Sunday, March 31, 2024

He Is Risen!

You know that old joke that begins, "So an old man and his cat walk into a tomb where the stone is rolled back and find it empty and then some young, glowing dude in white robes tells him to take a seat, he has some news for the old man and his cat..."

"Do not be amazed! You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified. He has been raised; he is not here."

Indeed He has. I hope you and yours have a lovely Easter.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

When The Fantasies Crumble

Here are three data points showing how the fantasies of our prevailing secular culture are shattering.

Charles de Gaulle Airport - Diversity Is Our Strength

I have flown a ton in my life. At one point, I was an American Airlines Platinum Aadvantage Member. I have never seen a fight in an airport. A very few times, I've seen customers, whacked with missing baggage or a delay that causes them to miss a connection, get angry, but never a fight. In that video, gangs of Africans are going at it, just like they do back home.

The idea that "migrants" bring constructive diversity to a hidebound and bigoted culture is a complete fantasy. What they bring, particularly when you import them in large numbers, is their blood feuds, illiteracy, disease and poverty.

Everything we've been told about diversity being our strength is a lie.

Yemen - Straight, White, Christian Men Oppress Everyone Else

Pink News: Nine men sentenced to death by ‘crucifixion and stoning’ for alleged sodomy by Houthi court.

The trial, which allegedly took place on 23 January, saw 32 men sentenced. Nine of them were handed death sentences that include crucifixion and stoning, whilst 23 were sent to prison for periods of up to 10 years. Three of these men were also sentenced to public flogging.

Our elites in education, government, entertainment, HR and marketing are infantile and ignorant. They push neo-Marxist ideas on all of us about the global evils of the white patriarchy. It's oppressing everyone! Diverse people of the world, unite!

There is no unity. There are countless irreconcilable differences, some which lead to violence and death. The idea that all people outside of the set of straight, white men are some kind of monolithic entity with cooperating interests is a fantasy.

Vanderbilt University - Social, Emotional Learning Creates Better People

Dig this bit from a short sit-in at Vanderbilt where they were protesting the IDF thrashing Hamas good and hard like they deserve.

These kids are living, breathing advertisements for Abigail Shrier's excellent new book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren't Growing Up. These children have catastrophized utterly inconsequential inconveniences that were the result of their own, useless actions and are wailing about them in public. They should be embarrassed, but they don't know enough to be humiliated.

The premise, followed by much of our education industry, is that children's feelings need to be explored, validated and therapized constantly. I can't recommend Bad Therapy enough if you want to understand what's happening with Gen Z and why their mental health is so poor. They have been turned into fragile narcissists who think their actions at Vanderbilt will have some effect on the IDF and also complain about not getting rest while protesting. It's ludicrous.


What happens when a nation's elites embrace nonsense ideas and those ideas lead to disastrous results? In a different country where the population is unarmed, you might expect propaganda and arrests aimed at those who point out their failures. In a nation where almost everyone and their dog has a gun, you can't do that.

Maybe I'm closing my eyes to reality, but I remain optimistic. I simply cannot believe that the majority of our educated class are going to cling to idiot ideas while everything falls apart around them.

It was at that moment that Professor Wilson realized that his equations for diversity, affirmation and success gave him an unsolvable set of contradictory inputs.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

ChatGPT Needs To Visit NYC

 Apparently, there's been a spate of women getting punched by men in NYC.

The few perp photos I've seen have been of black men punching white women at random on the streets. At any rate, plenty of women in positions of authority have demanded that someone do something about it. One presumes that if women could do something about it, that something would already have been done. One councilwoman in particular demanded to know why men weren't stopping these attacks.

That went very poorly for her as guys from all over the country gave her a piece of their minds about having been scorned, dismissed and devalued by feminists for decades. It was lovely.

Still, what hit me was that it echoed how my fiction development conversations have gone with ChatGPT. I'm a full-on, chivalric, Victorian sexist. The attacks in NYC come as no surprise to me. Contrary to our feminist culture, if a woman wants protection, she needs a man.

Not once have I worked on fiction with ChatGPT where it doesn't bring up societal norms and expectations and clearly implied that the proper view of men and women is that they are interchangeable. Women don't need men. Chivalry is a social construct, not a logical outgrowth of women's vulnerabilities. When I point out biological differences, ChatGPT quiets down briefly and then a few prompts later, it brings them back out again. It's unstoppable.

Trained on every piece of writing it can find, ChatGPT is the perfect avatar of the modern zeitgeist. The alarmed Women's Caucus is the perfect payoff.

Bonus Guest Take

Someone on Twitter had this observation.

The women who screech about American men treating them like objects weren't prepared for the mass importation of foreign men from regions that actually treat women like objects it seems.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

How Do You Sustain Evil Nonsense?

I seriously don't understand how this is sustainable.

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, Archdeacon of Liverpool wrote on X “I went to a conference on whiteness last autumn. It was very good, very interesting and made me realise: whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender.”

Threlfall-Holmes, who is white, added “So yes, let’s have anti-whiteness, and let’s smash the patriarchy. That’s not anti-white, or anti-men, it’s anti-oppression.”

From my own backyard comes the course description for COMM 442, a class in the Communications Department at our very own University of San Diego, our diocesan university.


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

In this course students will think critically about whiteness by studying the communication practices that create and sustain power differentials in society. The course explores the social construction of whiteness in the foundations of the US, maintenance of citizenship, legal definitions of race, property ownership, neighborhoods, educational systems, technology, and media, emphasizing the way this history shapes our communication practices today. Students will emerge from the course with a thorough understanding of the ways white supremacy has shaped their social geography and will be equipped with tools for disrupting it.

Here's a professor at USD whose expertise if smashing Jewishness, err, Whiteness. I have to admit, I get my Nazis mixed up sometimes.

Her research focuses on race and ethnic studies in education with a theoretical focus on critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, critical pedagogy, and feminism of color. Specifically, she uses a feminist of color approach to deconstruct the emotionality of whiteness in urban teacher education and how it impacts urban education.

How does any of this survive scrutiny? None of it makes a lick of sense. None of it can withstand even a cursory review of actual data. None of it has actionable definitions of words like "whiteness." 

Thanks to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and it's role as the last bastion of free speech, whenever these people post in public, they get dragged from here to Jupiter in the replies and quote-tweets. I joined in on the dragging of Archdeacon Trelfall-Holmes with my go-to line about her statement sounding so much better in the original German.

There were no substantive replies in her defense, just as I'm sure that the USD bigots could offer no defense of their own hate-filled ranting.

So how does it sustain itself? What do these people do when they get dragged or watch their comrades get dragged? Their bubble must be positively impenetrable.

Special Bonus Data Point

Here's Pete Buttigieg telling credulous reporters that bridges in people-of-color neighborhoods were specifically designed to be too low for buses. Those bridges would also be too low for trucks to bring in goods to be sold to the people of color, so presumably the evil, white capitalists who wanted to take all the money from the people of color hadn't thought this one through all the way.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Of Cats And Knights

Blending two of my favorite topics together in the AI Cuisinart that is ChatGPT, I give you these images of chivalric ... heroism? 


Lady Muffin, I have slain the dragon and brought you back your chunk light tuna in wa ... 
Oh damn. This is in oil. I slew the wrong dragon.

I have opened the door and let you out. I have closed the door after letting you back in. I have opened the door to let you out again again. I have closed the door partially so you can go in or out as you please. I have pulled the string. I have given you the catnip mousies. I have offered you Fancy Feast. Pray, Lady Whiskers, what is it that you wish of me? I can bear your meowing no longer!

Our campaign map for the war against the Vikings lies beneath Sir Fluffy. Knights of the Round Table, I bid you move the cat so we can get the map!

(Motionless silence.)

Yeah, I get it. I'm not moving him, either.

While Mr. Piffles was slaying the dragon, Sir Bedivere performed a truly heroic act. He returned from the store with a can of tuna and, best of all, a can opener!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Of What Are We Inclusive?

When I hear from my bishop and other progressive Catholics that we must learn to be radically inclusive, it always drives me bonkers, but I didn't really understand why until I had a brain wave yesterday.

When we say we're inclusive or accepting, it's never inclusive of the married man and wife down the street. You know, the ones that are faithful to each other and have a couple of kids they are raising to be productive and pleasant adults. The guy has an adequate career, drinks modestly and maintains his house. The woman doesn't snipe at other women too much, she volunteers at church and her kids get their homework done on time. "Inclusive" doesn't refer to them because we were already inclusive of them.

For the most part, inclusion refers to sexual degenerates. It means the people we used to judge, back when we gave ourselves the liberty to possess objective moral standards. It sounds loving, but is it really? It assumes that there are no competing interests when it comes to sexual behavior. It assumes no one gets hurt in the process. The white girl who decides she is trans, convinced by the TikTok influencer of whom we are now inclusive, will not suffer at all.

And so, with our noses in the air, talking about love and acceptance and kindness, we embrace the LGBTQWERTY crew. We have progressed beyond hate. We love and accept. As a result, people are free to live their lives without fear of judgment.


Friday, March 22, 2024

Passing Judgment On Yourself

One of Jordan Peterson's rules is:

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.

That is so hard for me. I was at a meeting today for work. I work out like a madman and I have been for 3 full years now. Wife kitteh says I look sexier than I have ever looked. I've had to change my shirts from L to XL because my shoulders and back are larger.


No yay! There was a guy across the table from me, a younger fellow, someone who probably doesn't work half as hard as I do, but he was bigger than I was.


Last week, an SDPD friend of mine and his wife took us out to a Mercy Me concert. We had a great time and we love this couple dearly. When we took our leave at the end of the night, I gave him a big hug. He's way bigger than I am.


It's so hard not to pass judgment on myself when other guys are more built than I am. "I have failed!" I think. It's all nonsense, it's all irrational, but there it is.

Here, King Arthur, in the presence of the Knights of the Round Table, passes judgment on a cat who is indifferent to the whole affair.

I need to be more like that cat.

Super Special Bonus Content For Tim

On my last post, Tim pointed out that at our age we're past the point of having crazy physical goals like power lifting and 70# dumbbell curls. My reply comes from Robert Browning.

A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's heaven for?

Crazy goals are my thing, man. On my deathbed, I'll regret not having been crazier.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hypertrophic Training Is Better Than Powerlifting

 ... when you're older.

I've been working on getting ripped for my 62nd birthday in August. I set strength goals and was hitting the powerlifting hard. For example, one of my goals was 70# dumbbell curls. For my 60th birthday, I hit 60# curls, but in doing so, I wrecked my body so badly that most of the next year was spent recovering.

Not being one to learn from mistakes, I set out on the same journey this time. About 6 weeks ago, I was using the rowing machine and decided to jack up the weight from my existing max of 205# to a new high of 220#. I managed 10 reps and felt good. Progress!

Two days later, I had a long conversation with the middle of my back. It informed me that it would no longer function until I had taken at least two weeks off from the gym, consumed large quantities of pain killers and struggled to move without a lot of ouchiness.

Our youngest son, who is much smarterer than I am, had switched to hypertrophic lifting. That's where you max out at about 70% of your absolute max weight and then do as many reps as you possibly can, working your muscles to exhaustion. You give yourself 30-60 seconds to recover and then do it again. In powerlifting, you typically pause 2-3 minutes between sets.

Since you're not lifting anything even close to your max, the chances of injury are essentially nil. You can lift every day, too. The most I could do powerlifting was 6 days in a row, but after that, my body needed a couple of days to get ready to go again.

Assuming you do 10 reps when powerlifting and 15 when hypertrophic training, the total weight lifted is nearly identical.

10 * 1 = 10

15 * 0.7 = 10.5

The workouts are much shorter, too. The delays between sets add up. Most days, I do 9 exercises, 4 sets each. The time spent waiting between sets works out like this:

Powerlifting: 9 exercises * 4 sets * 2.5 minutes between sets = 90 minutes.

Hypertrophic: 9 * 4 * 0.75 = 27 minutes.

I wasn't waiting 2 1/2 minutes between sets when I was powerlifting, but you get the idea. I was shocked and felt a little guilty to get my workouts done so fast with hypertrophic lifting until I worked out the math in my head. 

So I'm lifting just as much weight, spending less time in the gym and not getting injured.


It's better to lift 7 cats 15 times than it is to lift 10 cats 10 times.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Three Things

 As you go through these tweets, recall that NYC will soon be trying to evict more than 180,000 illegals once they hit their 30-day limit for publicly-provided housing.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

How Do You Evict 183,000 People?

 ... if they don't have anywhere else to go and are desperate?

Dig this.

Back in the day, when I was building a custom home with my previous wife, the lot had a decrepit house with ne'er do well renters. In 6 month period, we collected 1 month of rent. Evicting them was going to cost us an arm and a leg in legal fees, so instead, we informed them that we were going to bulldoze the place and they had to leave. They left without any fuss.

NYC has managed to get itself into a far worse mess. We only owned the house and had no responsibility for the rest of the city. NYC is the city. There's nowhere for the illegals to go, particularly if their benefits are expiring. Further, as has been noted before on this blog, the NYPD combat strength is down to about 60%. If even 10% of the illegals dig in their heels, how does the city plan on getting them to leave their current housing?

Now solve that problem from the point of view of an NYPD flatfoot. You're outnumbered 100-1, the illegals are desperate and many of them are criminal toughs. Your DA does not have your back. If you can't risk using your gun without going to jail, the encounters become melees at which point numbers matter a great deal.

Two things come to mind. 

  1. You'd have to be crazy to remain an NYPD officer.
  2. Things in NYC are about to go sideways in a big way.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Sadly, ChatGPT Will Not Generate Porn

 ... certainly not my subversive kind of porn.

At work, I use Atlassian's Jira to help a large organization track and manage very complicated, distributed projects. Jira is a web-based issue management tool. Prior to my work, employees had emailed each other massive spreadsheets where the recipient would have to collate it with other spreadsheets. Usually, the spreadsheets were OBE as soon as they were received as the data behind them was constantly changing.

M$FT Office was the best tool we Boomers had to do information work. Nowadays, web-based tools where the servers exchange information with each other in near real-time is far superior.

Our organization is only now crawling away from M$FT Office. Oh, wait, it's being dragged back into it. Marginally competent managers on our IT and Knowledge Management teams have been sold a bill of goods with Office 365 and M$FT Teams, so web-based tools are being phased out in favor of files and email.

We Boomers are reaching out from our career graves and tormenting the younger generations, haunting them with Excel and PowerPoint. It's a horror movie in tech.

Anyways, I asked ChatGPT, M$FT's AI tool to generate an image of this and ... well, see for yourself.

Monday, March 11, 2024

ChatGPT Got Me To The Gym Today

 I know they're hooey, but for me, biorhythms are real. There are times when I just don't want to do anything. I can go through whole weeks like that. Then there are weeks and weeks where I want to do everything as hard and as fast as I can. 

Today was a nothing day. I got up around 0400, had a good cup of coffee, said my decade of the Rosary, hopped online and ingested all kinds of outrage triggers. It was all on schedule. Then it came time to go to the gym and I just couldn't do it. All I wanted to do was grab a little more coffee and ooze into the hot tub.

On a whim, I told ChatGPT my problems and then got inspired to ask it to reply as various personas. Dig these responses. I edited them down a bit because, as Tim has pointed out, the thing can be a real windbag.

I ended up going to the gym and doing a full workout. After I read through these, the ones who recommended sloth were the real motivation. I didn't want to be like them.

Drill Sergeant

Listen up! It's time to get moving, soldier! You've been granted a life of security and health, and it's not to be wasted lounging in hot tubs and staring at screens all day. The world out there needs what you've got – your skills, your experience, your energy. It's time to find a mission, something that gets you fired up and ready to roll out of bed in the morning.

And remember, soldier, this isn’t about harsh judgment; it’s about discipline, purpose, and taking action. You've got a reservoir of strength and determination inside you. Time to tap into it, get strategic, and move out!

Caustic, Severe Nun

My child, you have been blessed with health, wealth, and time, gifts that many can only dream of. And yet, here you are, squandering these divine blessings in pursuits that nourish neither the soul nor the world. It is a grievous sight, one that demands immediate rectification.

The Lord did not grant you these gifts for them to be frittered away in idleness and indulgence. There is much work to be done, many in need of your help, wisdom, and compassion. You must awaken from this lethargy and seek out ways to serve God's creation, to make use of the talents bestowed upon you for the greater good.

Do not delay. The time to act is now. Redeem yourself in the eyes of the Lord by embracing a life of purpose and service. Let this be the moment you turn towards the light, dedicating yourself to a cause greater than your own desires. Go forth, and sin no more.

Fat, Lazy Housecat Speaking In Lolcat

Oh hai. U finkin bout doin all dat stuff, huh? Soundz like lotz of werk. Why not jus chillz wif me instead? We gotz da purrfect setup here. U, me, cozy spot by da window. No needz for all dat runnin around an doin fings. Let's take it eazy.

Atheistic Nihilist

Oh, you're feeling the existential ennui today, huh? Look, from a cosmic perspective, nothing we do really matters. We're all just stardust on a floating rock, spiraling into the void. So, if you're looking for some grand purpose or meaning, you might be out of luck. The universe is indifferent to our struggles and joys.

Forget about societal expectations or looking for some grand purpose. The pursuit of happiness, pleasure, and experiences is the most rational response to the absurdity of existence. Want to spend the day in a hot tub, then go online all day? If that brings you joy, go for it. The only thing that's truly rational in an indifferent universe is to maximize your own happiness and contentment, in whatever form that takes.

General Stonewall Jackson

I find myself compelled to address your current state with the same fervor and dedication I applied to my campaigns. In life, as on the battlefield, one must always strive to make use of the resources at their disposal, not squander them in idleness or without purpose. You find yourself in an enviable position, blessed with health, financial security, and the luxury of time—resources many soldiers would have envied during the trials we faced.

I implore you, do not let this day pass as another footnote in a life of could-have-beens. Rise, and set forth with the determination and purpose that lie within you, awaiting your command. Let this be the day you take up your own campaign, not with the musket and the cannon, but with the unwavering resolve to live a life of purpose and action.

Grade School Counselor

Oh, sweetie, I hear you. It's really, really okay to feel this way. Everyone has those days where everything just feels like too much, even the things that usually make us happy or feel productive. It's completely normal, and I'm here for you, no matter what.

You know, it's so important to listen to what your heart and body are telling you. If they're saying it's a day to rest, then maybe that's exactly what you need. But, I also want you to remember how special and capable you are. Even on days when you feel a little lost or unmotivated, you have so many wonderful qualities and so much potential inside of you.

It's perfectly okay to have days where you don't feel like doing much. We all do, and it doesn't make you any less amazing. I'm always here to talk, to listen, and to support you in finding your way, at your own pace.

Victorian English Aristocrat

It is most pertinent that we, the custodians of privilege and rank, comprehend the profound duty that accompanies our station. We are, by virtue of our birth and fortune, set upon a pedestal, observed closely by the eyes of those less fortunate in their societal standings. It is imperative, therefore, that we conduct ourselves with the utmost propriety and diligence, for we are the living exemplars upon which the lower orders might model their aspirations and conduct.

I implore you to cast aside these doldrums and to embrace fully the responsibilities of your position. Engage in charitable works, take an active interest in the welfare of those who depend upon you, and dedicate yourself to pursuits that will not only ennoble your spirit but also serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to the common folk.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

I'm Growing To Love ChatGPT's AI Art

Lately, ChatGPT has been producing some really lovely art for me. On Twitter, at the end of the day, I like to close out with some pleasant AI art. I'm now going to do the same at the start of the day. My initial efforts have involved an older, Southern man or woman with a cat. Dig these, posted last night and this morning, respectively. Each took only a few iterations to get something I liked.

Saturday, March 09, 2024

Anti-Pro-Anti Truffle Piggery

Yesterday, we discussed how the racial justice racket is turning us all into delusional truffle pigs, endlessly on the hunt for fantasy racism. The People of Color get rewarded with praise, cosseting and perks. The whites who are their "allies" get praise and a brief frisson of pleasure from exhibiting their fake virtue.

Not only are their no rewards for completely eliminating racism, there are actual disincentives for it. The moment the university says we're all equal and we're all individuals made in the image of God, the blacks' gravy train comes to an end and the whites have to go back to real accomplishments. Ick! We like gravy! We like party-game scavenger hunts where we get praised for finding little odds and ends!

In order to get the joke in the title of this blog post, you need to watch this short bit from Get Smart.

Some people, disgusted with the racism racket, post videos of blacks behaving badly on Twitter. There are many very popular accounts that do nothing but share videos of blacks fighting, shooting, stealing and slutting. Here's a good example.

They're truffle pigs, too.

In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Truffle Pig For 15 Minutes

Or maybe longer. Perhaps much, much longer.

The racial justice crew has been incentivized to find racism everywhere when, in fact, it exists almost nowhere. People sick of being accused of racism they don't have are now incentivized to find videos of blacks behaving badly and share them as fast as they can. "You think I'm a racist? Well, gag on this, you swine!"

There are truffle pigs. Then there are anti-truffle pigs. That gives rise to pro-anti-truffle pigs who use the anti-truffle pigs as examples of real racism. That engenders anti-pro-anti truffle pigs who show how the truffle pigs are just gravy-sucking pigs as in the gravy train that is our cultural racial rewards machine. If you ever wanted to turn a population against itself in a frenzy of racial hatred, this is how to do it.

Meanwhile, nothing much is happening. If you turn off the TV and social media and just hang out with real people, racism is pretty hard to find.

Hmm. There might be a key to a happier life in all that ...

Friday, March 08, 2024

We're All Delusional Truffle Pigs Now

I couldn't help but think of truffle pigs when I stumbled across Loyola University's policies on Anti-racism and White Accountability. Here's the key snippets.

The Counseling Center recognizes that Loyola University Maryland is a predominantly white institution within the context of Baltimore, Maryland. It has a history steeped in structural racism and racial injustice towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), especially Black and African American individuals. We feel it is important to highlight the need for white individuals to take an anti-racist stand and hold each other accountable towards working to change the systems that impact the BIPOC community in oppressive ways...

Anti-racism is an active process of seeing and being in the world with the intention of working to identify, challenge, and change the values, structures and behaviors that perpetuate structural racism. This highlights the idea that racism occurs at all levels of society and manifests itself in both individual attitudes and behaviors as well as formal and unspoken policies and practices within institutions...

Ultimately, it is for People of Color to decide if one is actually behaving in anti-racist ways. When one finds that they are out of alignment, they need to do what is necessary and try to repair the situation.

Emphasis mine.

What a racket! Everyone is incentivized to see racism all around them. The more racism they find, the more rewards they get. Blacks* get rewarded with adoration and perks as a way to make up for their suffering and whites get praise for having discovered and rooted out racism on campus.

Not only are their no rewards for completely eliminating racism, there are actual disincentives for it. The moment the university says we're all equal and we're all individuals made in the image of God, the blacks' gravy train comes to an end and the whites have to go back to real accomplishments. Ick! We like gravy! We like party-game scavenger hunts where we get praised for finding little odds and ends!

Loyola isn't alone in this. Anti-racism is everywhere around us and the same incentive structure is built into every corporation, every TV show, every movie, every classroom and every political campaign. Woe betide the person that says racism isn't a big deal any more!

We're all truffle pigs now.

Good piggy, you found some racism! Here's a treat!

This is how you end up with madness like Racism In The Great Outdoors: Oregon’s Natural Spaces Feel Off Limits To Black People.

(N)ot everyone has the same access to green spaces. Tara Cooper, like many Black people, felt excluded and unwelcomed from a hike in the forests, well before this spring’s closures that were ordered to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Cooper moved to Portland from the San Francisco Bay Area more than eight years ago. She said she fell in love with Oregon’s lush green forests and what seemed like never-ending opportunities to enjoy nature.

But once she arrived, things changed.

“I quickly realized that may not be for me and my son,” Cooper said. “I would love to have been able to go camping more or do more nature things and even do some off the grid camping if the opportunity came up, but I would never do that in Oregon.”

Good Lord, it's hiking in the woods. Drive to the park, get out and take a walk. How hard is that? Very hard, it turns out. Just going for a walk requires the black person to overcome systemic racism. They need more perks to be able to do it. The white people who see the racism in the woods get rewarded with praise for having been in tune with the hardships of being black.

The key feature is that there is no racism in the woods at all. We're not just truffle pigs, we're delusional truffle pigs. We're getting rewarded for finding fantasy truffles. 

Since the truffles come from our imaginations, there's no limit to the number we can find and with each discovery, everyone involved gets a treat.

What a racket!

Special Bonus Take

This was my favorite sentence from the Loyola web page:

Ultimately, it is for People of Color to decide if one is actually behaving in anti-racist ways.

The people on the gravy train are uniquely wise and discerning. Only they can tell you when they've had enough gravy and must return to being normal people, equal to everyone else around them. 

Who in the world is going to do that? If some of them become embarrassed by the fraud or do their own research and discover they've been turned into mewling, self-absorbed losers, the rest cast them into the outer darkness where there is great wailing and grinding of teeth. Don't derail the gravy train, you idiots! We've got a good thing going on here!

That's how we end up with every black conservative being told they're not really black. Meanwhile, the BIPOC end up like everyone who is a mewling, self-absorbed, self-pitying wiener. They end up as failures. Oof.

* - If you think I'm going to type "People of Color" over and over again, you've got another thing coming. "Blacks" will do just fine as a stand-in.

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

An Air Assault Was Never Out Of The Question

Given the massive, ongoing infantry invasion of the US, this should come as no surprise.

This is so awful that it's actually hilarious. From the article:

Joe Biden's administration has admitted transporting migrants on secret flights into the U.S. and lawyers for its immigration agencies claim revealing the locations could create national security 'vulnerabilities'.

Customs and Border Protection has refused to disclose information about a program last year secretly arranging flights for thousands of undocumented immigrants from foreign airports directly to U.S. cities.

It means that while record numbers of migrants were flowing over the southern border last year, the Biden Administration was also directly transporting them into the country.

Emphasis mine.

Well, that certainly cuts out the middle man, doesn't it? I mean, why stress out those Border Patrol guys with another 320,000 illegals? Why not just airlift them into the sanctuary cities?

As a frame of reference, we have less than 50,000 airborne soldiers in the US Army so this air assault is more than 6 times the size of our entire airborne forces. On to victory, men*!

* - Just whose victory this would be is up for discussion.

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Cops Ruined My Workout

 ... or rather, the absence of cops ruined my workout.

Weekend mornings are heaven at the gym. The bros are all in bed, sleeping off last night's debauchery, so it's quiet and empty. I've got a full day today, so I got up at 0330, did my morning routine and got out the door by 0500. Perfection!

It's raining this morning. Turning onto the main drag that leads to the gym, I nearly hit this car.

No lights on, just parked in the middle of the right lane. The driver's side window was open, but I didn't see anyone inside. This location is coming right out of a blind corner. On a rainy night, someone was bound to hit it. Lots of people drive 40-50 in this area, so any wreck would be severe.

I maneuvered my Juke behind this car, turned on my flashers and called 911. The dispatcher recognized the license plate number because someone had already called in the situation.

I sat there for 45 minutes with my flashers on, acting as a warning. After 45 minutes, a guy pulled up and told me he had called in the car about 90 minutes earlier. He said there was a black guy in the car, either drunk or wasted. While he was there, the driver had gotten out, staggered around and then went back in the car. I hadn't seen the driver because he was laying down inside. I had considered going in the car and turning on the flashers, but it had all the hallmarks of a drug situation and I didn't want to leave the protection of the Juke.

Survival often depends on positioning. Drugs mean weapons. Things can go sideways really, really fast when you're on foot.

So I sat there, I called 911 again and they couldn't give me an ETA for the cops. 90 minutes? That's nuts.

Finally, the guy woke up enough to turn on his lights and start the car. I drove around him and escaped. Losing nearly an hour wrecked my workout. Oof. Still, I was glad to have provided a warning to the 40 or so cars that drove by me while I was there.

Buy A Gun

This drove home the need for home defense. When seconds count, the cops are only 45 minutes away.

I can't even imagine what it's like in NYC where they are operating at about half strength.

NYC Update

I saw an article this morning about Mayor Eric Adams questioning the whole sanctuary city thing. Apparently, NYC now has 180,000 illegals. That means NYC has more illegals than the US Army has infantry. Imagine trying to deport them. 

You'd have to be a complete idiot to stay in NYC now. Interviews with the illegals being dropped off in San Diego show that many of them have plane tickets, bought by you and me, taking them mostly to NYC and Chicago.

If we were smart, we'd skip the plane tickets and just stuff them into box cars and send them by freight rail. That journey couldn't possibly be worse than the one they endured getting to the border. 

If we didn't have a death wish, we'd close the border.