Sunday, November 13, 2022

Injecting Sausage

I'm in Dixie on a solo vacation. I should be making dinner, but I'm pounding on my laptop keyboard like a crazed chimpanzee because I've got something to say right now. The sermon at the church here in Cullman, Alabama today included an offhand remark about the transgender insanity. Me coming to deep red Alabama from a progressive diocese in deep blue SoCal, it's the first time I've heard any official from the Church, whether that be deacon, priest or bishop, acknowledge the suffering of what I'm experiencing with my daughter and that it is insane and evil.

It affected me profoundly. In the 3+ years I've been watching my little girl slowly die from hormone poisoning, it was the first time that I had allowed my emotions release. I realized this morning just how alone and betrayed by the Church I had felt. The mention in the sermon was almost a throwaway line and I realized it was something these Alabamians had heard and discussed before. They understood it in ways that Californians didn't.

Thank God for Dixie.

Anywho, I spent the day talking to the windshield about it as I drove. Among many epiphanies I had today, here's one that stands out.

Why is affirming a girl's gender fears a good thing? What are we doing, what is the "good" we are purchasing with our actions?

In The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shirer discusses the Nazi experiments on Jewish prisoners. In one of them, Nazi doctors wanted to find out what happened to Luftwaffe fliers shot down over cold water. How long could they survive and what was the best way to help them recover from hypothermia?

To determine this, they took Jews and threw them into the snow. They let them lay there for different lengths of time and then brought them indoors and monitored their internal temperatures as they tried to revive them. The suffering of the Jews had a larger purpose - to assist German pilots downed over the English Channel.

In this case, the "good" was improved survival rates for the pilots.

This is not the case for modern girls being given testosterone. There is no good beyond the injection itself. That is, the moment at which the needle enters the thigh and when the plunger is pressed down is the "good." That is the moment at which we achieve the moral payoff. We have affirmed the girl's self-identification.

After the plunger is driven home, we can turn to our fellow social justice warriors and exchange high-fives. We did it! We showed love! Hurray for us!

What happens after that, just like what happened to the poor Jews used in those experiments, is irrelevant. We have harvested our moral good and we can go off to live our lives, taking comfort in the knowledge that we have acted for the best. Anyone who didn't want to throw the Jews into the snow or inject girls in the thigh with testosterone stands in the way of the greater good.

And now, I need to cook some green beans with Conecuh sausage to go with smothered pork chops and rice.

Something tells me I'm into something good.


Ohioan@Heart said...

There is no ‘good’ in anything about gender transitioning. The left pretends there is, but it just about greed and hatred for anything the right believes (especially when the right IS right).

K T Cat said...

I agree. I'm trying to comprehend the moral equation at play in the transgender movement.