Coffee And Boudin Rankings

Butter in coffee? Maybe.


  • Gevalia, House Blend Medium
  • Gevalia, Columbia
  • Gevalia, Traditional Blend, Mild
  • Black Rifle, Gunship
  • Black Rifle, Power Llama

Perfectly Adequate

  • Black Rifle, Just Black
  • Community with Chickory
  • Peet's Medium Roast Brazil

Only If Something Else Isn't Around

  • Don Francisco
  • Melitta
  • Community
  • Black Rifle, Silencer Smooth

An Abomination

  • Seattle's Best, Portside Blend
  • Folgers
  • Chock Full O'Nuts
  • Yuban


  • Comeaux's -  A very nice blend of smaller chunks and flavor. Perhaps a trifle salty.
  • Cajun Original Foods - delicious, but comes to bits when you cut it. The sausage casing is simply a transport mechanism.
  • Broussard's Bayou - Decent taste and finely ground. It holds together as a sausage. 
  • Poche's - Inedible. Way too much salt.

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