Saturday, July 03, 2021

It's Nothing Serious

 ... and that refers to both this post and how late in the day I published it. I had a couple of ideas, but the writing just didn't come today. It happens.

Instead, here's a meme that hit home as I was fixing our broken, almost-new dryer. Enjoy!

Super Special Bonus Recipe Recommendation

Because I use this blog to store recipes for future reference, I made this one from Southern Living a few nights ago and it was the best lentil soup I have ever eaten. The sweet potatoes give it a depth and sweetness that is difficult to further describe.

I got the recipe confused with an African dish I'm planning to make in the future, so I added three chicken thighs, cut into thirds, one of those thirds with the bone still in it, and the end result was fabulous.

I didn't use store-bought chicken stock, I used Louisiana Brown Poultry stock from Terry Thompson. If you don't own that cookbook, buy it. You won't regret it.

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