Saturday, November 05, 2022

Racism Is Self-Limiting

 Dig this video from Michigan wherein a Muslim father yells at his school board for putting pornographic LGBT propaganda books in his kids' school library.

You can't see it in this video, but in other, similar ones, the facial reactions of the far-left school board members are priceless.

"But...but...but... you're a brown person! Don't you know I love diversity and equity? I eat hummus and falafel!"

People are not defined by their race. It's not even in the top ten of things that shape us. This guy is a dad. He's got the interests of his children in the center of his life. His faith is central to his life, too. He probably wants his kids to grow up believing that the Quran is the word of God, revealed to Mohammed. Brown skin or no, that Quran thingy isn't really big on men having anal sex with each other.

He'd also be really, really, really happy if the white people he knows became his brothers in Islam. White people as brothers in his faith? How's that even possible? We know for a fact that the world is broken down into an unjust hierarchy of political power, defined by race and gender.

The progs on the school board see him as a "person of color." Their model of the world revolves around race and gender. That worldview is not reality and it's now coming in conflict with reality.

Kind of like the way American Hispanics value law and order, just like everyone else who wants to live in a civilized country. That's why they're not cheering on their racial compadres illegally coming across the border by the millions. They weren't supposed to react like that. They're, well, ... brown!

Whether or not the progs get smoked in the upcoming election, this conflict isn't going away.

A inaccurate model of the world is a self-limiting thing. You can only go so far with it before reality slaps you down, hard.

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