Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The Lizard Empire Expands Into Mauretania!

Rejoice, Lizardians! Thanks to a recent offensive in Mauretania by the AMZN / WaPo, pedophilia is nearer to acceptance!

Here is the Lizard Empire, defined in full.

Lizard Empire Reference Map

Recall the sexual degeneracy mapping for the map.

  • Rome is all acts acceptable to the Catholic Church.
  • Italia is all acts acceptable in America, circa, say, 2000 AD.
  • You, a person who likes to watch abusive threesomes online, are somewhere in Aquitania.
  • Epstein is just barely beyond the border of Dacia. When ABC spiked the Epstein story three years ago, that was an attempt to conquer that territory and make Epstein acceptable.
  • Trannies in the library are Brittania.
  • Desmond is Amazing, the 11-year-old who dresses in drag and performs in gay bars, is Mauretania.
  • Allowing children to choose their gender is Assyria.

The most recent offensive that I've bothered to catalog was one suggesting that we need kinky stuff in gay pride parades so children can see it. That bit of cultural wisdom came from one of the most staid and respected newspapers in the country, the Washington Post.

First, let's set the stage.

My wife is trans, and wasn’t out at the time, so she typically only expressed her authenticity in the privacy of our home.

So the author is a woman who is having a "lesbian" relationship with a man who thinks he's a woman. The man is almost certainly drenched in female hormones at levels his body cannot handle. Consequently, it's sprouting weird, vaguely-feminine, secondary sexual characteristics. Yeah, that's healthy. No mental illnesses there.

On with the, err, show.

Kink at the parades is controversial because the prudes don't want kids to see BDSM and worse.

The kink community has participated in Pride since its inception — risking their jobs and safety to be authentically themselves in public. Still, every year as Pride Month approaches, a debate erupts about whether kink belongs at Pride at all. Those hoping to oust kinksters often cite the presence of children as their top concern.

Surprisingly, white men don't show up until halfway through, but they fill their traditional role.

(A)nti-kink rhetoric echoes the same socialized disgust people have projected onto other queer people when they claim that our love is not appropriate for public spaces. It’s a sentiment that tolerates queerness only if it stays within parameters — offering the kind of acceptance that comes with a catch. The middle-aged, White men who I grew up with said they were “fine” with gay people as long as they wouldn’t be subjected to PDA.

Kids need to see kinky sex acts demonstrated in public because it makes them more accepting of getting whipped or raped later on in life. 

Children who witness kink culture are reassured that alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid — no matter who they become as they mature, helping them recognize that their personal experiences aren’t bad or wrong, and that they aren’t alone in their experiences.

Mauritania will be conquered, have no fear of that. The author is a determined warrior for the Empire.

Kink embodies the freedom that Pride stands for, reminding attendees to unapologetically take up space as an act of resistance and celebration — refusing to bend to social pressure that asks us to be presentable. That’s a value I want my children to learn. 

The Upshot

No boundaries, baby. Nothing is off the table. Desmond the pre-teen dances in gay bars and now we want kids watching public BDSM. The capital of Mauritania is within reach!

Are you ready for this? Pedophilia is normal and healthy, so long as it's consensual.


One Brow said...

In the past, I would not be so direct, but then you posted how you really appreciate directness. So, as you wish.

If you want to know how a person thinks, ask them how others think. I must admit, the "Lizard Empire" is a great window into where your mind works. After all, your in your second adulterous civil union, having left your wife and then your first civil-union-adulteress. So, your focus on what you consider to be Brittania/Mauretania/Assyria apparently has it's roots in your living in Aquitania.

As usual, hypocrisy knows no shame.

Tom said...

At work I got an email reminding us that if you choose to use video during a conference call (our networks can’t handle it anyhow), pajamas are not acceptable business clothes. So much for being my authentic self at work.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Are you off your meds again?

K T Cat said...

My apologies. Here's the NYT on the value of teaching porn to children.

Ohioan@Heart said...

OB - "If you want to know how a person thinks, ask them how others think." [SNIP of hate filled screed] "As usual, hypocrisy knows no shame."

I don't have to ask how you think. You told us.

One Brow said...

[SNIP of hate filled screed] ... I don't have to ask how you think. You told us.

You're right, I do hate hypocrisy. If you think less of me for that hatred, to me that means your good opinion is likely not worth having.

I'm telling the truth about K T Cat's life choices from a Catholic perspective. He's well aware that he discarded and disrespected the Sacrament of Marriage. As I said, I normally would not be so direct, but K T Cat himself recently posted about how much he values directness.

Now, if you were to ask me what I think of his choices personally, that would be a different answer, seeing as I follow the Catholic religion anymore. I'm well aware of the planks in my own eye.

One Brow said...

Sorry, that should have been "don't follow the Catholic religion anymore". If you ever see me putting someone down for typos, please correct me on my hypocrisy there.