Friday, December 20, 2019

Can A Subjective World Be Made From Only Objective Components?

Note: I'm just trying to work out an idea with this post. You'll see that it's disjointed and really made up of two, semi-connected concepts. Oh well.

There are a couple of Catholic commentators who are driving me batty right now. Their essays are well-written and logical, but they're fighting individual orcs instead of throwing the ring in Mount Doom. They're Doomed to fail, if you will.

There, that's enough with the LotR metaphor. On to the substance.

My argument: Almost no one on the Christian side of the war understands the war or who is fighting. Until we understand that, we will lose bigly.

When Catholics used to argue with Protestants or Muslims, the argument was about the nature of the Truth. The Pope? Mohammed? Sola Scriptura? When we argue with the Secular Left*, we're facing an enemy who is saying that there is no Truth at all. Without a general agreement that there is such a thing as Truth, universal ideas that exist everywhere at all times for all people, then Jesus died for nothing. There is no sin since we all have our own truths and can rationalize away our sins.

A culture that embraces subjectivity is fatal to the Church.

An argument in favor of the the existence of the Truth: If you are a secularist, you believe that the physical world is all there is. The physical world, however, is made up of objective things. That is, there are laws of physics and chemistry that apply everywhere at all times to all things. There are zero degrees of freedom, if you will, in the components of reality.

If there are zero degrees of freedom in your components, you can't get to the total freedom of subjectivity. At least that's my thinking.

Of course, I used logic, which itself is colonialist, racist, patriarchal and all the rest of that rot. At least I'm dealing with the root problem and not a symptom.

Brilliant Catholic Thinker: My essay proves that you must put away that red Lego brick over there.
Secular Leftists: What this place really needs is for me to dump out a randomly selected box of toys onto the floor.

* - Yes, it's the left. There is a Secular Right, but it's quiet about its secular nature and doesn't have the culturally violent tendencies of the Secular Left.

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