Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If You Call Him, the People Will Come

Throughout time, the lefties have fought for the people.

When Stalin thought that impoverished farmers were hiding bags of gold in their hovels they were there.

That was a dismal failure, but when Mao thought you could make hardened steel in your back yard by melting down your pig iron tools they were there.

That was an unmitigated disaster, but when Pol Pot decided to have everyone farm with pointed sticks they were there.

That was an apocalyptic catastrophe, but now they’ve got it right. The lefties are ready for the fight and they need someone who can bring the crowds.

The Christian fascists have the country by the throat. Only the lefty protests stand between them and a theocracy. Nothing says “we’re winners” like marching in circles, chanting and waving crude signs. But times are hard and protests are shrinking.

It’s time to make The Call. To the one man who can save the day.

Make The Call.

A special thanks to San Diego's very own White Noise for providing the background music.

The Alliance suggested it, but Justin asked for it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got me beat this week.

And Justin, too :-)