Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Divide Between Robots And Men

... is more of a divide between the robot makers and the working poor.

The northeast of England is a heavily Labour region. Labour was supposed to be against Brexit, but that's not how the northeast voted. Sunderland, for example, voted about 60-40 to leave the EU. It turns out the working man and his "thought leaders" in the Labour Party aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days. It might have something to do with working-class, white girls being gang-raped by Muslim men by the thousands while the progressive elite preached multiculturalism.

That same growing divergence is playing out here as well. Dig the "Fight for 15" movement which wants to increase the minimum wage to $15. This is going to be great for the Internet elites in the progressive movement as they'll rake in huge bucks building robots to replace overly-expensive unskilled labor. For the working poor, it's going to go very badly. There aren't many unskilled people worth $15 an hour when there are automated check out stands, fast food ordering kiosks and suchlike available.

As working class jobs get priced out of existence and the ultra-wealthy Internet Set get richer and richer, the divide between the traditionally progressive working poor and the snobby liberal intellectuals is going to grow into a chasm.

Tired of waiting for children to mature into workers he can replace, this robot is preparing to prove his dominance over Man by beating this child senseless.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sleep Deprivation

... is about the weirdest thing I've ever had.

I pulled the sleep apnea card in the game of Life about a year ago and since then I've been struggling with trying to get enough sleep. I've tried various remedies, but the one that works best for me is 12-hour Sudafed right before bed. If I take one of those, I'm golden. Unfortunately, Sudafed has side effects that I really don't like, so I avoid it as much as I can.

When I stay off the 'fed for any length of time, I find myself fuzzy-headed and disorganized during the day. That's not the weird part.

I get so muddled from sleep deprivation that I can't figure out why I'm muddled.

We recently remodeled our master bath and re-carpeted and repainted the adjoining rooms. It's the equivalent of moving out of half of your house and then moving back in. That was months ago and we still haven't fully moved back, thanks to yours truly being so disorganized. I would find myself at the end of a weekend, not having accomplished much of anything, having no plan for finishing off the project and wondering what had happened. It wasn't until this weekend that it dawned on me that these were side effects of sleep deprivation. Dig these effects of long-term sleep deprivation.
  • Decreased Performance and Alertness: Sleep deprivation induces significant reductions in performance and alertness. Reducing your nighttime sleep by as little as one and a half hours for just one night could result in a reduction of daytime alertness by as much as 32%.
  • Memory and Cognitive Impairment: Decreased alertness and excessive daytime sleepiness impair your memory and your cognitive ability -- your ability to think and process information.
The bizarre thing to me is that the effects mask the source. If you can't think straight, it makes it pretty hard to find the cause.

Sometimes, it's been so bad that Philosoraptor has been able to stump me.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

If You Wanted To Drive Up AR-15 Sales

... you could hardly do better than what the secular progressives are doing these days.
  • Constantly talk about making new restrictions on gun purchases,
  • Agitate for the elimination of the 5th Ammendment's due process protections,
  • Argue in favor of Supreme Court justices who will alter the 2nd Ammendment's right to keep and bear arms, 
  • Constantly suppress the 1st Ammendment's protections of freedom of speech through violent suppression of conservatives at colleges and on the campaign trail and
  • Attack harmless religious groups like Little Sisters of the Poor in court and with aggressive regulations designed to do nothing more than make it impossible for them to live their faith.
It's enough to make you want to buy a whole bunch of AR-15s so you have them laying around as spares. That way, once the weapon is completely banned and your current one breaks down, you'll have a fallback AR-15.

As an aside, one of our sons has an AR-15. I went out to the range and shot it. I don't know what the fuss is all about. It's just a rifle. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Votes To Leave The EU, Naive Children Hardest Hit

I've seen this stat in various forms across the Internet after the Brexit vote.

Older people favored Brexit, younger people did not.
It's usually posted by someone angry about the vote and is accompanied by chatter about how old people have screwed the younger ones. Hardly. As Jonah Goldberg notes in his book, The Tyranny of Cliches, young people are stupid. Here's the proper way to read this chart.

The more experience and wisdom you have, the more likely you were to vote for Brexit. The more naive and childlike you are, the more likely you were to vote to stay.

Reading through the Twitter stream for #Brexit, I see all kinds of shrieking and moaning about certain doom, but I can't see why. It's as if the EU was Hogwarts, the only one of its kind and without them, Britain will have no way to ... to ... to what? What exactly do buildings full of self-important suits holding meetings in Brussels do for you? Trade deals? Why can't your representatives work those out for you? Dig this.
German business leaders handed a considerable boost to the Leave campaign by saying it would be “very, very foolish” to deny the UK a free trade deal after Brexit.
The Euros want to buy British goods. They want British customers. They're not going to shut off the flow of goods and services to and from Britain. There's nothing magical about the EU.

Unless you're in your 20s and you've been raised on collectivism fairy tales. Then there's something very magical indeed. You can't say what, but you know it's magic.

Britain Votes To Leave The EU, Japan Hardest Hit

You know you've got problems when there's an event on the other side of the planet that causes a financial "flight to quality" and your country's stock market gets annihilated.

The Nikkei Index is down almost 8% today, the worst drubbing of any major stock market, including the participants in Brexit.

Japanese Investments != Quality.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

When Do Ideas Stop Having Objective Value?

  1. It is a bad idea to swim off the coast of South Africa where the great white sharks hunt seals.
  2. It is a good idea to get some exercise every day.
  3. Islam may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  4. Christianity may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  5. Buddhism may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  6. Atheism may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  7. Nuclear families may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  8. Broken families may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
  9. Sex outside of marriage may or may not be a good idea. We can't judge.
What characteristics must an idea have in order to be given a valuation relative to other ideas? The first two examples are individual acts that affect your health. However, that can't be it as #9 is as well. It can't be a matter of scale, because we know the following.
  1. Nazism is a bad idea.
  2. The Confederacy was a bad idea.
  3. Racism is a bad idea.
Is it that we can only judge large-scale ideas if they belong to the past? No, because we have this.
  1. North Korea's tyranny is a bad idea.
  2. Al Qaeda is a bad idea.
Carrying this line of questioning out in my head, the only governing rule I can come up with is this.
An idea is bad if we say it is. We can judge an idea if we say we can.
How's that for objective, logical reasoning?

Note: I'd probably change #5. I doubt a poll of our elites from academia, the arts and politics would say anything but "Buddhism is a good idea," but that just makes my point again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goebbels' Speech In 2018

What a weird time to be alive. Dig the redacted version of the Orlando shooters' call to 911.

Note that they changed Allah to God so that it wouldn't sound so ... Islamic.

It reminds me of a speech Goebbels gave in March 1945, which you can find on YouTube, where he told the audience that a really big offensive was coming and Germany would win the war. We're not at that point, of course, but the disconnect from reality is conceptually the same. The evidence of defeat was all around them, but Goebbels was still trotting out the same old lines.

Here in 2016, there are 10 countries that allow capital punishment for homosexuality. They're all Islamic. Islam is a political system, a legal system and a religion. When a nation becomes Islamic, it's not a perversion of Islam, but the perfection of it. A crazy Islamic dude walking into a gay nightclub and shooting it up isn't an aberration, it's a feature of the belief system. No, not every Muslim does it, but when whole nations practice it, you can't redact words and alter others for very long and fool the public. Imagine the redactions and contortions they'll have to go through in, say, 2018, to maintain their fictions.

Whether it's little girls being raped in England by Pakistani gangs or the German women assaulted on New  Year's Eve by immigrants or the gays in Orlando getting gunned down, how much longer will these speeches hold up against what we're seeing with our own eyes?

Aside: It's almost like we need admit we're fundamentally incompatible and divide the world up like we did with the Russians. If you don't think we're incompatible, then I suggest you picture what your life would be like living in, say, Iran.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots

... and Donald Trump is still as insane today as he was yesterday. Sadly, editorial writers still need to come up with column-inches, so there's this forlorn bit of prose.
(W)hether axing Corey Lewandowski is symbolic of a true maturation on behalf of the campaign or simply a glossing over of flaws remains to be seen.
Actually, not a lot remains to be seen. Donald Trump is a crazed narcissist and that's that. He has no appreciable organizational skills, his negotiating ability seems pedestrian at best and he's an intellectual lightweight.

To be honest, I feel bad for the people who have to follow the campaign for a living. Every word out of Hillary's mouth is a lie and Trump's just in it for the cheering. There aren't going to be any twists or turns in the narrative unless Hillary gets indicted. Meanwhile, those poor devils have to keep trying to come up with something that will get you to read their essays. In the case excerpted above, I made it 2 paragraphs, and that was only to find a decent quote to pull.

Pick out a spot on this leopard and watch it for a long, long time.
It won't change in any way.
Update: I should add - Gary Johnson for president!