Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Freedom Of Atheist Dictatorships

... to do whatever they like is their greatest strength. Dig this.
In November, various Western media outlets reported that Han Chinese men had been assigned to monitor the homes of Uighur women whose husbands had been detained in prison camps.

The reports came out after an anonymous Chinese official gave an interview with Radio Free Asia, confirming the program but denying there was anything sinister about it.

As part of the “Pair Up and Become Family” program, Han Chinese men stay with and sleep in the same beds as Uighur women.
This is a classic strategy for dictatorships. You conquer a people, slay, imprison or enslave their men and then turn their women into concubines or "wives" for your men. It's been done by primitive societies for centuries.

It's also evolutionarily superior. For all the atheists out there, you're going to need to tie yourselves into even more complicated intellectual knots than usual to explain why this isn't a superior behavior over any other the Chinese might contemplate. Generations from now, the Chinese will have expanded their culture and Uighurs will not. In fact, if things go according to the tried and true script, the Uighurs will simply vanish.

But hey, what's the big? All cultures are equally valid and the Chinese are just being their authentic, tyrannical selves, right? Who are you to judge?

Over and over on this blog, I've claimed that we are in the middle of a 3-way war. That idea was far too Western-centric. Instead, the war is really 4-way. Here are the teams:
  1. Christians, Catholics and Jews,
  2. Secular lefties,
  3. Muslims and
  4. Atheist dictatorships like China.
The Secular Left cannot comprehend the threats posed by either the Muslims or the atheist dictatorships. They don't even acknowledge those threats exist. Catholics, whom I use proxies for the rest of their team, do not understand the war is even happening and continue to try to make nice with everyone.
The Vatican said Saturday that it had reached a provisional deal with the Chinese government to end a decades-old power struggle over the right to appoint bishops in China. It was the Communist country’s first formal recognition of the pope’s authority within the Roman Catholic Church in the world’s most populous nation, Vatican officials said.

Under the deal, Pope Francis recognized the legitimacy of seven bishops appointed by the Chinese government. Because they had not been selected by the Vatican, they had previously been excommunicated.
Just what kind of a deal can you make with an atheist dictatorship?

For both the Secular Left and the Catholics, it's pretty hard to come up with a strategy for success when you're blind to the contest at hand. The other two teams, meanwhile, are playing to win.

Exit question: How will the Muslims respond to the annihilation of the Uighurs? Do the Uighurs have any allies within the faith?

Sadly, Pope Francis was facing the wrong way and never saw the Chinese bus that ran him over.

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Ilíon said...

Well, you know, the God-hating Chinese commies *did* encourage a generation of Chinese families to murder their daughters, and now there are millions of Han men with no women to marry. That shortfall has to be made up *somehow*