Saturday, July 31, 2021

Fresh Fish And A Jello Of Vegans

After getting shut out on a recent fishing trip, I was jonesing for some really, really fresh fish. Down near Seaport Village here in San Diego, there's a pier where fishing boats will sell their catch at please-take-it-off-our-hands prices. This morning, I got this beautiful, 23# bluefin tuna for $5 a pound.

There was a booth that would fillet your fish for 50¢ a pound, but I really wanted to do it myself. Once I had told the fishermen that I had filleted smaller fish, they told me this was way easier. Which it was. It has no more bones than the little guys and they are much larger and easier to work around.

YouTube showed the way and after two videos, I was willing to take a stab at it.

Get it? Stab? Like with a knife? Like ... what ... you ... use ...........

Yes, well. Moving right along.

The key was knowing that the purpose of your first slice was to get through the tough skin. Once that cut had been made, second and third slices along the spine quickly separated the flesh from the bones. The loins, as I found that they are called, pulled away easily.

There's very little waste on these guys.

I would guess that I got 18# of meat from a 23# fish. It will give me a couple of chances to cook it. Tonight, I think I will sear it in cast iron. 

Militant Vegans

At the base of the pier where I bought the fish was a Jello* of Vegans, yelling at us on their bullhorns and chanting. One of their chants went as follows:

Human dignity, animal rights!

We have just begun to fight!

As I walked past, I joined in with my own version.

Human dignity, animal rights!

I'm gonna eat some fish tonight!

Out on maneuvers with the Guards later in the day, I came up with this one.

I was feeling hungry now!

I coon't** find no ground-up cow!

Feel free to leave your own fish stories and/or vegan chants in the comments. Also, if you've got a better name for a group of vegans, I'm all ears.

* - I've decided that a group of Vegans is called a Jello. It's mushy, spineless and has no nutritional value.

** - Coon't is couldn't without the d pronounced.

Friday, July 30, 2021

For Crying Out Loud, Just Wear A Mask Already!

... the Scientific Community says so!

Vaccinated people must wear them, too. SCINECE!

This is a woman. SECINES!

Bring in more illegals! SCEINICE!

Writers for big name publications know about children. SICENEC!

Your actions can stop the spread of Covid. SEINCCE!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

At The Grownups Table Without A Booster Seat

 ... is the way I feel right now. The cylinder on my office chair has failed, so my desk now comes up to my upper chest. My chin is only a few inches from the top of the desk. It's demoralizing.

Thanks to Amazon, I've got a new cylinder coming today. Sigh. The traumas I must endure! Surely, not even Job had such trials.

Masks At Work

Our corporate masters, living in a far-off city, have decreed that we must all wear masks while indoors. I would estimate that 80% or more of us have been vaccinated. It's all theater. We're a science and engineering facility and we still can't admit to the existence of reality. In all seriousness, that's tremendously demoralizing.

We do the same with diversity, trans-madness and plenty of other woke nonsense. Hooray for science.

Update: Wretchard the Cat had a great anti-submarine warfare analogy.

The surprising thing about many lockdowns all over the world is they are exactly the opposite of the ASW ideal. Politicians seem to believe that the more widespread and restrictive a lockdown is the more effective it is. The more noise and bangs the better. But in reality, what huge lockdowns unambiguously proclaim is how little actionable information they really have. They are locking swathes in the hope of retarding something by sheer volume of effort. If they actually knew where the threat was the restricted area could be much smaller.

A big enough lockdown is bound to have some effect on the pathogen spread but at the cost of immense collateral damage. In exchange for the reduction, businesses go bankrupt and people lose their jobs. Scale is wildly inefficient and sometimes infeasible. Greyhound could try depth charging a hundred square miles of Atlantic but that would kill a lot of fish and probably be impossible.

The Olympics

I haven't watched a minute of them this time. In the summer games, I used to really enjoy the women's gymnastics, but the feel of the games is so hostile to me, what with all the kneeling and related garbage that I don't feel a kinship to the American team at all. As I understand it, the gymnastics girls all supported Simone Biles and one even said that the team wasn't trying to win the gold for us, they were trying to win it for themselves.


If it's all about you for you, then you don't need me. I'll be off doing something more rewarding.


On the plus side, our cayenne plants continue to churn out peppers. We're getting about a quart-sized plastic bag of peppers every 10 days or so. It's fabulous.

What a happy sight!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

In Support Of Simone

Simone Biles may well be the greatest women's gymnast of all time. Her career is studded with unique and amazing routines. When she dropped out of Olympic competition yesterday, she got plenty of stick for it, but allow me to stand up for her. Your psyche is part of your health.

If she had broken an ankle or pulled a muscle, no one would criticize her. Because she freaked out, they do. She's performing at a fantastically high level, on the world stage, with all the expectations of the team on her shoulders. Her work requires total concentration. Any disruption of that concentration could result in a fall, an injury and definitely a bad score. As I understand it, she made some mistakes in one of her routines and just couldn't shake the fear that came from it.

Back when the Magna Carta was being signed, my dad took me to the circus. There, one of the high-wire artists fell. There was no net. After tending to him on the ground, they took him away in an ambulance. He was in bad shape. The show went on in the tradition of the circus.

Directly after his horrible exit, another high-wire act went on stage. In it, a woman was doing tricks on a chair attached to a pole, about 40' from the ground. She got to the top and froze. For 90 seconds, she stood on top of the chair. Everyone in the place was terrified, especially her. When she finally recovered her composure, she managed to get back on the chair, do a few tricks and then get down. The crowd went wild.

Until now, Simone has been sold as a gymnastics robot. There's no chink in her armor! She's the greatest ever! There are routines named after her! She's a shoo-in for the gold! There was nothing about her with which the average person could relate. She was a machine. Her failure in these Olympics has tripled my estimation of her. She's a real, flesh and blood woman with fears and anxieties. That she succumbed to them isn't a failing, it's a testament to what she had to overcome to get to this point.

Good on ya, Simone. You must have played through plenty in your career.

Update: Check out this thread from a gymnast explaining what happened to Simone.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Masks, Revisited

The problem with a postmodern society is a lack of trust. If there is no objective truth, then everything must be consumed with a certain amount of suspicion. Like masking. Dig this. Here's a snippet.

The COVID-19 conversation should have begun with minimum viable particle size under pressure, which for SARS-CoV-2-size particulates is .06 microns. This particle is under 0.3 microns, placing it firmly within the radically behaving particulate range. A single particle cluster can be composed of multiple virions and still fall well under that threshold. Furthermore, current research on aerosol behavior shows that particulates as large as 5 microns can remain aloft for extended periods. 83 COVID-19-size particles can fit in a single cluster and fall within the highest range...

Cloth masks have been shown to have 97% particle penetration, with 44% for surgical masks.

Tyndall lighting used in emissions imaging is capable of showing smaller particle size ranges of aerosols (.04-0.9 microns), but not all imaging uses this, and most studies are not clear about their lighting sources. Most of what you see in an emitted plume begins at the 50 micron+ range – so what is clearly demonstrated by plume emission imaging is that masks are incapable of stopping even the “big guys” (droplet range pathogens) from escaping. 

I've read recently that surgeons wear masks for two main reasons.

  1. To prevent body fluids from the patient from squirting up into their mouth, nose and eyes.
  2. To prevent the surgeon from coughing or sneezing into the wound.

They are not worn to prevent respiratory viruses in the operating room because, as the article linked above suggests, they cannot.

Is any of this true? Beats me. I'm still stuck on the fact that masks aren't serious filters in that they allow direct respiration of the surrounding air through significant gaps in coverage.

All of the duplicity from our "experts" would surprise me if it weren't for the fact that they've kept silent as other "experts" tell us that women can become men and Global Warming Climate Change will destroy the world by 2004 2006 2011 2014 2018 2020 2024 and systemic racism is all around us.

So Pilate said to him, “Then you are a king?”

Jesus answered, “You say I am a king. For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

Pilate said to him, “What is truth?”

What is truth indeed.

Bonus Truthiness

Dig this.

During a recent endocrinology course at a top medical school in the University of California system, a professor stopped mid-lecture to apologize for something he’d said at the beginning of class.

“I don’t want you to think that I am in any way trying to imply anything, and if you can summon some generosity to forgive me, I would really appreciate it,” the physician says in a recording provided by a student in the class (whom I’ll call Lauren). “Again, I’m very sorry for that. It was certainly not my intention to offend anyone. The worst thing that I can do as a human being is be offensive.” 

His offense: using the term “pregnant women.” 

“I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant and I most sincerely apologize to all of you.”

But, yeah, masks are totally necessary. It's SCIENCE! 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Tribalism Is A Tar Pit

The guys at Black Rifle Coffee Company have provided us with an excellent case study in why overtly joining a political side is a trap for businesses. They're the veteran-owned and operated coffee company that has produced hilarious videos featuring over-the-top machismo and lots of guns. I've really enjoyed them.

BRCC advertises on a ton of right-wing podcasts and shows. They were the poster children for a fun, freedom-loving company. And then they went and gave an interview to the New York Times where they sneered at some of their supporters and called them racists.

What's interesting to me is not the content of the interview, but the reactions from the two tribes. BRCC has self-destructed and they should have seen it coming a mile away. I've not paid much attention to the apologies and explanations, but it sure looks to me like it was a setup by the NYT. I think it was a pretty sophisticated takedown of a very successful "red" company. The NYT crew knew exactly what they were doing and the BRCC guys walked right into the ambush.

Anywho, the Twitter reactions give us an easy data set to analyze. The BRCC guys said all the right things for the NYT readers, coming out hard against racism, saying they didn't want any customers who were guilty of wrongthink. If the tribes were reasonable, this would have earned them some thoughtful consideration.

The tribes are most certainly not reasonable. Here's a quick sampling of open-minded, compassionate blue thinking on the topic.

  • “I’m just simply saying there are things in business that are completely outside your control.” Also, “[BRC] endorsed Trump’s Muslim ban.” The New York Times sure loves mainstreaming bigots.
  • I support their vision to help Veterans, coming from a family w/a very long history of serving. However, their views are myopic, misogynistic & quite frankly, drawing the wrong crowds & that doesn’t happen by accident. We will find another way to support our Vets. 👋 Black Rifle.
  • Shouldn’t it be White Rifle Coffee?
  • So the business plan is to give the finger to a plurality of Americans and romanticize the tools of violence and death? Hasn't society had enough sadness and pain caused by gun violence? Black Rifle doesn't think so, they wanna remind us first thing in the morning.

The reds, of course, were apoplectic that one of their darlings had betrayed them so badly. Rational thought? Not so much.

  • An AMAZING quote “Black Rifle Coffee sucks and their leadership are spineless, woke and weak. Luckily their fake, chump asses were exposed”
  • Yeah i stopped my blcc subscription and this morning am enjoying a cup of @Beard_Vet range rum coffee. Outstandingcuppa joe! Much better than black rifle.
  • Just your occasional reminder: #BlackRifleCoffee smeared a kid and his supporters to get some accolades from the New York Times. Oh, and their coffee sucks.

And that, my friends, is why your business should avoid politics at all costs. The tribes are not rational and they are not forgiving. Any misstep will cost you dearly.

I didn't click through to see the essay, but I don't think it matters. This image could be used by both sides.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

I'm Facing Infractions

 ... even though I'm not really sure what that means.

On the weekends, I take the two Catican Guards to a local San Diego Transit open-air parking structure to run around. It's four stories of practically empty space and they love to romp around off their leashes. The top two floors are still closed because of Rona infestations. You know how dangerous respiratory viruses are in an uninhabited, outdoor, well-ventilated space.


Anyway, being rebels at heart, we walk right past the warning signs and use those two floors anyway. I noticed the sign below today and its message struck ... well, if not fear, then confusion in my heart.

Breaking the rules means you will be subject to breaking the rules!

Wait, what?

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Free Jeffrey Burrill! Put The Lizard In Chains!

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, a Catholic priest who was the General Secretary to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, was recently discovered to have used Grindr to search for hot dudes. I guess Grindr is an app for locating fellow gays. 

Burrill until Tuesday was the top administrator for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He stepped down after a Catholic newsletter presented conference officials with allegations that cellphone data indicated he had repeatedly used Grindr and visited gay bars.

Everyone had their pre-programmed responses loaded in memory, an interrupt was triggered and the processes ran. "He's betrayed his vows!" howled the conservatives. "He's a hypocrite!" screamed the libs.

Well, yes, he did both of those things. So what?

We all have a lizard brain at the core of our cortex. It's our limbic system and we share it with every vertebrate from lizards to birds to marmots.

Marmots are way cuter, though.

Your lizard brain is only concerned with food, orgasms* and avoiding predators. It's there 24/7, working to dominate your life. It's why we watch porn when we know it's bad for us. It's why we eat fried foods. It's why we snarl at other people when they make us cross. We all give in to the lizard inside us every day. One of my recurring problems is drinking 4 pints when I should drink 1, at most. I know it's wrong. I tell others it's wrong. I'm a hypocrite.

The Catholic Church teaches us that we are all sinners. Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. We go to Confession to be absolved of our sins. We then go out into the world, fight with the lizard and lose again. Lather, rinse, bask in the sun, eat a few bugs, repeat.

Again, so what? Our failures only serve to prove the truth of Catholicism. We are sinners. We sin. Why the hysteria that it happened?

That the lavender Monsignor sinned is indeed a sign of hypocrisy, but only half of his hypocrisy contains information. That is, we all knew he had a lizard inside him, but his faith tells you that he strove to fight it. That's a good thing.

Here are people who aren't hypocrites. They've submitted to their lizards.

To yell and point at the Monsignor while describing those twerkers' role model, Cardi B, as a "strong, black woman" is to encourage people to surrender to their inner lizards. It's yet another conquest by the Lizard Empire.

For my money, Burrill should have been counseled, sent to confession and given a support system to fight his lizard. After that, he should have gone back to work and the Church should have moved on to more important things.

Firing someone because they gave in to a perfectly normal sin, one that didn't have serious ramifications, is like firing the guy because the sun rose in the east.

* - For lizards and such, it's concerned with mating, but thanks to human birth-control and baby-slaughtering technology, we've replaced mating with the immediate payoff for mating, orgasms.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Bad Neighborhoods

... are going to get worse. Dig this.

For the fiscal year ending September 30th, southwest border apprehensions at average levels are on pace as the third worst year ever. The numbers would be even more dire save that the Biden administration enjoys a tailwind from comparatively favorable apprehensions numbers during the October 2020 to January 2021 stretch of the Trump administration.

Notwithstanding, the worst years are tightly clustered. If the last three months of the fiscal year came in only 80,000 above forecast, the Biden administration would hold the absolute record for the worst fiscal year at the southwest border.

The dash-dot line is pure fantasy. It assumes a magical reversion to the mean.

Going back to the suggestions in my Inflation Crouch post, where I pondered what might be the optimal strategies for an environment where government-spending inflation took off, we have this:

I've spent some time researching various crashes throughout history, looking for a theme in profitable investments. If there is one, I can't find it. The problem is that society becomes unstable. Markets and exchanges cease to function in an orderly manner. While you can own stock and property and wait out the mayhem, it's getting through the mayhem that is the real problem. Thus, the best course of action is one that helps you ride out the storm...

The goal would be to reduce your expenses to as small a number as you can. Here are just a couple of thoughts along those lines.

  1. Pay off your mortgage.
  2. Pay off all loans.
  3. Learn how to fix your cars.
  4. Learn how to make repairs on your house.
  5. Learn how to cook.
  6. Learn how to grow and preserve your own produce.

I'll add one more, perhaps the most important of all. 

7. Get as far away as you can from unstable and morally degenerate neighborhoods.

Note: Yeah, I'm just going to go there. If you're murdering a large percentage of your babies through abortion and abandoning the women you get pregnant if they do give birth, then morally degenerate is a solid description. All of the attendant pathologies are lumped in as well - murder, theft, poor school performance, drug use and the like. That's degenerate and there's no point in hiding it with nice words.

The people who currently live in bad neighborhoods will suffer the most. We're going to import about 2 million unskilled illegals who will happily work under the table for less than minimum wage. I've seen it in the lives of the gardener and maid who used to work for my parents. The gardener can't find a landscaping job and is having to work in Las Vegas, installing windows. It doesn't take Nostradamus to foresee that those jobs will soon be taken by the illegals as well.

The illegals are going to devour Federal money, too. The deficit isn't coming down which means our inflation drivers will remain or get worse. Federal social spending won't keep up with inflation, so the living standards of the poor, read: those living in degenerate neighborhoods, are going to decline. If you think they're violent now, just wait until their real household incomes decline because of inflation.

This amplifies what I'd said before about society becoming unstable. It won't be uniformly distributed across the country, so there will be places that escape the unrest. The key is to find those before you need them.

I'm no fan of cold weather, but Idaho has its advantages.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Maui Waterfall

I'm wrestling with some problems at work, so I'll just share this waterfall photo I took while we were on Maui last month. Enjoy!

I really like the bright green plants framing the waterfall in the foreground.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I'm Not Playing Around

 ... on my phone, at least.

For the last few months, I'd noticed that both wife kitteh and I had the habit of playing games on our phones while we watched TV. In the back of my mind, I felt this was insulting to the people who made the shows or were playing the sports. There were nuances to the shots and dialog that went right past me as I burst bubbles. I also missed soccer goals because I was looking at my phone instead of watching the game.

Pure entertainment, broadcast for my imperial amusement, was insufficient for my royal highness. My royal highness required ever more layered diversion. I wondered if the next steps might be scented candles and massages to enjoy while watching the greatest national soccer teams in Europe play and breaking bricks with balls on my phone. Ridiculous.

And so I deleted all of the games. It's cut back significantly on my distractedness, but I feel cravings for them whenever I have an idle moment. Waiting on hold, allowing a program to finish running, downloading a file, all of these things were times when I would whip out the phone and break bricks or burst bubbles.

I don't miss it, I'm just surprised at what a crutch it had become.

Nobody would confuse this with visiting the Louvre.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Becoming A Tuna

Several of my Catholic Cursillo friends are fishermen. I've half-wanted to go fishing with them for a while now. The other half of me felt empathy for the fish and didn't want to kill animals. Going fishing cured me of that. The fish, the birds, every living thing we encountered killed without remorse. They were, after all, godless savages.

They'd have done it to you in a cold-blooded heartbeat.

I love keeping fish in aquariums. Back when I had some, I did my best to see that the fish, typically tetras and other colorful minnow-like beasties, lived their best lives. Plenty of space, live plants, live food when I could get it and water chemistry to match their native streams and ponds. I was emotionally attached to my fish.

Baiting a hook with a live anchovy is a squirmy, squishy, bloody task. You drive a barbed piece of metal through it's belly and then throw it into the ocean where the poor, wounded thing swims off, hopefully into the mouth of a larger fish so you can reel that one in and kill it on the deck. You become part of nature, red in tooth and claw.

Like the animals care.

The tuna eat the anchovy in the wild, hook or no hook. They crunch away on live fishies, not caring a whit for the pain and suffering. Tim's insects do the same thing. I knew this intellectually, but I still carried my empathy with me until I saw the seagulls.

As we returned to port, I watched the deck hands fillet the fish we'd caught. As they carved them up, they tossed the unwanted pieces over the side where a flock of seagulls who were following our boat fought over the scraps. If your beak went through another bird's eye, well, so what?

When the last fish had been filleted, the seagulls took to landing on the tops of the bait tanks and grabbing live anchovies out of them. The anchovies desperately tried to escape, but the seagulls were too fast for them. Snatch, crunch, gobble and the fish was cruelly slain and devoured.

And that was that. In the sea and in the air all around us, animals were maiming, torturing and killing each other all day every day. It's just what they did. The surprise is not the violence and cruelty, the surprise is any thought process that leads away from it. Anything that produces kindness and love is unnatural.

This is getting perilously close to TL;DR territory, so I'll just close with this: Christianity is really weird, man. Dittos for any other philosophy that teaches kindness. When you see people promoting abortion, you're seeing a reversion to Tunaism. Torturing and killing another living thing so you can continue mating is pure Tuna.

Monday, July 19, 2021

I Love VDH, But...

... he's too logical sometimes.

Victor Davis Hanson is, among his many other talents, the master of pointing out absurdities. A recent essay in American Greatness, The American Descent into Madness, is another gem. Here's a tiny snippet.

How strange that the U.S. government is considering going door-to-door to bully the unvaccinated, even as it ignores the daily influx of thousands from Mexico and Latin America, without worrying whether they are carrying or vaccinated for COVID-19. Meanwhile, the progressive media shrilly warns that the new Delta Variant of the virus is exploding south of the border. Note how the administration applies standards to its own citizens that it does not apply to foreign nationals illegally entering the country.

Yep, that's crazy alright. On the one hand, they're jumping up and down about vaccines and shutting down Los Angeles while on the other hand, they're allowing in as many Mexican and Central American peasants as possible. It makes no sense at all.

Much of my blogging for the past few years has been spent trying to figure out how this cognitive dissonance works. My conclusion is that VDH is right, it's illogical, but he's missing the secret sauce: pornography.

It makes sense as soon as you realize that the whole point of the exercise is to feel good about yourself. That's it, that's the whole enchilada as our new friends from south of the border might say. You can pile the dead bodies three-deep on the street corners and it won't phase the SJW crowd. Being "inclusive" feels so, So, SO GOOOOOooooood.

VDH's essay is worth a read as it lays out some historical examples of other nations that went mad over a short period of time. Yikes!

Nations have often gone mad in a matter of months. The French abandoned their supposedly idealistic revolutionary project and turned it into a monstrous hell for a year between July 1793 and 1794. After the election of November 1860, in a matter of weeks, Americans went from thinking secession was taboo to visions of killing the greatest number of their fellow citizens on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Mao’s China went from a failed communist state to the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno, when he unleashed the Cultural Revolution in 1966.

Liberty! Fraternity! Equa ... Oh, screw it. Let's just guillotine some people. That's what we like the best anyway.

Bonus assertion: The guillotine was the point of the French Revolution from the start. It wasn't about who they helped, it was about hurting the people they hated. 

See also: Racial Justice, Whiteness Studies and.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Stupidity Is Exhausting

The DoJ is blaming black-on-black violence on White Supremacist ideology. Seriously. Here are the details, complete with a PDF of the presentation. I'll excerpt a couple of slides below.

This is part of an "evidence-based" approach. That's what I find so exhausting. It's no different than the screams about Global Warming Climate Change when the CO2 is being generated by China. It's the same as the lockdowns where some places are still trying to keep people from gathering outdoors and forcing them to wear those useless masks. It's like listening to "authoritative sources" tell us that inflation is transitory while the Fed is still printing money to buy government debt. It's like seeing news stories about some $3.5T spending bill making its way through the legislature and hearing that it's all about "compassion" and "moving forward."

It's all so transparently stupid.

Then we get Psaki talking about how the government is trying to team with Facebook to stop disinformation about vaccines. Those would be the vaccines that are of no value to the under-40 crowd because they're not even vaguely at risk.

Or how about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling Congress that he wants to understand Jewish Rage against Germans or whatever racist bile he was spewing.

This stuff is "evidence-based" only in that the evidence has been cherry-picked ahead of time to lead you to a single conclusion. I can't remember the last time I saw a legitimate debate where one of these characters was forced to answer obvious questions. Within my own organization, there's no Q&A after any of our woke indoctrination sessions. They all know it would lead to questions they couldn't answer, so it's transmit-only.

That's exhausting, too.

Here are a few more slides with commentary. Enjoy.

How can it be racism and discrimination if you're the only race present?
If you shoplift, supermarkets leave the area.
Your outdoor spaces would be safe if you stopped shooting each other.
Educational experiences would be better if you didn't wreck the schools and act out in class.

The presentation is a giant Rube Goldberg machine that tries to replace the traditional family with an elaborate contraption of activists, social workers and government programs. It's doomed to failure from the start because it can't scale to the levels required to care for all of the kids from, err, alternative households.

The murder rate is 17x higher for what the newsmedia calls "youths" and "teens" in their stories. That's your fault. Do better.

Married mom and dad. Just say it. Married mom and dad. They can't. It's exhausting to read this.

OK, I'm done. One more and then I quit. You can go to the link above, download the PDF and see more.

How many people are you going to need to execute this? How much will the training, salaries and benefits cost? Where are you going to get that kind of money?

It's exhausting.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

How CRT Works

I can't recommend this video highly enough. I've primed it to start at the part that hit me the hardest, but the whole thing is worthwhile. It's relatively short, too.

If you ever wanted to know why the Modern Nazis can't hear you, this video explains it.

Friday, July 16, 2021

From San Francisco To South Africa

In South Africa, they can't just print money and hand it out the way we can. When they get looted, they lose their livelihoods. Compare the response below to the emasculated security guard in the SanFran Walgreens who just let the shoplifter ride his bike out of the store.

Sadly for them, the looters are taking South Africa back to the 8th Century. Check out this Twitter thread with its videos of destruction. Unreal.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

A Dildo Too Far

I debated about posting this, wondering if it crossed the line into vulgarity, but it illustrates the dominance of the Lizard Empire, so I'm going for it.

Dig this.

The library ended up apologizing for the event when parents expressed outrage. Good for them. 

What if the pedophile groomer in the monkey costume hadn't had a dildo strapped to his crotch? My bet is that the parents wouldn't have felt comfortable complaining. It was that one accessory that pushed it over the edge.

This was a frontal assault on a fixed position by the Lizard Empire. In this case, it was repulsed. The only reason it failed was that it was too crude. The Lizardians were overconfident. They won't be next time and there will be a next time.

Pedophilia is the next step.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Genius Of Ecclesiastes

 ... is something I didn't know until now.

I'm making my way through Father Mike Schmidt's excellent Bible in a Year podcast and I've just finished Ecclesiastes, an Old Testament book. It is pure genius. Here's a tidbit.

All things are wearisome, too wearisome for words. The eye is not satisfied by seeing nor has the ear enough of hearing. 

What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun! Even the thing of which we say, “See, this is new!” has already existed in the ages that preceded us.

There is no remembrance of past generations; nor will future generations be remembered by those who come after them.

The central point of Ecclesiastes is that our lives are short and practically no one is remembered in the end. It wrestles with the ideas of time and mortality.

As I get older, I struggle with this as well. Just what does it all mean? How should I spend the time I have left? What difference does it all make? My accomplishments to date are so small in the grand scheme of things!

Jesus answers this question in the Gospels, preaching that each of us is precious in the eyes of God. That really came home to me as I listened to Ecclesiastes. Yes, I will soon be dust and my name forgotten, but to the Creator of the Universe, I was worth the life of His only son.

What is having your name remembered compared to that?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Decolonizing Decolonization

It's now clear to everyone that we need to tear down all statues of Queen Victoria, Robert E. Lee and Father Junipero Serra. That much is certain. After all, Queen Victoria, Robert E. Lee and Father Junipero Serra taught us to do it.

Queen Victoria would have been proud to see her subjects following her ethics.

This makes sense when you think about it. Who else provided us with the ethical framework to make moral judgments on the past? Imagine going to the Ashanti or Angolans around 1840 and telling them that slavery was wrong. They'd laugh in your face! If you'd have told the Iroquois or Comanche that you were sending Indian children to boarding schools, they'd think you were a sissy. "No! You must torture them to death!" they'd advise.

And so it goes. The people who left you the morality you use to decide which figures from the past you must hate are the people from the past you hate.

Hmm. Wait a minute there. If you adopt the ethics of colonizers, then you become a colonizer. We know we must decolonize, but if we use colonial attitudes to decolonize things, then all we've done is perpetuate colonialism.

I think I've just rescued the humanities from their publishing dead ends. Imagine the mental gymnastics required for our social justice crowd to figure out how to pass judgment on Victoria, Lee and Serra without using the ethics of Victoria, Lee and Serra. Oceans and oceans of journal articles and conferences will be necessary!

To the Ivy League professors and their jealousy-stricken comrades in the lower-tier schools, I say, "You're welcome."

Monday, July 12, 2021

KT's Theory Of Everything - Sorting Out The Bad Guys

Sorting is the hardest part. If you can make that trivially easy, then your activist life is all dessert and no vegetables.

Back in the day, I used to recoil at conservatives who were in love with the Welfare Queen explanation of poverty. "Single women are having babies just to get money from the government and then they're doomed!" they'd exclaim. I thought that was a horrible thing to say. Most women have babies because they want babies. It's biology. If they aren't married, that's a whole different can of worms, worms that are pretty tough to detangle.

The Welfare Queen model made the hard part easy. You didn't have to sympathize or get to know anyone, you had the sorting completed and could move on to judging them. In the jar of marbles* that was the human population, there were green marbles and there were yellow ones. The yellow ones were bad people and the green ones were good people. Those were the only two colors present.

CRT, aka Modern Nazi Race Theory**, is the same thing. It's a philosophy made for 8-year-olds. That goes for anything else derived from Marx where we dispense with the intimate knowledge of individuals phase and move right on to the punishment phase. Punishment is ice cream and getting to know people is broccoli. Owners bad, workers good! Jews bad, Germans good! White men bad, PoC and LGBTQWERTY good! See how easy this is? Now let's tear down statues!

And that's all there is to it. CRT and all the SJW rubbish is just a shortcut so the activists can get to the pointing and yelling. That's where the self-esteem orgasms happen. It's a cost-benefit thing. CRT lowers the cost of finding people to hate to practically nothing.

I figured this out when I was thinking about the Canadians tearing down statues of Queen Elizabeth and mulling over the atrocities committed by the Indians. The education industry has simplified the story to the point where Canadian settlers are pantomime villains and the Indians are Pauline, tied to the railroad tracks. Their students, fully indoctrinated, were simply following the script.

Here, right-wing extremists are committing a hate crime against a trans-woman. Fortunately, the FBI is tracking them down using CRT.

Bonus Indian Tidbit

Long time commenter and Interweb friend, Ilion, left me a note on yesterday's post about Indian atrocities turning me on to the Beaver Wars of the late 1600s wherein the Iroquois slaughtered tribes to the west to gain access to better beaver hunting. Dig this snippet from

Typically a raid on an isolated farm or settlement consisted of a war party moving swiftly and silently through the woods, swooping down suddenly, wielding tomahawk and scalping knife to slaughter the all the inhabitants. In some cases, prisoners were carried back to the Iroquois homelands. In the case of women and children, such prisoners were sometimes to be incorporated into the tribe. In the case of men, the prisoners were often subjected to a slow death by torture.

Yep. Iroquois or Comanche, it was all the same.

* - When you take undergrad classes in probability theory, a jar of colored marbles is the most common example used. After you pull out n marbles and see what colors you have, what can you deduce about the remaining marbles?

** - It's my blog and I get to beat the Modern Nazi Race Theory drum as often as I like. So there.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Teaching History

Now that parents across the country have pulled the shroud off the zombie horror that is Critical Race Theory, aka Modern Nazi Race Theory, racial activists are falling back on "we were only following orders!" "we are only teaching history!" This, of course, is total nonsense. They're teaching selected bits from history, with those bits selected to cast the Jews whites in the worst possible light.

Recently, Canada has been seized by Race Mania with statues of Queen Victoria being torn down and churches burned, ostensibly because of atrocities against Indian tribes. Here in the US, on 4th of July, plenty of SJWs were posting about how America was stolen land and blah blah blah.

Did anti-Indian atrocities occur? Yes, they did. Like slavery, it's a fact that such things happened. Did they happen in isolation? Nope. Below, I'll relate a story from Empire of the Summer Moon that is pretty horrible. I'll put it at the end of the post just in case you don't want your day sullied by something grotesque.

As the racial cultural purges have raged across Canada, I kept recalling what I picked up from Summer Moon. One tidbit was how the Tonkawa allied themselves with the US Army against the Comanche. The Tonkawa had been on the losing end of some massacrations at the hands of the Comanche and were all in on revenge. In fact, in some massacres attributed to the Americans, it was the Tonkawa auxiliaries who went on unrestrained killing sprees during and after the battle.

"Teaching History"

I would bet the farm that the Indians' internecine atrocities are not being taught in Canada. That's why Queen Victoria is being torn down. Whites are uniquely guilty in the public school history classes.


I've also been reading Why Can't Somebody Just Die Around Here, an outstanding book describing a Romanian family's survival of the end of WW II and their immigration to the US. As a Romanian, dad fought for the Axis. When the Eastern Front collapsed, mom and the kids became refugees, fleeing into Germany. After the war, they ended up in socialist East Germany with dad in a POW camp. 

Part of the book details the life of Romanians and Hungarians sent to socialist Russian slave labor camps. As in "slavery" slave labor. Almost none of them survived. And, of course, in socialist Nazi Germany, the whole plan was to make sure their slaves died.

That matches what I've read about African slaves sold to Brazil and the Caribbean. Their mortality rates were astronomical. Dittos for the slaves the Africans sold to the Turks and Arabs. Meanwhile, in the American South, the black population grew during slavery.

"Teaching History"

I would bet the farm that the slavery of socialism and the qualitative differences between Southern and Latin American slavery is not being taught in the US. It certainly wasn't in my daughter's public high school. There, white Americans were uniquely guilty.


Here's a palate-cleanser before I relate the horror story from the Comanches.

Yellowtail and bluefins caught on my recent fishing trip.


There was a multi-family farm community on the border of Comanche territory in Texas that the Comanche raided in a sneak attack. The men were out in the field and the Comanche came into the compound acting as if they just wanted to trade and talk. A few whites got a bad feeling about the situation and quietly escaped. In short order, the remaining men were all killed or disabled. The women and children were captured.

After the attack, the men were tortured to death in various gruesome ways and the women were gang-raped. The children were beaten, tortured and abused. Some children died and some were adopted into Comanche families as slaves. Some of the women survived and became slaves as well.

One of the women was 3 months pregnant at the time. She was enslaved and made to process buffalo hides for a Comanche chief. About 7 weeks after she gave birth, the chief came into their tent with some of his warriors. The woman was held down and her baby was strangled right in front of her. The baby, you see, was only going to cut down on her productivity.

The baby's body was then handed back to the woman, only it wasn't dead yet. As it struggled to breathe, the Comanche warriors grabbed it back from the woman, tied a rope around its neck and dragged it in a circle behind a horse until it was dead, mutilated beyond recognition. The bloody lump of flesh and bones was handed back to the woman and the warriors left.

Like, whatever, man.

Sarah Hoyt, Revisited

Going back to the Instapundit post by Sarah that motivated my dive into Comanche history, this quote keeps coming to mind.

(After a deep dive into African history), what became very clear to me is that whenever civilized (in this case defined as post-tribal) humans collide with tribal humans, tribal humans lose. (The tribal people) use the techniques that work in between tribes, imagining that their adversaries are also a tribe:

They start off with unimaginable massacres and horrible evil in the belief that this will cause the adversaries to back off... (T)he more atrocities they commit the more they aggravate the anger of the civilized people.

The civilized hold back, afraid of committing atrocities, and the tribal humans commit more atrocities, and act like victors, while doing truly horrific things.

And then at some point the post-tribal people lose it.

What comes after is usually horrific and causes college social studies majors to cry centuries later.

"Teaching History" 

If you wanted to "teach history," you'd tell stories like the one about the baby. Atrocities were what the Indians did to everyone around them. Men climbed the tribal ladder through raids - it was all theft and brutality. At some point in time, the American Deplorables had enough and didn't care about morality or justice any more. Heck, at some point in time, even the Indians had enough of each other and their wars became wars of extermination.

Don't kid yourself. That's not being taught. We're not teaching history with CRT. We're teaching only those parts that motivate Modern Nazi Race Theory.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

An Election Thread And More

I thought that this was a particularly cogent thread describing what has happened over the past 8 months. It lays out in decent sequence how the riots, the press coverage, the preposterous impeachments and now the way all of our institutions are going woke affected a lot of minds. Here's a snippet that illustrates a point that has driven much of my thinking lately.

They could have managed the shock if it only involved the government. But the behavior of the corporate press is really what radicalized them. They hate journalists more than they hate any politician or gov't official, because they feel most betrayed by them. 

The idea that the press is driven by ratings/sensationalism became untenable. If that were true, they'd be all over the Epstein story. The corporate press is the propaganda arm of the Regime they now see in outline. Nothing anyone says will ever make them unsee that, period.

This is profoundly disorienting. Many of them don't know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know for absolute certain that the press, the FBI, etc would lie to them if there was. They have every reason to believe that, and it's probably true. 

They watched the press behave like animals for four years. Tens of millions of people will always see Kavanaugh as a gang rapist, based on nothing, because of CNN. And CNN seems proud of that. They led a lynch mob against a high school kid. They cheered on a summer of riots. 

They always claimed the media had liberal bias, fine, whatever. They still thought the press would admit truth if they were cornered. Now they don't. It's a different thing to watch them invent stories whole cloth in order to destroy regular lives and spark mass violence. 

The thread isn't a perfect encapsulation of my thought processes, but it's close. The bit about how I "still thought the press would admit truth if they were cornered" is spot on. It's the lying to themselves that has driven me to ponder imponderables.

I'd add to the thread and say that even their stated motives are lies. They're not fighting for racial justice because their favored race, the blacks, are dying violent deaths in greater numbers than ever before. 

595 more murders per months works out to about 7200 per year. Given Chicago's example, I'd say that 6000 of those are black-on-black. To claim that the left is driven by racial justice while the gunshots are echoing all around them is to have a verbal psychotic break.

Like the Russian collusion story which was clearly nonsense from the start, due to Russia's dependence on petroleum and Trump's avowed policies of oil extraction, the claim that what we're seeing is driven by any sense of justice doesn't even rise to the level of fantasy.

Instead, I keep going back to the idea that it's all porn.

The diversity crowd feels a frisson of pleasure when someone like Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian, wins an election. They're silent when Macy's leaves a 170,000 square foot hole in the Magnificent Mile and when Chicago murders skyrocket, almost all of which are black-on-black.

It's not that they don't know, it's that they are solving a totally different equation than what they claim.

They are not fighting inequality, they're morally masturbating. Diversity, trans, racial justice, all of it is just pornography. It feels so good, but nothing gets done. Further, they risk nothing, since it's the mania du jour...

BLM is porn. The trans movement is porn. The Green New Deal and associated trillion-dollar programs are porn. It all makes us feel so, so, so gooooood, but in nine months we'll have ... nothing.

So stop thinking you've got them cornered with your pointless logical traps. It's not about logic, it's about the SJWs pleasuring themselves.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Gone Fishing

I'm typing this on my phone on the way back into port from an overnight fishing trip. We did nighttime fishing last night so there wasn't much time for sleep.
Hope you had a great day! 

Thursday, July 08, 2021

You Can't Live With This

On a per-person basis, Philly is in worse shape than Chicago. Here's a recent scene from Philly.

So the Chicago partisans don't feel left out, here's one from that burg.

Just for grins, let's revisit New York City.

Politics Isn't The Answer

One policy solution is to hire more cops, appoint more judges, build more jails and fill them as fast as you can. Another might be to rev up the money printer to Ludicrous Speed and hand out cash because they're shooting each other for bread. Or something.

Putting down your red and blue flags for a moment, is that a solution you would propose, starting with a blank slate? I mean, jails would solve it and everything, but locking up thousands upon thousands isn't a great plan.

What's happening is that the culture shown above has decayed to the point where you can no longer rely on a reasonable number of laws, courts, cops and prisons. This is what John Adams meant when he said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Bonus Bit: Kneeling

Sports teams kneeling doesn't seem to be working. I suppose we could try having them play their matches on their knees and see if that helped.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The Lizard Empire Expands Into Mauretania!

Rejoice, Lizardians! Thanks to a recent offensive in Mauretania by the AMZN / WaPo, pedophilia is nearer to acceptance!

Here is the Lizard Empire, defined in full.

Lizard Empire Reference Map

Recall the sexual degeneracy mapping for the map.

  • Rome is all acts acceptable to the Catholic Church.
  • Italia is all acts acceptable in America, circa, say, 2000 AD.
  • You, a person who likes to watch abusive threesomes online, are somewhere in Aquitania.
  • Epstein is just barely beyond the border of Dacia. When ABC spiked the Epstein story three years ago, that was an attempt to conquer that territory and make Epstein acceptable.
  • Trannies in the library are Brittania.
  • Desmond is Amazing, the 11-year-old who dresses in drag and performs in gay bars, is Mauretania.
  • Allowing children to choose their gender is Assyria.

The most recent offensive that I've bothered to catalog was one suggesting that we need kinky stuff in gay pride parades so children can see it. That bit of cultural wisdom came from one of the most staid and respected newspapers in the country, the Washington Post.

First, let's set the stage.

My wife is trans, and wasn’t out at the time, so she typically only expressed her authenticity in the privacy of our home.

So the author is a woman who is having a "lesbian" relationship with a man who thinks he's a woman. The man is almost certainly drenched in female hormones at levels his body cannot handle. Consequently, it's sprouting weird, vaguely-feminine, secondary sexual characteristics. Yeah, that's healthy. No mental illnesses there.

On with the, err, show.

Kink at the parades is controversial because the prudes don't want kids to see BDSM and worse.

The kink community has participated in Pride since its inception — risking their jobs and safety to be authentically themselves in public. Still, every year as Pride Month approaches, a debate erupts about whether kink belongs at Pride at all. Those hoping to oust kinksters often cite the presence of children as their top concern.

Surprisingly, white men don't show up until halfway through, but they fill their traditional role.

(A)nti-kink rhetoric echoes the same socialized disgust people have projected onto other queer people when they claim that our love is not appropriate for public spaces. It’s a sentiment that tolerates queerness only if it stays within parameters — offering the kind of acceptance that comes with a catch. The middle-aged, White men who I grew up with said they were “fine” with gay people as long as they wouldn’t be subjected to PDA.

Kids need to see kinky sex acts demonstrated in public because it makes them more accepting of getting whipped or raped later on in life. 

Children who witness kink culture are reassured that alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid — no matter who they become as they mature, helping them recognize that their personal experiences aren’t bad or wrong, and that they aren’t alone in their experiences.

Mauritania will be conquered, have no fear of that. The author is a determined warrior for the Empire.

Kink embodies the freedom that Pride stands for, reminding attendees to unapologetically take up space as an act of resistance and celebration — refusing to bend to social pressure that asks us to be presentable. That’s a value I want my children to learn. 

The Upshot

No boundaries, baby. Nothing is off the table. Desmond the pre-teen dances in gay bars and now we want kids watching public BDSM. The capital of Mauritania is within reach!

Are you ready for this? Pedophilia is normal and healthy, so long as it's consensual.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

A Good Product Will Always Find An Export Market

In San Fran, where white rage is considered a very serious problem, we've moved on from looting Walgreens to looting Neiman Marci. That can't be much of a surprise since stealing from the progressives is a dynamic and growing field that has nothing but upside.

Imagine being one of the chumps who stole from a corner drug store watching this. "What a dope I was," you'd say as you smacked your forehead with your palm. "I could have been running off with $500 purses! Instead, all I got was some aspirin and mouthwash."

Online, conservatives are howling about how the place is deep blue surrounded by deep blue in a state of deep blue. The blues are wailing lamentations and considering both moving and political changes.

Don't skip on clicking that link, it's quite instructive.

Politics are fine as far as they go, which won't be very far. Until you have husbands and wives as dads as moms, policies to deal with this must perforce involve building lots and lots of jails.

Me, I'd rather not see any of these punks in jail. I'd rather see them in school and church with their families.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

Monday, July 05, 2021

KT's Theory Of Everything, Marxism Edition

I'm coming to terms with Marxism as part of the explanation for much of the madness in our culture.

Motivating Question: What does the term "stolen land" mean if all land, everywhere, has been taken through aggression at some point in history?

My Theory Of Everything

I've been struggling to figure out just what is going on with the craziness coming out of our Elites in academia, the media, entertainment and politics. Women can become men? Really? On what planet? 

Ditch the SATs? Why? 

Run down the cops until they leave in large numbers? Are you insane?

I've heard people I respect patiently describe how this is Marxism in action, but it always seemed like they were trying to pound the current square peg into their favorite, round hole. It was the book, Empire of the Summer Moon, which tells the story of the Comanches, that brought it all home.

Yes, I'll get off the Comanche thing soon, I promise.

Wife kitteh has been out of town, visiting our son in Seattle, so I've spent a little more time than usual surfing the Interweb tubes. Over the 4th of July weekend, there were plenty of progressives waving their arms and yelling about stolen land and racism. You can't make that claim if you objectively study the Indians of the Great Plains. It's all nonsense and the historians in academia know it. 

It's just like colleges deciding to ditch the SATs. The data is crystal clear - those tests are excellent measures of college readiness. How in the world can people whose job it is to think clearly take positions completely at odds with reality?

They're Marxists.

Marxism breaks the world down into two groups, the oppressors and the oppressed. Marx did it along class lines. Hitler did it along racial lines, in a national context. It simplifies your model of the world until even the most mediocre of thinkers can easily analyze data and produce a paper. Multivariate analysis is very, very hard. Univariate analysis is very, very easy.

The land was stolen because the Bad People have it now. The SATs are unjust because the Bad People do well. The cops are unjust because the Good People go to jail more often. See how easy this is? Marxism makes the world simple enough for intellectual children to understand perfectly.

And that's all this is. We're walking down the trail blazed by the Nazis. Intersectionality adds a few wrinkles, but really, it's the same thing. Jews Straight, white, men are the source of all evil and Germans people of color and alternate lifestyles are their victims. If that's how you divide the world, then an idiot could write an academic paper.

Back To The Comanches

Empire of the Summer Moon clearly laid out how the Comanches "stole" the land from the Apache and Navajo. If a dilettante like me can see that, then surely the historians in the academy can as well. There's no way on Earth you'd blather about stolen land when it's clear that every square inch of the planet has been "stolen" over time. If everything is part of a set, then there's really only one name for the set. It's called "everything" and putting things in that set has no value.

This isn't rocket science, it's trivial, Venn-diagram logic. And yet, it's dismissed by our Elites. Instead they yell about "stolen" land when the data shows that the adjective has no value. You would only do that if it fit into your simple, Marxist model.

Marxism allows third-rate, lazy, incompetent thinkers to pretend they're contributing to our store of knowledge. It gives them a thought problem they can handle instead of something too complex for their modest abilities. Best of all, it gives the academics what they crave - an easy source of material for papers and a willing market to publish them in refereed journals.

Hmm. There's a theme here, isn't there? Printing money, porn and Marxism all solve difficult problems with ease. It's all fake, of course, but we can pretend that the problem is solved and get on with the gloating and preening about how great we are.

Marxism makes being an academic easy.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

The Great White Father Is Here To Show Us A Better Way To Live

Right now, I'm devouring Empire of the Summer Moon, an account of the conflicts between the Comanche and, well, everyone else in the world. It would have been about the Apache or the Navajo fighting with everyone else, but the Comanches got to the horses first and drove the Apache and Navajo off their ancestral lands.

Question: When we give America back to the Native Americans, who gets the Great Plains?

Anywho, I'm at the part where the Great White Father sent his emissaries to sign a peace treaty with the injuns in 1867. The Smithsonian has a predictably one-sided version of the thing. Dig this tidbit.

A mere two years had passed since the end of the Civil War, and Americans were still reeling from the bloodshed and social upheaval. As more and more settlers moved westward in hopes of starting anew, and workers assembled the transcontinental railroad, conflicts between Native Americans and the United States erupted in pockets of violence. In 1863, military expeditions attacked a Yanktonai encampment at Whitestone Hill, killing at least 300 men, women and children; in 1864, cavalrymen attacked a group of Cheyenne and Arapaho in Sand Creek, Colorado, killing more than 150 women and children and mutilating their bodies; and just a few months earlier in 1867, Major General Winfield Hancock burned down the Cheyenne-Oglala village of Pawnee Fork in Kansas.

Yep, whitey whacked the Indians a few times. Sometimes it was because the white leaders were racists, sometimes it was because the whites had gotten fed up with Indian raids. For their part, the Indians always attacked anyone on their borders because that's just what they did. Raping, torturing, kidnapping and robbing were central to their culture. In the end, American inventiveness in the form of repeating rifles and revolvers defeated the Indians.

Back the point of the post.

At the meeting between the savages and the diplomats in 1867, the Great White Father offered land, seeds, technology and instruction so that the Comanches could become farmers. It was such a better way of life! Safer, more peaceful and far less dependent on unpredictable hunting expeditions.

They might as well have told the Comanches to become theoretical chemists. Comanches didn't farm, not no way, not no how. It was a ludicrous offer. Anyone with some knowledge of the Plains Indians would have known that.


The story made me think of our efforts in Afghanistan. The Great White Father offered elections, economic development, education for the women and all kinds of super-neato things that are all the rage with the Ivy League set. Who wouldn't want all of that cool stuff? Why, if you spend any time at all watching TED talks, you know that's the way to go.

We might as well have told the Afghanis to become theoretical chemists. Devout Muslims aren't all that interested in elections, place faith ahead of economics and don't want their women educated, not no way, not no how. It was a ludicrous offer. Anyone with some knowledge of the Afghanis would have known that.

Critical Race Theory In Our Schools

Closer to home, the Great White Father is offering to teach our children about Modern Nazi Race Theory. It's so great! You'll learn to see everything through the lens of race and oppression! No longer will your children wander around in an uneducated daze, making friends with whomever they please. Instead, they'll know to walk on eggshells around anyone with a slightly different complexion.

When we deplorables respond like the Comanches and Afghanis, the educrats shake their heads and click their tongues. Such savages! What ignorance! Can't they see that if they just do as we tell them, their lives will be better?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Face it. Like the Comanches and the Afghanis, we're just ignorant extremists.