Saturday, June 10, 2023

It's Later Than You Think

A simple request to stop sexualizing children got a famous user removed from the popular Call of Duty game.

If you only consume the MSM, you have no idea what is happening. They know this is going on and hide it from you. Similarly, they don't show you the books that places like Florida are removing from their schools, even though they know what those books contain. 

The progs hate traditional culture and feel it is a moral good to destroy it. They believe that traditional culture was created by straight, white men to maintain their power over everyone else. Pedophiles are now commonly referred to as "Minor-attracted Persons" or MAPs. MAPs are fighting the white supremacist patriarchy. MAPs are living as their authentic selves, fighting the marginalization of the cis-normative structural powers of the culture.

MAPs are good. Traditional morality is bad.

Special Bonus Tidbit: White Supremacy Really Is The Biggest Threat

This falls out naturally from the progs' worldview. On the right, we look around and can't see any KKK members or anything even close to that. We're missing the forest for the trees. If the entire culture has been designed by straight, white men to keep them in power than everything you see around you that isn't queer or originating from people of color is, by definition, white supremacist. This is how you end up with Hispanics or blacks who hold traditional views being accused of white supremacy.

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