Sunday, March 12, 2006

Treats and the Proper Respect of Cats

Dear Readers,

I, K T Cat, your Maximum Leader, rarely write in my own voice. It is usually the human who I have granted the honor of feeding and petting me who writes these entries. Today, however, I take up the keyboard so that I may record an incident of great distress to my person.

The other day, the human's father came over to my house. As is fitting for all such visitors, he offered me a treat. The odor of the treat was sweet unto my senses and, with as much respect as I can show to such subordinates, I asked him to set the treat down that I might partake in it.

Amused by the urgency of my request, he laughed as I repeatedly asked for the treat. I felt that such indignities were unbecoming his Maximum Leader and I suggested that the treat might best be employed blocking one of his bodily orifices.

Upon seeing my discomfort, he respectfully placed the treat upon the floor so I could dine.

I believe that I speak for all cats in suggesting to all humans that when they have treats for us cats, they place said treats within reach immediately.

Your Maximum Leader,

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jlbussey said...

Mine second that heartily. Treats should never ever ever be delayed! The wrath of Pepper is terrible to behold indeed...
(thanks for commenting!)

Kukka-Maria said...

I'm insulted if I have to ask even once for treats.

If my mom would just take a minute to look deeply into my eyes, my desires would be crystal clear to her:

"Treats. Treats. All the time. Keep 'em coming. Treats."

Justin said...

K T Cat, I hope your mommy gave you some petting like I asked her to.

And Bruiser says hi :)

Unknown said...

LOL... I own (or more like, he owns me!!) a cat that looks a lot like KT.

Have you ever noticed, no matter how bad your day is going, a few minutes petting a cat seems to make the world a better place?

Woman With A Camera said...

I agree, the cat needs to be obeyd! :)