Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Illegal Invasion Comes To My Doorstep

In my Twitter feed yesterday came news about Senator Laphonza Butler (D-CA) asking the Federal government to send money to San Diego because we're being overwhelmed with illegals and the city has run out of money to take care of them. Here's the letter. Below is the paragraph that blew my mind.

States, including California, continue to see significant numbers of migrant encounters at our southern border. The situation in California became even more pressing this past week. In San Diego, a transitional assistance center that was serving up to 1,200 migrants per day was forced to shutter after local resources provided by the County ran out. Without the intervention this transitional facility was able to provide, Border Patrol will now be forced to release an estimated 800-1000 migrants a day without orientation or basic humanitarian assistance at regional transit stations. There is an urgent need for additional SSP funding to ensure that these migrants have access to essential temporary services, including food and shelter. While I am optimistic that Congressional leaders will soon pass a full-year appropriations bill, it is imperative that the Administration acts now.

Emphasis mine. 800-1000 a day! That's 25,000 new homeless people in the city per month.

I wondered if it was real. I know how the game is played with government money. You cry about a crisis, make it seem bigger than it is and if you frighten the bag men in DC, they give you some coins. A little searching on YouTube got me this video.

I looked up the Iris Transit Station in San Ysidro and decided to pay it a visit. I'd seen some tweets about San Diego hotels being bought out by the government to house illegals, so I dug around a bit and heard that the Ramada in Mission Valley was one of them. Looking at the reviews for the hotel, I found this one.

Booked several months ago. Got a confirmation email 3 days before. Showed up and was not allowed in by security. They told me it was closed and is "not a hotel right now" and hasn't been for months.

They did not attempt to contact me to tell me I no longer had a room. Was left to scramble to find a new hotel at the last minute.

They would not even allow me to talk to someone on property because it was being used as a "federal facility". Something very shady is going on here.

It was on the way to San Ysidro, so I swung by and took some photos. Bingo.

It's blocked off with a locked privacy fence. There's no construction happening, but plenty of people inside.

The Iris Transit Station looked exactly like what you see in the video above. I watched an unmarked, white bus disgorging 50-60 illegals into the parking lot and saw Border Patrol guys inside the bus. I didn't take any photos of the lost and forlorn illegals wandering around, trying to figure out what they were supposed to do next. It was heartbreaking to see. Photographing them would have been ghoulish.

The Ramada is less than 10 miles from my house. Iris is a good deal farther away, but illegals are also being dumped at the Old Town Transit Center, which is also less than 10 miles away from me.

The invasion has come to my doorstep.

Hate, Not Love

This is hate, not love. The secular left, allied with far-left Catholic Charities and other greedy NGOs, isn't doing this because they care about "migrants." There's no way you could see a young family of illegals - mom, dad and three kids under 12 - wandering around in a daze at the transit center and think this was the product of compassion.

This is the demon child of intersectionality and the hunger for power.

Evil is on the top, good is on the bottom.
You can't make an earthly paradise omelet without breaking the lives of a couple hundred thousand future voters by dumping them on the streets.

In order for good to triumph over evil, evil must become a minority so that evil can never again seize power through elections. The illegals dumped on the streets of our cities are nothing more than cannon fodder infantry units for the secular left. Instead of rifles, they carry future votes.

Oddly enough, the most chilling thing about what is happening is the Ramada. Our local, secular-lefty government has commandeered a hotel with our money and then put a privacy fence around it so no one can see what they're doing. This is happening in plain sight.

They hate us.


Mostly Nothing said...

The obvious solution is to stop them coming in like Obama did and Trump continued.

I'm wondering what is the percentage of "asylum" seekers show up for their court date? Biden has been destroying the boarder for 3+ years now, surely some of them have had their day in court.

Also, is "I voted for leftists that destroyed the economy for my country, so I want to come here and destroy the economy of the US" a valid reason for granting asylum?

K T Cat said...

Almost no one is going to show up for the court dates. The Border Patrol dudes say the parking lots are littered with discarded court summons paperwork because the illegals drop them as soon as they leave.

Government-funded NGOs are advising the illegals before they cross the border on what to say and do to claim "asylum." In interviews afterwards, lots of them admit the asylum claim was a dodge. It's all kabuki.

This is no different than what the DAs are doing in deep blue jurisdictions like NYC. They did away with cash bail and the DAs are simply releasing the perps as fast as they walk into get booked.

Yes, Tim, there probably is some kind of nitpicky dodge to justify it, but there's no way the intent of the citizens was to simply quit defending the border. This is being done for racial and political reasons. The left know that there will never be an appetite for deporting 10,000,000 people and that they can scream, "RACISM!" at anyone who proposes it.

If it's not a racial replacement invasion engineered by the left, then what is it?

Ilíon said...

" Instead of rifles, they carry future votes."

Even now, most citizens are having trouble wrapping their minds around the truth that illegals don't even need to vote to increase the political power of the leftist ghouls -- they just need to be counted in the Census. Why do you thing the Democrats periodically float the idea that it's "unfair" and "undemocratic" for the Census numbers to be an actual enumeration, and that the "count" ought to include estimates of those, like illegals, who decline to be counted?

Ilíon said...

"If it's not a racial replacement invasion engineered by the left, then what is it?"

Invasions -- and conquests -- don't necessarily require guns. See: Green March --

Ilíon said...

Even aside from the racial replacement of the historic American people -- which the leftists have been crowing about since at least the early 1980s -- this is about causing the US government to collapse of financial over-extension.

Ilíon said...

No, the *obvious* solution is to:
1) turn them away, all of them;
2) imprison the people, all of them, who comprise the NGOs facilitating this ... and the politicians funneling tax monies to those NGOs.

Ilíon said...

You do recall, do you not, that Obama vowed to "fundamentally transform" America? What did you think "fundamentally transform" means?