Friday, March 17, 2006

Further Blessings from the Feline Theocracy

Another Announcement from the Feline Theocracy.

In past announcements, we have granted the titles of Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish and Knight-Protector and Defender of Yarn Balls. Now the time has to come to acknowledge and reward others who have reverently served the Feline Theocracy.

Through our doctrine of feline infallibility, we have divined that the following penitents have earned the titles given herein.

The Internet Marketing Novice has graduated from his novitiate and is hereby named “The Grand Almoner of England”. His blog is an act of charity to others who follow in his footsteps, toiling valiantly to learn the business of the Internet. We are grateful for his link to our post on The World of Goodness, Navy Style.

Romeo Cat may now don the title “Abbess of the Priory of Small Princesses”. Her link to Our Most Holy Post on The World of Goodness, Navy Style was an act of heartily welcome devotion.

Lady Jane has behaved as a righteous lady should, unlike that hoary old sinner, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and has earned the title “Sister Jane of Perpetual Purring.”

The Theocracy prayed long and hard over Ogre. It is not in our habit to include ogres into the Theocracy, but his (semi-)meek countenance and (almost-)worshipful attitude have earned him the title "Monsignor of the Breweries.” We understand that this is a potentially dangerous combination, Ogre and breweries, but we feel that he shall show enough self-restraint as to allow us to tidy up his indiscretions with a minimal application of legal maneuvering and brute force.

So sayeth the Feline Theocracy. All Hail the Theocracy!

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Lady Jane said...

Such an honor! Thank you very much, K T Cat!