Monday, December 02, 2019

High Praise For The bhyve Irrigation Timer From Orbit

I bought the 4-zone model from Home Depot the other day to replace an utterly inscrutable, ancient irrigation timer / controller that I'd had since I bought this house 10 years ago. I love it. It was trivial to wire, the thing is as light as a feather so mounting is easy and managing it through my phone is a piece of cake.

Best of all, it's on the Internet through our wifi and checks the weather regularly. It won't water if rain is coming or has just happened. Here in San Diego, that's a big deal. If I recall, I paid about $50 for it. It will save me that much in water bills in 2 months, no doubt about it.

bhyve for the win!


tim eisele said...

Just out of curiosity, how much does your water cost? The thought that it is possible to save $25/month on a water bill, while still continuing to use water, kind of boggles my mind.

K T Cat said...

We pay a bit over $200 per month for water and that's without a lawn. California is simply the worst when it comes to infrastructure projects, thanks to the greens. We haven't built a new dam in, what, 50 years? We bring in more and more people, many of them illegals, but we have no plan to add to our water supply.

No one in Sacramento knows how things actually work, they only know how things feel.

tim eisele said...

Yowza. Back when I lived in town, our water bill was only $30/month, and that was only because they were using water usage as a proxy for sewage generation, and they used the money to pay for the sewage treatment plant. They even had little meters to put on your garden hose, so that the water that you used in the yard could be subtracted from the sewage bill.

You know, listening to all the troubles people have in California with the government, and not liking the other people there, and expensive houses, and bad traffic, and the outrageous price of water, I really have to wonder why you guys stay there? Is your job really that great? Is the lack of snow really enough to make it worth it?

K T Cat said...

The kids are here. The coming grandchildren will be here. Family matters.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Tim, KT has it exactly right. Mrs Ohioan and I are still here because all of our grandkids are here. If they move (and there has been strong discussion by one of the two sets of parents and weak consideration by the other), we’ll be long gone. Truthfully, the lack of snow (and I vividly remember the shoveling, trudging, and driving in that stuff - snow belt, ugh) is certainly a big plus, but not enough by itself.

K T Cat said...

One son and his wife are pondering a move to Texas. If the kids started going to the Sun Belt, I might be able to persuade wife kitteh to move to Dixie. Until then, we're staying in San Diego.