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KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis Explains The Post-Christian World

Yesterday, I read this essay by Jeff Goldstein, the social media author who used to go by the moniker Protein Wisdom. It changed the way I see things, but not because I agree with him. Instead, he illustrated the self-assured certainty that has characterized so much of my own writing. I have observed this and it means that.

(T)he World Economic Forum, one of a constellation of global NGOs whose vision for the future is dressed in the rhetorical finery of “sustainability,” “renewables,” and “transhumanism” — all marketed as upgrades to the human condition — but whose roots are tied inextricably to what I’ve called neo-feudalism, which conjoins a central global currency, a punitive surveillance state, and the rebranding of eugenics to make it more palatable to those in an increasingly stratified global class system who (the plan is) will be pushed by a love of convenience into accepting a form of paternalistic feudalism, while also being subjected to a reworking of their consciousnesses and the deliberate reduction of their numbers.

Emphasis in the original.

I now argue that, in reality, predictions about the future are impossible, not because the rules have changed, but because there are no longer any rules at all. It's something that has been eating at me for a long time. The evidence, and from here on out, I will pontificate with half-closed eyes, positively oozing superior self-confidence as I make predictions, has kept me wondering what the undercurrents are beneath the things we're observing.

KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: People with power, whether that is economic, political or (para-)military, lost their Christian moral foundations a while back. They're only now realizing that a majority of the population has lost them as well. That means that all bets are off. There are absolutely no boundaries to behavior any more. Money, sex, power, it's all up for grabs and you'd be a fool not to take what you want.

Not KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: There is no cabal of the powerful guiding anything in any direction in particular. It looks like that from time to time because the interests of some subset of the powerful align temporarily and they all pull in the same direction. Instead, it's all Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX everywhere.

More KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: There's no moral grounding to what is happening. In fact, it's the lack of a moral grounding that is at the heart of my hypothesis. Dig this ad for FTX and nauseating tongue bath for Bankman-Fried. It was all nonsense, but it spoke to the rubes in the vibes of the moment.

Not KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: There is no overarching plan. Each actor has a plan, but they're all independent. They sometimes cooperate and they sometimes conflict, but there is no plan. 

This is illustrated by the left destroying our cities. Bereft of objective moral guidelines, they have discovered they can do anything they want. What they want is racial vengeance. That's not what others want, it's what they want. When ostensibly blue businesses leave Portland because the progressive policies have made it completely dysfunctional, it only seems contradictory. It's not contradictory because the two groups don't possess the same values. Each are operating under independent values. Some of those values are shared, but others are not.

Evidence for KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis

Piles of money for Ukraine

We've sent, what, $79B to Ukraine to assist in its bum fight with Russia? $79B is just about equal to the Russian defense budget for a year. When I see the numbers bandied about, they're stunning. With no inspector general and no way to track how the funds are spent, it's simply a firehose of dollars sprayed across Ukraine. Where is it going? What is it doing? To me, it's obvious that there must be dozens and dozens of pigs at the trough. No one has any idea at all where it's going. 

Who cares? It's all printed anyway! Either our children will pay for it in the form of a larger debt or the blue-collar deplorables will pay for it in the form of inflation. Absent an objective moral structure to guide decisions, there's absolutely no reason to care about either the children or the working class.

A Key Feature Of KT's Moral Chaos Hypothesis: Stop thinking that any of the actors across the globe have any concern for others. You need to completely recalibrate your analysis tools. At least I did. I was taking them at their word and trying to see how their actions tracked with their stated goals. It didn't make sense because their statements were meaningless. They are utterly amoral.

Racial Justice

Baltimore, Chicago, Jackson, Oakland and almost every other city with a significant black population has been run by the Democrats for decades. The lives of black people have gotten worse, but the lives of the race hustlers have gotten better. If these people had even the tiniest scrap of objective morality, they'd be trying something different than they were 30 years ago. They aren't. Stop listening to their words. Their words are white noise. Each player in that farce is looking to climb the ladders of financial gain and political power. That's all it is. In a post-Christian society, we lack the tools necessary to call them out on it.


Matt Walsh's excellent movie, What is a Woman?, has had no effect at all on the trans movement activists themselves. None of them have changed their minds. This is because he used logic and objective fact and they don't. His arguments were completely orthogonal to theirs.

That's one aspect of the LGBT insanity, but there's another that really illustrates my hypothesis. Lesbians are incompatible with trans. Those two groups only seem to be on the same side. They aren't. One says that a girl who is mannish and attracted to other girls is a lesbian. The other side says she's a boy. 

There is no plan. There are no sides. In a post-Christian world, there are only independent actors, grabbing for what they want.

Open Borders And Fentanyl

We're losing about 100,000 people a year to fentanyl overdoses, all of which is pouring across our open southern border. The Democrats know this, but they don't care. In a post-Christian world, those lives, just like the lives of the girls destroyed by the trans madness, like the blacks killed in their cities have no value. A post-Christian world is not based on Genesis 1:27.

God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

A post-Christian world is based on nothing.

Conclusion: No Enemies

We don't have enemies in the traditional sense. The post-Christian moral chaos itself is the enemy. The powerful people who have tumbled to the realization that there are no longer any rules and are behaving  accordingly are committing evil acts, but they don't form a unified enemy to fight. They're just a swirling collection of independent actors whose avarice and depravity may or may not align at any particular moment in time.

More on this in later posts. I don't see how any of this conflicts with KT's Theory of Everything, either.

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