Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Alabama Waterfall

 This one is the Mardis Mills Falls.

I'm on a solo vacation in Dixie right now. I flew into Dallas, drove to Shreveport to see Confederate Railroad in concert and then drove to Oxford to see the Ole Miss - Alabama game. From there, I hopped over to Cullman, Alabama where I'm hanging out for a few days, getting the feel of northern Alabama.

Yesterday, I did the waterfall tour of the area. Mardis Mills Falls was lovely. While shooting, I played with the shutter speed, trying to get the liquid flow feel in a photograph. I like the way it turned out. The shots below are large and I think they're worth a click.


Auto settings, shutter speed 1/200 second.

Shutter speed 1/8 second.


tim eisele said...

Very nice! The slower shutter speed certainly does give more of an impression of flow, and also amplifies the apparent volume of the water.

It looks a lot like parts of the Sturgeon River Gorge, a series of waterfalls/rapids that we like to visit pretty regularly.

K T Cat said...

Thanks! Northern AL resembles a lot of places in the South and Midwest. West Virginia and Tennessee come to mind.

Mostly Nothing said...

I love going to waterfalls. They are a little bigger up here on the North Shore and the UP.
We also got to see them at Yellowstone this fall. Amazing things.

Great pictures. I'd share mine, but I'm lousy at photography and its just on my phone.

K T Cat said...

I make up for my poor photography with quantity. I know that if I blast away with a camera, something in that pile of files will be worth seeing.

Ilíon said...

If you're every in southern Indiana, try to visit Spring Mill State Park.

There is this stream, obviously flowing downhill. But, it's flowing into a gorge, and the path alongside the stream is going downhill in the opposite direction. That makes for an interesting experience. Then, when you get to the same level as the stream, there is a cave before you (which branches both to the right and the left), and you see the stream gushing out of a vertical cleft just inside the cave ... like a sideways waterfall.

Mostly Nothing said...

That sounds really cool.