Sunday, November 19, 2017

I Love This Country

We went to the wedding of two really good friends yesterday. She's Mexican, he's Northern European. My wife and I got to do the ropa de boda ceremony at Mass. It was lovely.

At the reception, I saw a Scottish guy in full kilt walking to get a beer while the dance floor was full with a couple of gay dudes and bunch of Hispanic and white women doing Texas line dancing to a country music song sung in Spanish.


Darn straight, hombre.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

This Is How The Nazis Got Elected

I hadn't meant to start a series on how the progressives are Nazis without ambition, but once I got that mental model in my head, I see evidence of it everywhere and it's clarifying historical things for me.

To recap my analogy, if you change whites and "whiteness" into Jews and Judaism and you change people of color, women and LGBT into Germans, the analogy pops out.  Further, the economic policies of Obama/Hillary/Bernie and Mussolini/Hitler/Peron are nearly identical. For example, the Nazis called for universal health care and free education.

Where it falls apart is that the progressives lack the ambitions of the Nazis or the Italian fascists. They are quite content to simply beat down the opposition at home and leave other countries alone. Unlike the Nazis, they don't want to exterminate, they want to re-educate. Essentially, they want to obliterate the culture of "whiteness" and "patriarchy," whatever those are at the moment.

Here are three data points from the last couple of days, couched in terms of my analogy. Three out of about twenty that I saw.

1. A New York Times editorial asked, "Can my German children be friends with Jews?" The author answered the question in the negative.

2. A German woman was fired from a prestigious position for suggesting that Jews might differ between themselves in experience and outlook. She asserted that not all Jews are alike and you don't always have to hire Germans to achieve diversity.

3. The Commandant of the Luftwaffe Academy received an award for a now-famous speech in which he excoriated the Jews at the Academy for an incident where German cadets suffered racial insults. It turned out that one of the Germans staged the attack and the Jews were innocent of all charges. The Luftwaffe Commandant did not recant his speech and asserted, in essence, that the Jews still needed to hear it.

How The Nazis Gained Power. The German culture at the time was primed to accept the notion that the Jews were evil and caused all kinds of problems. It didn't matter that it was all nonsense, it only mattered that many people believed it to be true and anyone dissenting lost their jobs, were beaten up or imprisoned. News outlets didn't confront Nazi politicians with their atrocities and demand the Nazis account for them.

When the white supremacists, all couple hundred of them, marched in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue, any conservative not deemed sufficiently critical of them was branded a sympathizer and hounded incessantly. It went on for weeks and is still being used as an example of pervasive racism on the right.

As far as I can tell, no progressive politician has been confronted with these and asked to distance themselves from them. I don't see where anyone is even considering it. The whole notion of, say, the CBS Evening News, asking Elizabeth Warren if the Air Force dude was wrong to yell at the students is practically inconceivable.

These things go on every day. These aren't tiny bands of deranged extremists like we saw in Charlottesville, this is the New York Times, Apple and the Air Force Academy. These are large, mainstream organizations going full-progressive-Nazi with no repercussions from the media or the popular culture. That's because we've internalized the lessons of the progressives and these events are perfectly natural to us. And that's how Nazis win fair and free elections.

Poor Goebbels would never get hired these days. He'd be utterly redundant. Maybe he could make a living writing for academic journals.

Friday, November 17, 2017

I Love The Tax Reform Bill

... for one, simple reason.
(The bill would) cut the corporate rate ... in a year: Like the House bill, the Senate bill would cut the corporate tax rate to 20% from 35% today.
That's it. Everything else is window dressing to me. For me, it's all about jobs and lowering the corporate tax rate would encourage businesses who have left to come back home. No, the pennies-per-hour-labor-cost Levis factories in Cambodia won't come back, but others would. I saw one estimate that said cutting the corporate tax rate would increase household income by $3500 from the jobs that would pour back to America. I can believe that.

Clarity. Another benefit to cutting the corporate tax rate dramatically is that it would test the conservative principle that private businesses drive the economy, not the state. Is what we believe true? Well, with this bill, we'd see. It certainly makes sense to me. The government raises funds from profits, both corporate and personal. If you punish businesses with regulations and taxes, they will take their profits elsewhere.

Another component to the clarity would be to reveal whether or not the Republican Party believes what it's been peddling all these years. Lower taxes, lower regulations, those are the keys to prosperity. We discovered with the ObamaCare repeal that John McCain has no convictions and is only there for the cameras and adulation. How about the rest of them? Can we get 50 votes for this great experiment in conservative foundational principles?

Expert Opinion. Our tax accountant son loves the bill. He said he can't believe how good it is in simplifying things and getting rid of ridiculous rules. He's apolitical as far as I know, so his take on it is simply professional. He's a serious dude and I respect what he has to say.

Trump is a Conservative. I don't know where the Trump-haters on the right go after this. Mountains of originalist judges appointed, slashing regulations at every turn, a sincere attempt to end the catastrophe of ObamaCare and now this. What the heck do you want? So the guy has a mouth on him like a New York City barroom blowhard. Enough already, we get it. He is turning out to be the most conservative president since Reagan and still they carp and whine.

It will probably come down to McCain. Does he believe in his stated principles more than he loves the adulation of the press? We'll see.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Diving In Belize

I figured it might be nice to have an oasis on the web today, a place where you could see something beautiful and no one was yelling. This place is on my Bucket List. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Red Pill And The Genius Of The Catholic Church

Yesterday, on the excellent Andrew Klavan Show, he interviewed Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker behind the movie The Red Pill.

I watched it last night and thought it was superb. Cassie was a documentarian of impeccable feminist and progressive credentials when she decided to investigate the men's rights movement. She went into the project thinking she'd find hate and misogyny and came out the other end having thrown away feminism. It's well-made movie that documents her journey as much as it does the subject.

The one thing that jumped out to me as a Catholic and an instructor in the Church's marriage preparation classes was the genius of the Church. We're not mentioned in any way in the movie and the film is not religious in the slightest. Instead, it's a description of the antagonistic relationship between men and women, feminists and men in particular. The problem arises when you see us as separate creatures rather than cooperative ones that complete each other.

In marriage, we say that the two become one. It is no longer me, but we. Feminists vs. men is nothing if not an atomization of that bond. Further, Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body brilliantly lays out how men and women are complementary. It's not about individual rights, it's about how we serve each other in different ways, based on our sex. Yes, there are areas of overlap, but the key is how we meld into one to make a greater whole, not how we compete for the same things.

If that was what we were striving for as a culture instead of who gets which jobs and who gets paid what, we'd be a lot better off because we'd be working with nature instead of against it. Oh well.

Having said all that, the movie is still well-worth watching. It's available on Amazon and is free to Prime members.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Seriously, Stop Teasing The Lion

From my last post on this topic.
One thing we know about Trump is that he gets revenge when he feels wronged. Apparently, today's indictments from Mueller were against Paul Manafort for tax fraud and other odds and ends, but that's not the point. If Trump decides he's had enough and it's time to go nuclear on the Democrats, there is practically no limit to what a team of prosecutors can find to indict Hillary and her goons. It would be a fire that swept through the Clinton allies, the DNC and all their cronies to rival the one that scorched central California recently.
From today's WSJ.
Late Monday, the Justice Department told the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Goodlatte (R., Va.), that Mr. Sessions had directed “senior federal prosecutors” to evaluate other Russia-related issues related to former Democratic presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton, which Rep. Goodlatte and other lawmakers had asked about. The letter said the prosecutors would make recommendations “as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened.”
Like the Puppy Blender says, we've got the worst political class ever. These people are so stupid that they probably put on their shoes and socks in that order.
I tried to warn you.
Addendum: Hillary was never pardoned for any of the multitude of crimes associated with her email server. There was a decision not to prosecute, but that can be reversed. It's not just her. Here's what I wrote over a year ago about the emails.
So Hillary received a bunch of Secret and Top Secret emails on her Unclassified server. There's an air gap between the networks which means that someone had to deliberately, physically move data from one network to another to get it to Hillary's server. Intentionally moving data from a higher classification level to a lower one is a crime. Period.
A lot of people are in serious jeopardy here.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Roy Moore, George Takei, Powerful Men, Vulnerable Women

Men dominating women is what the recent swarm of sex scandals are all about. In the case of Kevin Spacey and Geore Takei, it's little boys. Whatever.

In the old days, we acknowledged this mismatch. For instance, we had separate dorms at college and a culture that supported marriage before sex. It was understood how men and women interacted and who had the advantage in which situation.

Once we threw that away, when we decided men and women were equal instead of complementary, vulnerable, insecure women became easy prey. They weren't supposed to be vulnerable and insecure, they were supposed to be strong and independent. If you weren't, you had to fake it because merely intimating you couldn't stand up to a man was an apostasy worthy of public ridicule.

In my experience, public ridicule is just about the worst thing in the world for most women.

So here we are, making political points out of a failure to acknowledge a simple equation. It's not that Roy Moore is a predatory, right-wing swine. He is. It's not that George Takei is a hypocritical, left-wing creep. He is. It's that we all decided to deny reality together and put women and little boys in this position, sneering at them as weaklings when they objected and said they couldn't be expected to stand up to the Weinsteins and Spaceys of the world.

It's perfectly normal for women to beat up men in close combat. Dealing with Harvey Weinstein should be no big deal.
When we are finally boxed in and we can't escape reality, we demand that millions of years of evolution be reversed. Men should stop being men - strong, decisive, aggressive and motivated by sex. Toxic masculinity is the problem and must be abolished! Good luck with that.

In the old days, we demanded that men channel their manhood into being gentlemen. Their strength, decisiveness, aggression and sexual instincts would be slightly redirected to the protection and veneration of women. That worked and could work again. This denial of biology is never going to work at all. You may stop some of the assaults, but you'll end up with emasculated wimps for men.

Whoops. We're already there. Protect and provide has changed into video games and porn.