Thursday, November 10, 2022

What Was Lost?

 Nothing, as far as I can tell. I posted this thread on Twitter about the election.

For the last forty years, both the Republicans and the Catholic Church have soft peddled their beliefs. It was best not to rock the boat and make a fuss.

Here we are. Seventeen year old girls aren't enjoying the boys' attention, shopping for a husband, they're getting mutilated.

The truth of the matter is that neither the party nor the Church gave a rat's rear end about the girls. They just wanted things to be easy. They avoided conflict.

Here we are.

Everyone wanted to put on their Kente cloths and kneel about George Floyd. No one wanted to talk about half the black population being massacred through abortion. That was icky!

Here we are. Those beautiful children aren't.

Republicans didn't want to talk about marriage. The Church didn't want to talk about sin.

Here we are. Check out the English language test scores in Jackson, Mississippi.

No one cared about those black children.

So the red wave didn't materialize.

So the churches are empty except for the elderly.

So what? What did we lose?

Nothing that the party and the Church hadn't already surrendered.

Here in San Diego, the Republican candidates were pounded endlessly over abortion. They didn't reply. They didn't own their positions nor did they defend babies. It would have been simplicity itself to show a picture of a baby and say, "I don't want this child killed," but they didn't. 

They didn't defend any red positions at all. It was all attack ads, all the time. I have no idea at all what was at stake in that election for conservatives.

This is exactly what drives me crazy about our Catholic bishop. He refuses to profess the faith in public. He wants to wear the robes and get the respect, but he stands for nothing that might conflict with the culture.

As for the Democrats, they were constantly on message. I know exactly what I'm getting with them.

  1. Racial segregation
  2. Hedonism
  3. Envy

I got no problem with that. I don't support any of it, but I know who they are because they tell me and defend their beliefs.

So what was at stake on Tuesday? What did the reds lose? Beats me.

The Republicans didn't even try to defend babies.


Mostly Nothing said...

Here in Minnesota, voters loud and clear voted for crime, defending criminals from the law abiding citizens. The voted for higher prices, and more inflation. The voted to be ruled over not governed. Especially in the Twin Cities.

Granted, the Minnesota Republican party is a huge collection of buffoons, and are completely incompetent.

The republicans never had a chance at Governor. They picked a pair of windbags in the primary.

The one race that was most important, went to the incumbent incompetent Attorney General. Soft on crime, but is good at suing the local businesses for his failures.

Let this sink in: Ilhan Omar did not campaign. AT ALL. And she won by the biggest percentage in the nation.

She has done nothing for her district. And it is in shambles.

K T Cat said...

Don't you think that is self-limiting? The city and state can't survive endless ruin, can it?

Or is it that the red voters have all fled to Florida, Texas and Tennessee?

Mostly Nothing said...

Empirical evidence to date suggests that it can go on.

To fight off this hard charge to destruction, there has to be some competence in opposition. Republicans are "lead" by self absorbed pyschopath. It is in worse shape than the Democrats in the 1980s. The Democrats have been reorganizing and indoctrinating the younger generations for 3 decades. Facts no longer matter; Democrats = good, Republicans = bad. Working to get ahead = bad. Give me everything for free = good. Responsibility is thrown out with the baby.

Mostly Nothing said...

The Tuesday episode of Garage Logic has an email from a listener "Scott in Edina" that sums up the Minnesota election pretty well. It is about 40 minutes into the podcast.

The city burned under the watch of Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, and Jacob Frye. All were re-elected Frye (in 2021) and Walz with eaze. Ellison was close by a few percentage points. The residents of Minneapolis want it to burn, that is the only conclusion I can come to.