Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In Which I Destroy And Annihilate The Pro-Choice Argument

So a sci-fi writer I've never heard of has utterly destroyed and annihilated and smushed under his boots the pro-life argument. Here's the conundrum he used to zap us hypocritical pro-lifers:
There's a fire and you have the choice of saving a 5-year-old or 1000 viable embryos. Which do you choose?
Of course, all the lying, scumbag, misogynist religious fanatics pick the kid instead of the embryos, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that they don't really see the embryos as human. Or something like that.

So now that we've done that, let me utterly destroy and annihilate and smush under my boots the pro-choice argument.
You're a time traveler in 1904 Germany. A woman is pregnant with a child who you know will kill Hitler in 1936. She insists of getting an abortion. Do you prevent it and force her to take the baby to term? No one else can kill Hitler because of the time-space continuum or Boyle's Law or the thermocoupler on the warp drive has gone into singularity. Her baby is your only hope.
Or maybe this one, made specially for a sci-fi dude:
You're on a spaceship carrying the last survivors of Earth to a new home planet. All of the women are pregnant, but each can only carry this baby to term and never have another. All of the ones pregnant with girls want abortions. Do you force them to give birth?
Or how about this:
You're on an undiscovered island in the Pacific where there are dinosaurs. There's a balloon on the north side of the island and a life raft on the south side. You only have enough battery left in your phone to make it to one before you can no longer play Bubble Blast. On the balloon is a new battery, in the life raft there's an inverter and power supply, but only enough fuel for an hour of charging. You're carrying corn and a fox and there's a duck nearby. A wizard shows up out of nowhere, riding a Kodiak bear and demands your shoes. Do you try drawing to the inside straight or do you bluff and not ask for any new cards?
Oh yeah, I forgot, you were playing poker with someone and they're going to do something horrible if you lose and then the world will burst into flames or you'll die of boredom or get scabies, I can't remember which.
And that's how you destroy and annihilate and smush an argument. You're welcome.

Remember, as you're playing poker, you're surrounded by dinosaurs. That's just like what happens when a woman is prevented from getting an abortion.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

SDSU Gear Is Offensive To Me

I was thinking about the support for "Merry Christmas!" from The Donald that I posted yesterday. I came up with an analogy for the people who object to calling those decorated pines "Christmas Trees" and the rest of that nonsense.

As a wannabe Southern boy, I'm a big LSU fan. I live in San Diego. I am a distinct minority. On college game days, I see lots and lots of people in SDSU gear. If I got offended at that, I'd go see a therapist, I wouldn't demand everyone else change to be more "inclusive." This whole objection to Christmas is idiocy.

Counter argument 1: Religion is different! Think of how the atheists feel.

Rebuttal: The atheists think it's all fairy tales anyway. The thought that I'd object to fairy tales is similarly stupid.

Counter argument 2: Religion is different! Think of how the Jews or Muslims feel!

Rebuttal: A college football game lasts 3 hours, not including tailgating. A religious service is typically an hour or so. Most people don't even go to their services every week. I'd say college football is a bigger deal than religion. Further, it's not uncommon to see drunken fights in the stands at a game. That's pretty uncommon in church. It looks like college football engenders more passion than religion.


SDSU gear needs to be restricted to college-football-free-speech-zones. After this weekend's loss to Boise State, I might find a lot of support for that idea.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

So. Much. Winning.

Winning the culture war for us normals is YUGE.

Wiping out ISIS is good, too. "Kill them all" turns out to have been a better strategy than whatever it was we were doing before. "ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria's Raqqa" is a good headline to read.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Sometimes you need to see a picture of a Chihuahua mix snuggled up in bed.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Aw, Shucks, I Love You, Too

I saw this in traffic the other day and was touched.

Wait, they were thinking of me, right?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Free Speech For Nazis

On Twitter, I recently started following an NPR guy who specializes in racial issues. By specializes, I mean he is utterly obsessed with der Volk. In this case, his Volk. Reading his Twitter feed is a trip through the looking glass. Everything makes sense locally, but when referenced against wider reality, it's almost all deliberate distortions.

Recently he mentioned by retweet that "Detroit is 80% Black. And 33% of the city’s 230,000+ jobs are held by Black Detroiters" and linked to the Detroit Free Press article from which the statistic came.

I followed the article link and then read its predecessor. At the NPR dude's local level, it looks like whoever is doing the hiring is racist. However, there are no demographics given on the people doing the hiring, so it's impossible to verify the implicit charge of racism. Furthermore, in the article is this tidbit.
Why those jobs, those company relocations or expansions, haven't resulted in more widespread employment for Detroiters -- it's complicated. Twenty-two percent of Detroiters lack a high school diploma; 33% have a high school diploma or a GED. Just 7% have an associate's degree, and 13% have bachelor's degree or higher, according to the Detroit Future City report.

Companies hired to build the new hockey arena say they can't find sufficient Detroit residents with experience in the skilled trades to meet city-mandated hiring quotas for the project's construction.
As there are no direct quotes from the employers it's hard to figure out what's happening. After all, it's not the applicants decision process that's being questioned here, it's the employers'.

Following the link to the previous story in the series, you get this tidbit.
Contractors building Little Caesars Arena have paid some $2.9 million to workforce training funds as required by being unable to find enough Detroit residents to work on the mammoth construction project.
That directly contradicts the implications of the tweet and therein lies the problem. The facts appear to be these: black Detroiters lack skills, work needs to be done, the employers hire as many Detroiters as they can and then pay fines to provide training for the unskilled. It's kind of hard to find racism in all of that. It sounds pretty benign to me.

Mein Kampf is a racial screed of epic proportions. It's filled with generalizations without data, cherry-picked anecdotes and opinion masquerading as fact. The more I read the NPR dude's Twitter feed, the more parallels I see. The only thing lacking is international ambitions. Mr. NPR doesn't seem to have a goal outside of getting his audience worked up with racial paranoia.

And this is why we need to let the Nazis have their rallies. If we don't, NPR may find itself without a platform from which they can howl at the rest of us.

I think this is an NPR board meeting. I could be wrong.