Saturday, February 28, 2015

Clouds Like Ships

Sailing across the sky.

I'm making a complete hash of a different blog post right now. While I sort that out, here's a recent photo for you to enjoy. I left it rather large, so it might be worth a click.

Friday, February 27, 2015

We Needed Net Neutrality Regulations Because Of The Cholera Epidemic

I'm all in favor of the government controlling the Internet. Just look at what's happened without it. A massive Internet-driven cholera outbreak killing thousands all across the country.

There was a cholera outbreak, right? No? A crime wave with people murdering each other over ISP access? No? Wasn't there something utterly dreadful this takeover cured?


Good Lord. Why in the world would anyone think that government management of the Internet was a good thing?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Many Times Can You Download The Entire Encyclopedia Britannica?

I thought this article on the uncertain value of huge data pipes was quite good. Here's the payoff in case you don't want to click.
When the BTIG Research firm last October began covering the Internet pipe operator Cogent Communications , its report contained an amusing insight. Cogent’s last-mile business customers buy a service that offers 100 megabits per second. The average use by these customers, though, is only about 12 mbps, and barely “one or two dozen of their customers have ever reached 50% utilization of the 100 MB pipe,” says BTIG.

Yet despite this demonstration of how little bandwidth customers actually use, Cogent also offers a one-gigabit service. “Interestingly, the usage of these customers does not likely differ materially than their 100 MB customers,” says BTIG....Ten Netflix videos running simultaneously wouldn’t even consume 4% of the capacity (1 gigabit) that Google Fiber provides its customers.
We've had times in our house when several people are using the Internet pretty heavily all at once. Sometimes we have three high-bandwidth apps going simultaneously including a movie, a video game and a soccer game. I don't recall having much of a problem even under these conditions and that's with download speeds on the order of 16 MB.

If I'm restoring a crashed hard drive, I have to download about 120GB from Mozy. Other than that once-every-two-years event, I can't think of anything that could even come close to taxing a 100 MB pipe.

What would I do with 1 GB speed? What in the world could I possibly consume that would take even 100 MB of throughput?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On The Lookout For Violent Extremists

Now that we know who we're fighting - violent extremists - I think it's time for all of us to take part in this great crusade effort and keep our eyes open for the enemy. Who knows where an extremist will violently strike next?

Me, I'm watching these guys. Victorians in 2015? Sounds pretty extremist to me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Multiculturalist's Crisis Of Faith

... is what I think the whole "ISIS isn't Islamic" thing is.

When members of the Administration talk about how ISIS is not Islamic, when they can't mention Islamic terrorism without also mentioning the Crusades, when they use the euphemism "violent extremism" over and over again, they're not talking to us, they're talking to themselves. They're trying to convince themselves that there really is a sparkly unicorn called multiculturalism and it really is the Truth. To say otherwise puts a dagger in the heart of the secular, post-modern faith.

If ISIS and its colleagues are not aberrant, if they are Islamic with a genuine basis in an interpretation of the Koran, then either one culture is better than another or there is no definition of "better" at all. As soon as you admit one culture is superior to another, you instantly are forced into some kind of ranking system, one that undercuts all of the foundations of the multicultural belief system.

When we hear Administration spokescreatures, university professors and lefty pundits try to describe ISIS as some kind of fit of insanity, totally detached from Islam, they're not defending ISIS or Islam, they're defending themselves.
All cultures are equally valid.
This is not a culture.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I'd Feel Better If Our Culture Was Dictated By 35-Year-Old Women

... it would probably make more sense than the college sophomore rubbish we have right now.

I was hanging out at a pub with a pack of Papists on Friday night and sitting near me were a pair of late-20s, early-30s young ladies. Both were single and attractive. They're high school teachers and we were talking about their students' reactions to 50 Shades of Gray. The kids didn't see what the big deal was with the movie. The two young women were trying to figure out how to express how awful it is for women to be turned into submissive objects for a man's sadism.

Ruminate on that last sentence for a second, pondering what it says about our culture.

During the discussion, the two sadly agreed that all the boys in their classes consume porn. It was dreadful, but just a fact of life for their generation. Here these two were lovely, engaging and fun and they could almost guarantee that the potential husbands around them watched porn. Their primary power over men was significantly weakened.

I wondered if that, coupled with the fact that most of their competition was putting out without much fuss, made most women just throw in the towel and surrender to the modern hook-up culture. It would either be that or spend a lot of date nights alone.

Back to the title of the post: 35-year-old women, if single and childless, are concerned with the quality of potential husbands. If married, they're concerned with the culture where their children will grow up. Almost none of them are concerned with trigger warnings, government-sponsored birth control or whether or not the LGBT community is fully realizing their Vaseline-slathered fantasies.

You'd have to think they'd do a better job than the college students and ivory tower academics who seem to dominate our cultural discussions.

Caligula. Not husband material.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It Was Ever Thus

A friend shared this image on Facebook and I couldn't help captioning it ...

All of the dinosaurs hear someone using a can opener off to the right.