Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Blogiversary Reflection On Where We Are

It are my blogiversary today! I started ranting online 18 years ago today. That's a long time to be trying to figure out how to avoid ending sentences with propositions. Or was that prepositions? Whatever.

I know that much of my writing over the last year has dealt with the crisis in Catholic thought. I can also tell from the lack of engagement that this is not a gripping topic for you. I'd like to explain my underlying hypothesis to that particular ranting.

Hypothesis: Without an objective model of reality, civilization will collapse into barbarism.

My argument: The Catholic Church is the keeper of that model*. There's no particular reason why the people running the Church should continue to defend or espouse that model. If they abandon it in favor of flaccid niceness, all bets are off for all of us.

A Secondary Argument: Boomers are almost completely unaware of what is happening to the younger generations, particularly Gen Z. This is natural. My parents had no insight into the rock and roll generation and their efforts to understand us were non-native. That is, they used 1940s mental models to try to comprehend Jimi Hendrix and Haight-Ashbury, with predictable results.

This is the source of my railing against the sermons I hear in church which are an endless, verbal slurry of weak mewling telling me that God is love. Meanwhile, visions of girls with phalloplasty scars dance in my head. Within 5 miles of my church, there are medical centers butchering girls in ways the Nazis would have found nauseating. My clergy, Boomers, every man Jack of them, couldn't describe what is happening there if you held a gun to their heads.

A Tertiary Argument: The Elites in politics, education and entertainment have discarded the foundations of our civilization. They are morally coasting on the fumes of the Church's objective model of reality. Taking DEI to its logical conclusion, for example, it is a moral good to allow tens of millions of migrants to invade our country and completely remake our society. Since they no longer value civilization, they cannot see what's coming.

How about an Indigenous Peoples' Pride Parade? Human sacrifices included. Jews and Christians will be the, err, "guests of honor."

Below is what's not just coming, but already here.

That's an apex predator if ever I've seen one. He reminds me of the reef sharks I saw while diving off Grand Cayman. He's totally in charge of his surroundings. The other fish leave him alone and don't worry unless they themselves are his target. Each fish is on their own against the predators. You can see videos of that all day, every day from everywhere across the civilized world.

My hypothesis is that we don't have a framework to understand or cope with this. What we have is a pastiche of wishful thinking and cowardice dressed up as virtue.

One example to end today's anniversary rant.

Over a ten-year period, some 1500 girls were raped by Muslim gangs in Rotherham, England. The authorities and the press knew it was happening. The same thing has happened all across Europe and is happening right now. Discussing it with friends, we've all wondered where the men are. Why don't the men protect their daughters and do so with masculine vigor?

The role of men in a healthy, civilized society is dictated by biological realities and ordered by its underlying, objective model. We have discarded that model and those realities in favor of bizarre, feminist fantasies. Biology didn't change, so Muslim men, trained to see the infidel whores as their rightful prey, use their superior aggression and strength to do as they please with the girls. We wander around in a confused daze trying to figure out what is happening and how to deal with it. None of it makes sense any more because we've thrown out the necessary framework.

The Church was the keeper of that framework. It lost its nerve and collapsed.

Anyway, that's where my thinking is taking me these days. Thanks for coming along with me.

* - I described this in nauseating detail here.


Tom said...

Happy blogoversary. I read the cat-a-holic posts, but you’re much closer to these issues I think.

Ohioan@Heart said...

18 years?!?! That’s incredible. Time flies when you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Mostly Nothing said...

I can't believe I've been reading this for 18 years. Congratulations.

As to the "were are the men?" question. I'm wondering of the criminal justice system is much like Minnesota, where criminals are given a pass, and released with minimal or no bail, but people defending themselves, or the police are crushed under "DEI", anti-police or "anti-racism".

K T Cat said...

Thanks, all!

MN, I feel like this is a self-limiting problem. You can allow your society to be destroyed by idiot ideas only so much before common sense intervenes.