Tuesday, February 20, 2024

180,000 Is Greater Than 170,000

 ... and NYC looks like this with 170,000 illegals.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the fat, black, female cop in the back who held her baton high and looked lost throughout the video. I'm not sure what her plan was if things heated up a bit more, but I'm pretty sure running wasn't part of it.

The second thing that hit me was how much this looked like a prison riot.

The other thing that hit me were the numbers. I only counted 3 NYPD. The rest looked like rent-a-guards. The range of the potential combatants is so short that drawing your revolver and shooting was out of the question. If the illegals rushed them, those cops were dead.

Under these conditions, I cannot believe NYPD recruiting is going well.

Add to that, the number of illegals in the city is growing as reinforcements continue to be shipped in from the border.

I've said before that you'd have to be crazy to stay in the NYPD. Now I'd say that you'd have to be crazy to stay in NYC. This is only going one direction for the foreseeable future and that direction is down.

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