Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Wrong Them, The Wrong Us

Dig this from Grace Obi-Azuike, the Loyola Law School's Anti-Racism Fellow.

Just to make sure you heard that right, it's this:

"Get the f*** out of here all you ugly ass little Jewish people in this bitch."

I went with the crowd when I first saw that video and howled about the racism. When I began to think about it, I was staggered.

All along, I've had the wrong "them" and the wrong "us."

Loyola is an expensive, famous, Catholic, Jesuit university. Watching that woman do the whole waggly-head, stereotypical, antisemitic rant, I realized something.

Grace Obi-Azuike wasn't selected for the Loyola Law School Anti-Racism Fellowship in spite of her being a bug-eyed racist, she was chosen because she was a bug-eyed racist.

Watch that video and tell me that Grace doesn't have a string of social media posts and writings that aren't loaded to the gunwales with racial hatred. It's not like she walked into this meeting and suddenly began spouting racial venom. Whatever the criteria are, whatever the content the panel examined to hand out the Loyola Law School Anti-Racism Fellowship, you can be sure they knew this was who she was.

On this blog and in person, I like to tell my friends, "They hate you." I used to think that referred to how the secular left hated Catholics. I was wrong. In this case, I was slapped in the face with the reality that the Jesuits hate me. By extension, my bishop who runs the University of San Diego and all of its rancid anti-white racism hates me. It's not like they don't know about the whiteness studies and this woman's deranged Jew-hatred.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Jesuit priests are horrified by this. Maybe my bishop would be aghast to find out that his university sounds like a modern Rudolf Hess. I'd be a fool to think so. This poison just keeps appearing in more and more places.

The question is how to confront them with this. It's not like those of us in the laity have much of a chance to throw a question to either the Jesuits or the bishop. I've got a good friend who did this kind of thing with Gonzaga. Maybe I should find out how that worked.

I've had quite enough of this.


tim eisele said...

I am glad you are realizing this. The problems of the Church are not really due to people outside of it, but to infighting within it. In my experience, people who are not at least nominally Christian generally don't hate the Church or Catholics. They mostly don't think about the Catholic church at all. The people who cause problems for and within the Church are:

- people who are still in it,
- the people who feel like they were driven out of it, and
- members of other churches who have decided to have an adversarial relationship with the Catholic church.

If you look at the religious makeup of Congress, you can see that the people who have political power are almost all claiming to be religious, and mostly some flavor of Christian. There are only about 20 that don't make some sort of show of their religion, and even those are just refusing to talk about it, and not declaring themselves to be opposed to religion.

Ilíon said...

Going by this most recent photo, your exercise regimen is really paying off! ;-)

Ilíon said...

Keep in mind: contrary to the propaganda (in the bad sense) that your bishops and catechists have taught you your whole life, it is not that we Protestants "broke Christendom", it is that the bureaucrats of The One True Bureaucracy drove us out of "the church" and made war upon us ... because we dared to condemn their immorality.

My point is, the same choice is coming after you and all other true Christians: do you submit to Christ, or do you submit to immoral bureaucrats?