplate and listen for what God has to say to you. I did this the other day in Adoration. Mother kitteh is doing quite poorly and I was exhausted and stressed. I was told to just love.

Leaving my mom yesterday, I tried contemplative prayer as I drove and I thought about the love and peace I had brought her by setting up some additional care. I was on my way to do some shopping, so I vowed to try and bring some smiles to the clerks and other folks at the stores. I think I managed to do it.

It happened because I opened myself up to what God wanted of me in the moment, not because I performed a certain rite and said certain words. I think those have their place, but not the same as the one they hold in a pagan world.

Does that make sense?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Escalator To The Cliff

... and over into the abyss!

I'm a bit pressed for time today, so I'll leave you with two things that juxtaposed nicely for me today. First is this tidbit from a Rich Lowry piece.
Beto O’Rourke — the losing Texas candidate for the US Senate who bootstrapped his way into becoming a losing presidential candidate — had a message for refugees who had come to America: Your new country is a hellhole.

The former congressman told a roundtable of refugees and immigrants in Nashville last week: “This country was founded on white supremacy. And every single structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression.”
I haven't seen anyone on the left disavowing him or his primary opponents using the stupidity of it to attack him, so I'm guessing they all pretty much agree. That leads me to these tweets from Richard Fernandez, aka Wretchard the Cat.
To me, it looks like the machine is out of control. The rate at which accusations of racism are flying is getting faster and faster every day. There's no one on the left trying to rein it in, they're all either keeping their mouths shut or rushing to join in the, err, fun.

This isn't going to end well.

Here are some of the things we can expect if we keep going this way.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Ilhan Omar? Seriously?

Sometimes you can get so caught up in the moment that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Not seeing the forest for the trees and all that.

The most recent series of eruptions from the insane asylum known as "The Squad" - AOC, Ilhan Omar and two or three other deranged mutants - is a good example of it. Ilhan is a cultural Somali. On what planet does it make sense for Americans to take advice, any advice, from someone from that still clings to the belief systems of that violent, benighted place? Honestly, is there not a single scrap of humility in these people?

I guess not.

Yeah, about those complaints against America, Ilhan ...

Bonus Snark

Objection: But George Washington owned slaves!

Rebuttal: I don't care if he had non-consensual sex with underage bats, the dude was an absolute giant. Bite me.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


... is delicious. I know because we ate some in Spain. I'm not sure how it was prepared, but I know it was better than when I tried to cook some about 35 years ago. That time, it was like eating a fan belt.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Mathematics Of Mentoring In Baltimore

Yesterday, I posted a video wherein Amanda Brown, a teacher from Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, told what it was like to teach there and elsewhere in that distressed city. It was a litany of horrors including everything from homelessness to abuse to hunger to violence to rape. If memory serves, she said that the average reading level for their high school graduates was below 5th grade.

In short, those kids are royally screwed. Given their demographics, it's practically guaranteed that almost none of them come from traditional, married families. Her anecdotes suggest that as well.

Amanda is smart, experienced and tough. She also seems to be a reflexive lefty, which isn't surprising given that she works in the education industry and comes from deep, deep blue Baltimore. When she gets to the prescriptive part of her talk, she blames racism and society and says we need lots and lots more mentors. As I've said before, if racism is the problem in Baltimore, then the Secular Lefties are the racists because there's no one else there. However, let's ignore that and look at the mentoring idea.

Let's assume Amanda teaches 5 classes. Each class has 25 students. That's 125 different students a year. Let's assume the illegitimacy rate is 70%, which is optimistic, both because the national average for blacks is higher and it's also higher in poor communities since broken homes lead to poverty. In any case, that leads us to 87 students from broken homes. Let's assume, again, optimistically, that only half of them need mentors because the other half are coping. That means that just for Amanda's students, you need about 44 mentors every year.

Multiply that by the number of high schools in the area with similar catastrophic problems and a factor to account for the number of Frederick Douglass students who don't cross paths with Amanda and you get a staggering number. Say 5 schools and in any one year Amanda only sees 10% of the student population. We end up with 44*5*10 = 2200 mentors required.

2200 mentors aren't going to cut it. There are grades below high school and the kids coming into Frederick Douglass are at a 3rd grade reading level. You'd better get involved and stay involved starting in, oh I don't know, how about kindergarten? Just using an offhand factor, let's triple the need for mentors which now gives us a need or 6600.

That's insane. It's not possible. It can't be done as in "cannot" as in "no way, Jose" as in "fuhgeddaboudit."

Now think about the task of the mentor. Amanda tells us that the kids are working on survival and school is a secondary concern at best. The mentor isn't only there to tutor, they are there to provide security, money, love and discipline.

If you think there is any chance at all that you will be able to find 6600 people, unrelated to the students, who are going to have the time, energy, know-how and willingness to take on that task, please contact your local mental hospital and schedule a straight-jacket fitting session.

There is a solution, however. Like I said in yesterday's post, those mentors are out there. We just have to be willing to demand they do the job.
I know where we can find the necessary volunteers to act as mentors for the kids. Mom's bed. The men found therein can be given a special title. We'll call them "husbands." We can give them a special token of appreciation. Maybe it could be a ring they could wear. We could also give them a certificate acknowledging their volunteer status. We'll call that a "marriage license."
That is the only solution to the problem. There is no other. All of the screaming about flags and statues and white supremacists and Trump and Tucker Carlson and the far-right and the alt-right is simply irrelevant noise. It's like blaming leprechauns for the suffering of these kids.

Next time someone brings up those topics, tell them to get real.

I'm not holding out hope for explaining my calculations to this nitwit.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Just Wow

Pondering a post discussing how charges of racism are a dishonest distraction from the real problems facing children of all races who grow up in single-parent homes, I found the video below. It's about an hour long, but you can move the scrub head to random points in the video and get the idea pretty quickly.

Kids growing up in Baltimore, read: black children, desperately need love and attention. They desperately need traditional families. Borrowing from a post of mine on the topic, the issue isn't racism and the solution isn't politics.
Navon's classmates are essentially illiterate and unemployable. They're growing up in a war zone. I didn't look it up, but illegitimacy rates must be near 80% in their neighborhoods. For all intents and purposes, there are no whites, asians or hispanics around them. The entire government is made up of Democrats and has been for decades.

The problem cannot be political because there is only one side present.

The problem cannot be racial because there is only one race present.
If you loved the children of Baltimore, if you loved them as images of God, as equals, as people deserving of the same opportunities as you and I, if you want them to grow up and be productive and accomplished, there is no way on Earth you'd be screaming about racism. It's all a lie. The topic is a lie. The accusations are lies.

No one cares about these kids. The Secular Left only cares about playing make-believe and the right has been cowed into silence.

These kids need to be the topic of conversation, not statues, flags or dog whistles.

Assessment of her prescriptions: She's a good SJW progressive. She wants other people to volunteer to help the kids and she wants more money for school. She blames "society" for the kids' failures and brings up racism. Assuming that she's right, the society hurting the kids is pure progressive. That means the Secular Left are the racists.

Whatever the shortcomings of her blame game, I know where we can find the necessary volunteers to act as mentors for the kids. Mom's bed. The men found therein can be given a special title. We'll call them "husbands." We can give them a special token of appreciation. Maybe it could be a ring they could wear. We could also give them a certificate acknowledging their volunteer status. We'll call that a "marriage license."

OK, that's enough for today.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Supermarkets: A Rant

There's something that's been bugging me about supermarkets for a long time and now it's really gotten my goat.

This was my goat. It has since been gotten.
I was at the store today, buying sour cream, guacamole and ammunition for my .45 revolver when there was some kind of ruckoid between the cashier and the customer in line in front of me. The cashier apologized and was happy that the customer didn't get angry and yell at her.

I'm sure you can immediately see what's wrong with that.

We're the customers, lady. You're there to serve us. When something goes awry, why do we have to be the ones yelling and getting angry? That takes a lot of effort. Why can't you be the one getting angry? Why do the customers have to do all the work? You're the one getting paid for this, not us.

And I don't want to see you getting angry with us, either. We've got enough on our plate, standing there in line, passing judgment on each other for the fact that the person behind us is buying guacamole and ammunition. You need to get angry and yell at inanimate objects or perhaps invisible beings. Fairies and pixies, perhaps.

If you want to know why this country is going to heck in a handbasket, just take a look at the cashiers the next time you go to the store. I'll bet not a one of them is angry and yelling. No, if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself, even if there are people being paid to do it.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Just Love

I just spent some time with the Big Guy in Adoration. Dealing with a little stress, I couldn't formulate prayers, so all I did was sit there. 

After a while, I asked, "What do You want me to do?" 

"Just love" was the answer. 

That's all we're really called to do. Hold mom's hand. Answer her questions when she's confused. Make burgers for wife kitteh because she asked for them. Go into work and deal with some crises for my friend. That's it. We're not called to succeed, just love.

Because We Always Need To See Funny Cat Videos

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Through The Looking Glass's Looking Glass

Oh, for the sweet, sane days of last week when all we had to worry about was the Betsy Ross flag and how crazy racist it was. That was the height of intelligent discourse!

Well, it seems that way now. Dig this.

To recap, we now have one of the most prestigious newspapers in the country publishing breaking news from, what, 160 years ago?

Remember when we went through the looking glass with Nike last week? We all sighed and shook our heads and said, well, Kaepernick is gonna Kaepernick and Nike is just another woke corporation with an incompetent marketing department. Whatever. Well, the madhouse we entered had yet another looking glass and the WaPo is now guiding us through that one.

You are here.
Each level is more insane than the last. We're now fingering people, not for things they said as teens, but for things their great-great-grandparents did. Soon, we'll be howling about things their great-great-grandparents said as teens.

Meanwhile, real, live children from single-parent homes are suffering. Ooh, sorry about that. Did I say something triggering and judgmental, something that distracted from our long-overdue "conversation" about race? I promise not to do that again. For at least ten minutes.

Bonus Tidbit: Just about all of the slaves in the US originated in Africa as slaves already. Slaves were a major trading good for sub-Saharan Africans and they sold them to anyone who'd offer a decent price. I'm thinking that it's a good bet that almost every single African-America has at least one slave owner in their family tree.

Hey, if we're going to go there, then by all means, let's go there for real.

Special Godwin Tidbit: Obsessing on race is how you get Hitler. Yes, I said it again and I'm fine with that.

Super-Special Bonus Nazi Tidbit: Even the Nuremberg Race Laws chart doesn't go as far back as the WaPo's newsflash about Senator McConnell's family. Dude, when you can out-genealogy the Nazis, you're a serious contender for Loon of the Year.

Amateurs. Let the WaPo show you how it's done.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Nine Time Zones Later

... I'm pretty beat.

We put in a 24-hour day yesterday, flying from Madrid to San Diego to get home for mother kitteh, who is in the hospital. She's fine now, recovering nicely, but things were unclear from Spain and we felt it best not to have her face her trials alone. She's a tough lady and ought to be with us a bit longer.

In honor of her and because I'm dragging like nobody's business, here's a mamma kitty from Morocco. Enjoy!

Many more cats than dogs in Morocco as the Muslims consider dogs to be unclean.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Granada At Night

We're having to cut short our Spanish vacation because mother kitten is doing poorly and we need to go home. We got to spend a day in Granada and strolled through the city center last night.

Spanish cities are weird, disjointed mix of old and new. The old portions are exquisite. The less said about the new portions, the better. In any case, here's a shot down a walking street that we thought was charming. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 06, 2019

A Monument To Mr. Burns

We saw this massive statue of two hands in the middle of a roundabout in Rota, Spain. I didn't go up to the plaque to see what it was, but to me, it looked an awful lot like Mr. Burns tapping his fingers together, saying, "Excellent."

Friday, July 05, 2019

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus

... and bird.

Coming back from Tangiers, we saw this statue, the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the harbor at Tarifa. It had an interesting addition. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Odds And Ends For Independence Day

As I understand it from the left, America was never that great. Our Founding Fathers were slave holders and racists. The Constitution exists to preserve the Patriarchy and blah blah blah.

If that's the case, then how do you know that we can be redeemed? Isn't it possible that we're so hopelessly bigoted and filled with hateful hate that there's no way to cleanse our soiled soil?

Further, if we stink, that implies others are better. Wouldn't it make more sense to go there and redeem those people? After all, you'd be starting closer to your utopian dream.

Well, that's about it for today. I'm off to check out an ancient village in Spain. Have a happy Fourth of July, you hopeless racists.

Supplemental Noodling: The Betsy Ross Flag offends Nike because of slavery and racism. Betsy was a Quaker. The Quakers were abolitionists, even back then. Therefore it's not Betsy, but the era that's offensive.

Slavery and racism get worse as you go back in time. Therefore, the Betsy Ross era represents a limit point before which everything is offensive.

Going forward, where can we find moral goodness in racial relations? We know that the 1970s are offensive from the Kamala smack down of Dopey Joe over busing. Therefore everything prior to that is offensive.

Colin Kaepernick, Nike's spirit animal, took a knee during football games, up until fairly recently, to point out how racist we are. Therefore, 2015, say, is a limiting point as well.

Trump makes everything worse.

Ergo, everything, everywhere, at all times is offensive.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Moroccan Camels

We've moved on from Rota and are now in Torremolinos. The hotel here has WiFi! Hooray!

First up, the camels from Tangiers. They were docile, but we didn't push it and try to pet them. Their gait is incredibly slow and deep, so taking photos while riding would require a bit more experience. We just held on and tried not to fall off.

Even though it was corny, it was still a lot of fun. One of those things you'll tell people about and everyone will laugh.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Failure And Rage

Spain Update: We're at a laundromat in Rota where they have excellent WiFi. I only have my phone. I can't go get a better device because the car is far away. If you think Spanish WiFi is horrible, you should try parking here. Simply insane.

Post Content:

I saw this on Twitter: @Steve_Sailer: 
What accounts for "The Great Awokening" that began in roughly 2013? Why did vast numbers of white Democrats suddenly subscribe to theories that only Grievance Studies majors took seriously before then?

I think the reason for the wild increases in lefty rage is failure. It's becoming obvious that the blue enclaves like San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chicago, particularly the minority - majority sections, are disaster areas, despite having dominant lefty majorities for decades.

Confronted with this, you can either rethink your worldview or go with blame and rage. They've chosen blame and rage. With the rage comes incoherent thought. Hence, the attack on Andy Ngo this weekend by an ANTIFA mob in Portland, Oregon. If you can find a reason to consider a single, diminutive, gay, Asian dude a threat to the People of Color in deep, deep blue Portland, you must be some kind of genius.

And yet, the mob went wild with rage. What else could they do? The only other choice would be to renounce their faith and that's not in the cards.

Bonus depressing point: The local newspaper blamed Andy for provoking the rage. I have to admit that when I read that, for the first time ever, I became resigned to the strong possibility of secession. It became crystal clear in that moment that the left has gone completely mad.

Double Bonus Depressing Point: Cory "Spartacus" Booker has come out in favor of eliminating all legal ramifications for border crossing which would eliminate the border. The nation would collapse shortly thereafter, not for philosophical reasons, but because we wouldn't be able to cope with the millions upon millions of people rushing into the country. It's a practical issue, not a political one.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Notes On Tangiers

Since Spain is The Land That WiFi Forgot, I'm going to take notes on my phone's Blogger app as I go so I have something to post today. Here are my thoughts as they came to me.

Today, we're going to Morocco for a guided tour.

At the ferry terminal, there's a ton of Moroccans heading home. Every woman of child-bearing age has children. Every single one. Multiple children from the look of things. The Europeans are screwed.

The Moroccans on the boat are a cheerful bunch. I haven't tried to convert them to the One, True Church, so I can't tell you how open minded they are.

At our hotel, there are plenty of German lesbians. No children with them!

I can't imagine how dense you'd have to be to think that a culture full of tatted, pierced, smoking lesbians would appeal to one of traditional families. The thought that the Muslims would ditch their four, happy kids and veiled wives for nihilism is the height of stupidity.

The modern West has the worst intellectual and elite classes in the history of the world. They are going to lead the Secular Left to a resounding defeat.

Morocco Proper

The place is a mix of old and new. I mean really old and really new. We saw new, beachfront houses and then shopped in the bazaar which probably hasn't changed all that much in a hundred or more years. Imagine Aladdin where the shopkeepers have cell phones.

They like to haggle. We bought a very nice carpet, but it took about twenty minutes. The price ended up less than half of the starting price and the seller trotted out a half dozen typical salesman tricks. I'm good, but wife kitteh is way better, having grown up as a full on carny.

I had thought I'd like haggling, but I found that after 5 minutes, I'd had enough and the event became a chore. Wife kitteh was tenacious and finished the deal.

We haggled at two more shops and I just wanted to strangle everyone involved except wife kitteh. I cannot imagine doing that on a daily basis.

We rode camels at the beach. Yes, it's as corny as it sounds, but I figured it was like a ride at Disneyland. If you're going there, you might as well enjoy the standard amusements.

Riding a camel is uncomfortable. Their gait is exaggerated and slow. I eventually got the timing down, but it was still far less steady than a horse.

I'm going to stop here. This blog post is sounding way too negative. We had a great time and I would absolutely recommend a guided day in Tangiers. I have lots of photos, but no WiFi, so I'll post them another time.

I'm totally down with the Moroccan people. I thought they were way cool.