Monday, April 21, 2014

If You've Got A Degree Then It All Makes Sense

We're funny people. We can live our whole lives observing things all around us and then throw evidence and experience out the window when someone with a degree from a prestigious university tells us something that, said by anyone else, would be dismissed as ludicrous nonsense. Feminists, for example.

It turns out that freezing your eggs in your mid to late 30s is a really good idea for women. That way, they can focus on their careers and still have kids later in life without the increased risks of birth defects from having children in their 40s. Brilliant, no? We know this is ingenious because people with important degrees tell us it is. Never mind what it would be like to try raising teenagers when you're in your 60s or what your social life would be with the other parents on the soccer team when you're old enough to be their parents. The woman with the fancy degree said this was good, so it must be.

Of course, if Jolene from Pine Ridge, MS, cosmetics saleswoman from Walmart told us this we'd reply, "What in tarnation are you thinking, Jolene? You ain't gonna find no man who wants to be having babies from frozen eggs when you're 45. If'n you wanted a family, you oughta have hitched up with that nice Wilson boy when you was cute and 22 instead of heading off to get that worthless degree from that Yankee university up north! At your age, you'll be lucky if old Blind John from the bait store down yonder will have you."

That's oversimplifying things, to be sure. The 45-year-old career-crazed feminist is going to have a lot harder time getting a husband than Jolene from Pine Ridge, MS. For one thing, Jolene would probably at least have a clue about men. The women in that article (at least the first page of it which was all I could handle) don't seem to have any comprehension of men at all. Dating in your 40s is pretty awful, but you can still find a gem out there if you try. Dating a woman who froze her eggs so she could focus on her career would seem like willful suicide to me.

When I told her I thought gender theory was total idiocy, she reacted badly.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

复活节快乐 (Happy Easter!)

How beautiful to read this on Easter Sunday.
"It is a wonderful thing to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It gives us great confidence," beamed Jin Hongxin, a 40-year-old visitor who was admiring the golden cross above Liushi's altar in the lead up to Holy Week.
This image comes from another lovely resurrection story.
Happy Easter, everyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Evidence That The English Premier League Is The Best League In Sports

I just finished watching last place Sunderland beat second place Chelsea in an absolute scorcher of a match. In the EPL, the bottom three teams are relegated to the league below at the end of the season and the top three teams from that league are promoted in to the EPL. That means bottom-tier teams have to play just as hard as the top-tier teams. With 3 more games to go, both ends of the standings are up for grabs.

Near the end of the season in American leagues, whether it's baseball, football, basketball or hockey, players on last place teams are typically thinking about golf tee times instead of playing the game. In the EPL, they're playing like fiends.

Imagine what the Houston Astros - New York Yankees series in late August is going to be like. I feel vaguely dizzy and nauseous just contemplating it. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see almost any of next week's EPL matches.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Normalcy

My wife and I teach the remarriage class for the Diocese. The Catholic Church requires you to take marriage preparation classes if you want a Catholic wedding. The classes have been great fun and we feel we're making a difference in these couples' lives with our stories and lessons.

Every class starts with the couples introducing themselves and telling their love story. The stories are sometimes funny and sometimes touching, but they all have the same dynamics in common. The man talks about how beautiful he thought the woman was and the woman talks about how kind and capable she thought the man was. They say it with humor and they say it with love. It always gets the class started out on a happy note.

The couples are all different ages, races, wealth levels, education levels and so on. It's a lovely cross-section of America. For 7 hours or so, all of us in the room share intimate stories and discuss important topics in daily life. Seating is haphazard, so when the class breaks into discussion groups, the combinations are random. There's never any problem with that.

When I see stories about UCLA students occupying buildings over "microaggressions" or Chris Matthews telling us we're swimming in racism or hear that we're not supposed to use the word "bossy" any more because it somehow prevents little girls from growing up to be leaders, I think of these classes and wonder how Chris Matthews, the Huffington Post writers and the student protesters got so darned weird.