Sunday, July 11, 2021

Teaching History

Now that parents across the country have pulled the shroud off the zombie horror that is Critical Race Theory, aka Modern Nazi Race Theory, racial activists are falling back on "we were only following orders!" "we are only teaching history!" This, of course, is total nonsense. They're teaching selected bits from history, with those bits selected to cast the Jews whites in the worst possible light.

Recently, Canada has been seized by Race Mania with statues of Queen Victoria being torn down and churches burned, ostensibly because of atrocities against Indian tribes. Here in the US, on 4th of July, plenty of SJWs were posting about how America was stolen land and blah blah blah.

Did anti-Indian atrocities occur? Yes, they did. Like slavery, it's a fact that such things happened. Did they happen in isolation? Nope. Below, I'll relate a story from Empire of the Summer Moon that is pretty horrible. I'll put it at the end of the post just in case you don't want your day sullied by something grotesque.

As the racial cultural purges have raged across Canada, I kept recalling what I picked up from Summer Moon. One tidbit was how the Tonkawa allied themselves with the US Army against the Comanche. The Tonkawa had been on the losing end of some massacrations at the hands of the Comanche and were all in on revenge. In fact, in some massacres attributed to the Americans, it was the Tonkawa auxiliaries who went on unrestrained killing sprees during and after the battle.

"Teaching History"

I would bet the farm that the Indians' internecine atrocities are not being taught in Canada. That's why Queen Victoria is being torn down. Whites are uniquely guilty in the public school history classes.


I've also been reading Why Can't Somebody Just Die Around Here, an outstanding book describing a Romanian family's survival of the end of WW II and their immigration to the US. As a Romanian, dad fought for the Axis. When the Eastern Front collapsed, mom and the kids became refugees, fleeing into Germany. After the war, they ended up in socialist East Germany with dad in a POW camp. 

Part of the book details the life of Romanians and Hungarians sent to socialist Russian slave labor camps. As in "slavery" slave labor. Almost none of them survived. And, of course, in socialist Nazi Germany, the whole plan was to make sure their slaves died.

That matches what I've read about African slaves sold to Brazil and the Caribbean. Their mortality rates were astronomical. Dittos for the slaves the Africans sold to the Turks and Arabs. Meanwhile, in the American South, the black population grew during slavery.

"Teaching History"

I would bet the farm that the slavery of socialism and the qualitative differences between Southern and Latin American slavery is not being taught in the US. It certainly wasn't in my daughter's public high school. There, white Americans were uniquely guilty.


Here's a palate-cleanser before I relate the horror story from the Comanches.

Yellowtail and bluefins caught on my recent fishing trip.


There was a multi-family farm community on the border of Comanche territory in Texas that the Comanche raided in a sneak attack. The men were out in the field and the Comanche came into the compound acting as if they just wanted to trade and talk. A few whites got a bad feeling about the situation and quietly escaped. In short order, the remaining men were all killed or disabled. The women and children were captured.

After the attack, the men were tortured to death in various gruesome ways and the women were gang-raped. The children were beaten, tortured and abused. Some children died and some were adopted into Comanche families as slaves. Some of the women survived and became slaves as well.

One of the women was 3 months pregnant at the time. She was enslaved and made to process buffalo hides for a Comanche chief. About 7 weeks after she gave birth, the chief came into their tent with some of his warriors. The woman was held down and her baby was strangled right in front of her. The baby, you see, was only going to cut down on her productivity.

The baby's body was then handed back to the woman, only it wasn't dead yet. As it struggled to breathe, the Comanche warriors grabbed it back from the woman, tied a rope around its neck and dragged it in a circle behind a horse until it was dead, mutilated beyond recognition. The bloody lump of flesh and bones was handed back to the woman and the warriors left.

Like, whatever, man.

Sarah Hoyt, Revisited

Going back to the Instapundit post by Sarah that motivated my dive into Comanche history, this quote keeps coming to mind.

(After a deep dive into African history), what became very clear to me is that whenever civilized (in this case defined as post-tribal) humans collide with tribal humans, tribal humans lose. (The tribal people) use the techniques that work in between tribes, imagining that their adversaries are also a tribe:

They start off with unimaginable massacres and horrible evil in the belief that this will cause the adversaries to back off... (T)he more atrocities they commit the more they aggravate the anger of the civilized people.

The civilized hold back, afraid of committing atrocities, and the tribal humans commit more atrocities, and act like victors, while doing truly horrific things.

And then at some point the post-tribal people lose it.

What comes after is usually horrific and causes college social studies majors to cry centuries later.

"Teaching History" 

If you wanted to "teach history," you'd tell stories like the one about the baby. Atrocities were what the Indians did to everyone around them. Men climbed the tribal ladder through raids - it was all theft and brutality. At some point in time, the American Deplorables had enough and didn't care about morality or justice any more. Heck, at some point in time, even the Indians had enough of each other and their wars became wars of extermination.

Don't kid yourself. That's not being taught. We're not teaching history with CRT. We're teaching only those parts that motivate Modern Nazi Race Theory.


One Brow said...

If you wanted to "teach history," you'd tell stories like the one about the baby. Atrocities were what the Indians did to everyone around them.

Had you said "Comanches", that would have been accurate statement. Why would someone who is NOT a racist, nosireebub, attribute to all Native Americans the actions of a particular tribe?

Does your sentiment here go both ways? Would you also tell stories about the settlers killing off Natives?

I largely agree about your point that "returning the land" or some such is basically impossible, but it's a shame you have to interlace that with some things more questionable.

Ilíon said...

=="Heck, at some point in time, even the Indians had enough of each other and their wars became wars of extermination."==

As see the "Beaver Wars"; though in this case the Iroquois exterminated other Indian groups (all the way into the Ohio Territory) not because "they'd had enough", but to eliminate potential economic competition.

Ilíon said...

Truth: Atrocities were what the Indians did to everyone around them.

Hell, even the Cherokee (my ancestors), whom everyone loves to love, were savages (*), who terrorized settler families rafting down the Tennessee River, for the fun of it. It was called "frolicking".

(*) Before Nancy Ward (an ancestor-by-marriage), convinced them to adopt "white" ways.

K T Cat said...

The Beaver Wars are a great starting point for some more thread pulling. If I recall correctly, the Iroquois Confederation was created in the first place to exterminate another tribe. Any tips on tracking that one down?

Ilíon said...

The sanitized version I'm familiar with is that the confederacy was formed to stop the incessant warfare amongst themselves.

By the way, the Cherokee were an Iroquoian people; I guess it must have been that famed peacefulness of all "native American" peoples that saw them end up 1000 miles away from the main body of Iroquoian peoples, living amongst Algonquin peoples.

And I saw a claim that the Iroquois Confederation and the Cherokee were traditional enemies.

Ilíon said...

... so, perhaps the Cherokee being where they were has something to do with your recollection.

K T Cat said...

I knew they had formed a confederation to stop the infighting, but I had thought there was a tribe they wanted to wipe out. Oh well. Go back a hundred or so years and I'm sure there was.

The Beaver Wars are a decent example of the constant fighting between the Indians, though.