Sunday, June 04, 2023

Cargo Cult Princessing

Disney, completely captured by woke insanity, had a mustachioed dude in heavy makeup and a dress helping little girls buy expensive princess dresses at their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (B3) at Disneyland. At B3, little girls get a full makeover and then pick out a princess dress to wear so they look like the cast members who are playing the various Disney princesses. The cast members are chosen for their exquisite feminine beauty and their resemblance to the princess they play. Done properly, it looks like this.

Princesses have no meaning without a knight in shining armor to serve them. A princess is an archetype for femininity. She is the epitome of grace, charm, softness and glamour. The knight is an archetype of masculinity. He is the epitome of courage, valor, competence and devotion. He has no meaning without a princess. From Book 10 of Le Morte D'Arthur comes this passage where La Beale Isoud has sport with Sir Dinadan.

"Why," said La Beale Isoud, "are ye a knight and be no lover? it is shame to you: wherefore ye may not be called a good knight but if ye make a quarrel for a lady."

Le Morte was considered a classic of English literature up until 20 minutes ago, in part, because it laid out ideals for both men and women. Isoud's summation of a knight's duty to a lady is repeated throughout the book and then throughout British literature for hundreds of years after Le Morte was written.

Here's the dude from Disneyland, an amusement park whose purpose, up until 20 minutes ago, was to present an ideal for American culture.

It dawned on me yesterday that the drag queen fetishists and the children's Pride indoctrination in schools and the trans mania are effectively a cargo cult for sexuality. The participants know the forms, but not the purpose. That's how you end up with a dude in makeup and a dress helping little girls pick out princess gowns.

Disney understands erections and orgasms, but that's about it. This pervert is wearing a dress because it arouses him. He's helping little girls put on ultra-feminine clothing because it also arouses him. He and his employers aren't aware of anything outside of their sexual desires. Like the cargo cult primitives of the Pacific, he and Disney understand the forms, but not the purpose or meaning of what they're doing.

The knight exists to provide for and protect his lady and their subsequent family. That's why he wears armor and has a sword. It's why he is portrayed as brave and competent. The armor and the charger and the sword are the forms and his willingness to fight for and take care of his family are the purpose and meaning. Similarly, the gowns and veils of the princess are the forms of femininity, symbolizing her willingness to take care of her knight and their children.

Disney and the other woke organizations have completely lost the plot. They've regressed into savagery. They mimic appearances, but don't understand the purposes. That's what drag queens are as well. They're aborigines. They're pantomime women. They understand the appearance, but not the meaning.

This is what happens when you throw out the wisdom of thousands of years of culture. The instruction manuals for life are gone, but all the costumes remain.


tim eisele said...

I'm wondering if you might be missing another point, too. Back when we were kids, if a guy wanted a job amusing children, he could be a clown with the traditional clown getup. Clowns used to be all over the place.

But now, largely complements of certain horror writers, kids are scared of clowns. Heck, even a lot of adults now find clowns disturbing. And a lot of kids are even terrified of men in general, particularly larger-than-average men. So a guy who wants to work in the child-amusing trade is kind of stuck for how to present himself.

I think the "dressing in drag" thing is, in a lot of cases, just an attempt to find a way for men to be non-threatening while trying to amuse children. I know you think it is sexual, but honestly, I don't see where any of the pictures of guys in drag you have posted are at all "sexy". They tend to be going more for ridiculously over-the-top. The last picture you have in this post looks much more like a variation on a traditional clown than any attempt at actual femininity.

K T Cat said...

You both make excellent points and I disagree. However, I'm coming down off a caffeine high from working on complicated scripts for workflows today and I need a pipe and a drink.

What I really like about you guys is that when I leave my dots too far apart or incomplete, you let me know.

Thanks. Replies in a post. Tomorrow, perhaps.