Monday, November 21, 2022

Machine Falls

This is Machine Falls in Tennessee on the way up from Dalton, Georgia to Murfreesboro. It was my favorite waterfall of the trip. I didn't bring my artillery piece on the hike, so this was shot with my Pixel 6. For whatever reason, the camera didn't capture the dazzling emerald green of the moss on the rock behind the cascading water.

I'm just about to leave for the airport to head back home to San Diego from Seattle and my quick and dirty tries in Photoshop only ruined the image, so I'm leaving it as is. We'll have to make a date to go see these falls together.

I left it kind of large, so I think it's worth a click. I used the slow shutter speed to get the flow effect in the picture. Enjoy!

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tim eisele said...

Yeah, I have the same problem with that particular bright green one gets from the mosses that grow around waterfalls. I wonder if the camera sensors differ enough from the way that our eyes actually distinguish colors, that they can't actually "see" it?

So, any idea why they call it "machine falls"? Did there used to be a waterwheel associated with it?