Monday, November 28, 2022

Fight For Racial Justice

Make no mistake, I'm a fan of Rod Dreher and Carl Trueman. On his blog at the American Conservative, Rod pointed out this post by Carl. Here's some relevant snippets.

It is now clear that orthodox Protestants, specifically evangelicals, do not own the country. Whether they ever did is a matter for debate; that they thought they did is indisputable...

As Protestants wake up to this fact that they do not own the country, two things will happen.

First, as the terms of membership in society’s officer class change, those who value their social status will likely change too. I anticipate that the standard “personally opposed but publicly supportive” argument that has served Catholic elites so well for so many years will become a standard part of the elite Protestant playbook, replacing the current penchant for specious “third ways.” It will, of course, only be selectively applied when necessary to slough off the practical implications of embarrassing points of orthodoxy—such as those connected to sexuality—which might interfere with club membership...

(I)t is now obvious the Christian position on the key issues of membership in society today—those of sexual identity, gender, abortion—cannot but implicate one in public debates and will merit the title of bigot. Being literate and urbane, being able to mix a good martini Vesper—such things simply will not compensate for the rejection of whatever identity, act, or right progressive society next decides is non-negotiable. And we now need church leaders and thinkers who understand this and are prepared for the social consequences. If the leaders will not lead with the truth, why should the people take a stand on the truth? 

That last question, "If the leaders will not lead with the truth, why should the people take a stand on the truth?" is a home run. The rest of it is just a lot of useless hand-wringing.

We need to stop whining and start forcing them to live by their own standards.

The progressive positions on racial justice and sexuality don't work on their own terms. They are utterly incompatible. As a scoreboard, let's take the favorite cause of the progressives, black lives. As I understand it, they matter. Let's compare them to Asian lives.

Cause - Illegitimacy

Asians win this one, 7-1. Births out of wedlock are "seven out of ten for African Americans, to one out of ten for Asian Americans." 

Effect - Education

Asians win the SAT score contest 1239-934.

Effect - Murders

In Chicago, Asians win this one 78-4. Here, I'm lumping in whites, just to make the populations more or less equal.

Effect - Income

Asians actually lap blacks, more than doubling their income level, 100-48.

At Any Level, We Win

Up to now, I've resisted calling for "racial justice" because I was engaging in a knee-jerk reaction against the jerks who were giving me the political knee with the term. No more of that for me. If "racial justice" means working for more equal outcomes, then count me in on that team. 

I would like to see everyone have the same opportunities to succeed and thrive as anyone else. To do that, we need to stop kneecapping children by running around claiming that all families are equal. If they were, then Asians and Blacks, both of which are people of color and subject to whatever white supremacist attacks and structural racism are out there, would have similar scores. They clearly don't. It's not even close.

Pursuing racial justice the Ibram X. Kendi way is like owning the Detroit Lions and never firing the coaching staff and front office when the team stinks. Ibram and the rest are losers. Yelling and marching and protesting and voting are useless. There's only one way out.

Instead of fighting the progressives' definitions, we can simply use them ourselves.

"I'll just leave this little pamphlet here. You may read it at your leisure ..."

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tim eisele said...

It is interesting that you are holding up Asians as shining examples here, since one of your big themes has been that religion is necessary to encourage stable families. And yet, Asian Americans are one of the least religiously-affiliated groups in the US, with only 42% Christians and 26% "no religious affiliation" (plus 14% Buddhist and 10% Hindu)

And meanwhile, Black Americans are more religious than average

Isn't this kind of the opposite of what you would have predicted from the idea that religion helps promote stable families?