Saturday, March 30, 2024

When The Fantasies Crumble

Here are three data points showing how the fantasies of our prevailing secular culture are shattering.

Charles de Gaulle Airport - Diversity Is Our Strength

I have flown a ton in my life. At one point, I was an American Airlines Platinum Aadvantage Member. I have never seen a fight in an airport. A very few times, I've seen customers, whacked with missing baggage or a delay that causes them to miss a connection, get angry, but never a fight. In that video, gangs of Africans are going at it, just like they do back home.

The idea that "migrants" bring constructive diversity to a hidebound and bigoted culture is a complete fantasy. What they bring, particularly when you import them in large numbers, is their blood feuds, illiteracy, disease and poverty.

Everything we've been told about diversity being our strength is a lie.

Yemen - Straight, White, Christian Men Oppress Everyone Else

Pink News: Nine men sentenced to death by ‘crucifixion and stoning’ for alleged sodomy by Houthi court.

The trial, which allegedly took place on 23 January, saw 32 men sentenced. Nine of them were handed death sentences that include crucifixion and stoning, whilst 23 were sent to prison for periods of up to 10 years. Three of these men were also sentenced to public flogging.

Our elites in education, government, entertainment, HR and marketing are infantile and ignorant. They push neo-Marxist ideas on all of us about the global evils of the white patriarchy. It's oppressing everyone! Diverse people of the world, unite!

There is no unity. There are countless irreconcilable differences, some which lead to violence and death. The idea that all people outside of the set of straight, white men are some kind of monolithic entity with cooperating interests is a fantasy.

Vanderbilt University - Social, Emotional Learning Creates Better People

Dig this bit from a short sit-in at Vanderbilt where they were protesting the IDF thrashing Hamas good and hard like they deserve.

These kids are living, breathing advertisements for Abigail Shrier's excellent new book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren't Growing Up. These children have catastrophized utterly inconsequential inconveniences that were the result of their own, useless actions and are wailing about them in public. They should be embarrassed, but they don't know enough to be humiliated.

The premise, followed by much of our education industry, is that children's feelings need to be explored, validated and therapized constantly. I can't recommend Bad Therapy enough if you want to understand what's happening with Gen Z and why their mental health is so poor. They have been turned into fragile narcissists who think their actions at Vanderbilt will have some effect on the IDF and also complain about not getting rest while protesting. It's ludicrous.


What happens when a nation's elites embrace nonsense ideas and those ideas lead to disastrous results? In a different country where the population is unarmed, you might expect propaganda and arrests aimed at those who point out their failures. In a nation where almost everyone and their dog has a gun, you can't do that.

Maybe I'm closing my eyes to reality, but I remain optimistic. I simply cannot believe that the majority of our educated class are going to cling to idiot ideas while everything falls apart around them.

It was at that moment that Professor Wilson realized that his equations for diversity, affirmation and success gave him an unsolvable set of contradictory inputs.

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