Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dachshunds and Mallets

David’s Medienkritik has another in a series of great blog posts about the sorry state of affairs in Germany’s attitude towards the U.S. Terribly unfortunate, old boy, but perhaps not as critical as it may appear. Allow me to point out a few facts and make a comparison.


Birth rate 1.39 children / woman
Median age 42
Unemployment 11.6%
Economic growth 0.8%


Birth rate 2.19 children / woman
Median age 29
Unemployment 11.1%
Economic growth 8.2%

Go with the future and not the past. Argentina's population is 13 years younger, has a healthier economy and is out-growing Germany by a factor of 10-1. Ten to one! Mexico and Brazil are winners, too.

Dig this guy's blog.

So the Deutsch dachshund is yapping at us as it's economy goes over Niagara in a barrel. So what? Mr. Dachshund, meet Mr. Croquet Mallet. WHAP! Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your trip. (KT averts her eyes as she hears the barrel hit the bottom saying, “Man, that’s gonna leave a mark.”)

It seems to me that Germany’s going to need everyone else long before the rest of us need them.

One last note, and this goes for France, too. How in the world do you manage to have a modern economy with a shrinking labor force and rising unemployment? Do you realize how fundamentally screwed up you need to be for that to happen?


Anonymous said...

You can throw Italy and Spain into that list of shrinking labor pools and lousy unemployment, too.

Harrison said...

Plus, just look at how the French groom their canines. Bunch of powder puffs in more ways than one!