Friday, July 16, 2021

From San Francisco To South Africa

In South Africa, they can't just print money and hand it out the way we can. When they get looted, they lose their livelihoods. Compare the response below to the emasculated security guard in the SanFran Walgreens who just let the shoplifter ride his bike out of the store.

Sadly for them, the looters are taking South Africa back to the 8th Century. Check out this Twitter thread with its videos of destruction. Unreal.


Mostly Nothing said...

that looter at the end pretty much sums up what is happening all across progressive US. Others are looting, so it must be ok for me to. I steal and destroy from others, but it's a victimless crime, err what, I'm the victim and I deserve this. Police are the bad guys.

Rise repeat, destroy civilization.

One Brow said...

It's curious how human hearing can work; someone might say they have nothing, and it others are looting they may left with no chances at all, then another person just about how others are looting.

You can't expect people to buy into a social system unless they feel they will benefit from that system.