Saturday, March 02, 2024

Cops Ruined My Workout

 ... or rather, the absence of cops ruined my workout.

Weekend mornings are heaven at the gym. The bros are all in bed, sleeping off last night's debauchery, so it's quiet and empty. I've got a full day today, so I got up at 0330, did my morning routine and got out the door by 0500. Perfection!

It's raining this morning. Turning onto the main drag that leads to the gym, I nearly hit this car.

No lights on, just parked in the middle of the right lane. The driver's side window was open, but I didn't see anyone inside. This location is coming right out of a blind corner. On a rainy night, someone was bound to hit it. Lots of people drive 40-50 in this area, so any wreck would be severe.

I maneuvered my Juke behind this car, turned on my flashers and called 911. The dispatcher recognized the license plate number because someone had already called in the situation.

I sat there for 45 minutes with my flashers on, acting as a warning. After 45 minutes, a guy pulled up and told me he had called in the car about 90 minutes earlier. He said there was a black guy in the car, either drunk or wasted. While he was there, the driver had gotten out, staggered around and then went back in the car. I hadn't seen the driver because he was laying down inside. I had considered going in the car and turning on the flashers, but it had all the hallmarks of a drug situation and I didn't want to leave the protection of the Juke.

Survival often depends on positioning. Drugs mean weapons. Things can go sideways really, really fast when you're on foot.

So I sat there, I called 911 again and they couldn't give me an ETA for the cops. 90 minutes? That's nuts.

Finally, the guy woke up enough to turn on his lights and start the car. I drove around him and escaped. Losing nearly an hour wrecked my workout. Oof. Still, I was glad to have provided a warning to the 40 or so cars that drove by me while I was there.

Buy A Gun

This drove home the need for home defense. When seconds count, the cops are only 45 minutes away.

I can't even imagine what it's like in NYC where they are operating at about half strength.

NYC Update

I saw an article this morning about Mayor Eric Adams questioning the whole sanctuary city thing. Apparently, NYC now has 180,000 illegals. That means NYC has more illegals than the US Army has infantry. Imagine trying to deport them. 

You'd have to be a complete idiot to stay in NYC now. Interviews with the illegals being dropped off in San Diego show that many of them have plane tickets, bought by you and me, taking them mostly to NYC and Chicago.

If we were smart, we'd skip the plane tickets and just stuff them into box cars and send them by freight rail. That journey couldn't possibly be worse than the one they endured getting to the border. 

If we didn't have a death wish, we'd close the border.


Ilíon said...

Thank you for your service, Citizen!

I think it was a wise move to not go to the car: you might have startled him and he might have shot you. Also, if you'd left your finger-prints or DNA about, and the car were later involved in a felony the DA couldn't ignore, they'd have no problem with trying to tie you to the crime.

tim eisele said...

It is very sad that living in an urban area makes people afraid to stop and help in cases like that. I aways stop to at least offer help when I find situations similar to that. I've lost count of how many people I've pushed out of ditches and snowbanks over the years, along with many occasions where people had breakdowns in areas where there was no cell service. Even if they were drunk or on drugs, for at least half the year around here a situation like you describe would be a death sentence from hypothermia if nothing was done. And what if it isn't drugs? What if they are having a heart attack or stroke, or are in a diabetic coma?

Although, I agree that it is intolerable that your police would take in excess of an hour and a half to respond to an active traffic hazard. Our police are actually a lot more prompt than that. On the rare occasions when I had to contact them, they were on the scene in ten minutes, twenty minutes tops. And that includes non-emergency calls. Cities should not have substantially longer police response times than rural areas.

Mostly Nothing said...

It is sad, Tim. But it's reality. I agree with you. I would stop in the UP to help people. But There is little chance I would stop anywhere within the 494/694 beltway of the Twin Cities. And probably not anywhere along 94 or 35. In Wisconsin, Certainly not south of Wisconsin Dells.

The reason for the police response is simple. The people in power are anti-cop, and are not shy saying it. I cannot imagine a person thinking about becoming a cop would even consider Minneapolis, St Paul, or really any of the 7 county area. The County Attorney of Hennepin County (Minneapolis) will only stop releasing repeat offender criminals if there is a cop she can charge with a crime for doing his or her job. You won't be surprised to find out she was bought by Soros.

K T Cat said...

Tim, in San Diego, dying of exposure in such situations is never a risk. Having plenty of encounters with the drug culture and some experience fighting, I was not about to take chances. Anyone sufficiently loaded to leave their BMW in the middle of the lane with the lights off is loaded enough to be a paranoid psychotic. I'm too old for fighting these days, so it made no sense to put myself at risk.

The best I could do was protect both the car and the other drivers by putting my Juke between the derelict car and everyone else. I half expected to get rear-ended and that was enough of a risk for me.