Monday, March 06, 2006

Request for Stories of Kindness

One of the themes of this blog is that kindness pays in all kinds of strange and wonderful ways. Joe over at A Tic in the Mind’s Eye hosts a weekly World of Goodness Blogburst. I can’t think of anything more important for the blogosphere, whacking Dan Rather included.

Here is Joe's latest example.

Civilization, in its broadest sense, advances with every act of kindness and recedes with every act of cruelty. I think we can encourage kindness by publicizing it. Lord knows evil gets enough publicity.

I would like to make an offer to all of you. I’m a fast typist and a reasonably good editor. I will take any story of kindness and its results you can send me. I'll accept it in whatever form you wish and edit it and make sure it gets posted in the World of Good blogburst. After I edit it, I will send it back to you for final approval. Nothing will be posted without your OK. Names can be changed to protect privacy and no email or blog addresses will be posted unless you ask for it explicitly.

You can email me here.

When I say I will accept stories in any form, I do mean any form. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, organization, I will take care of all of that. Give me the raw material and we can get to work encouraging good.

If you send me a story, please try to have the word kindness in the subject line so my email program can filter it properly.

Some people, men in particular, are reluctant to acknowledge kindness. It can be seen as a sign of weakness or sentimentality. I think it’s a sign of strength. The instructors at my old Kung Fu school are some of the nicest people I know. There is no way one would consider them weak. Mr. Early is an extraordinarily compassionate person, but when he fights he is a very, very unpleasant man.


Now I need to acknowledge some people who’ve done good things for me recently.

The Anchoress lives up to her philosophy. I sent her a link to a post I had written about an obscure movie suggestion and she posted it on her blog. She’s a blogosphere heavyweight and I needed some exposure, so her act was very kind.

I’m a marketer, but I market emotionally instead of analytically. FMF helps with the Carnival of the Capitalists and he accepted my entry without requiring tables, graphs and charts.

Laurence Simon is the bomb. His Ask the Cats posts are a great way for a new blogger to get some links out there.

Emporer Misha does nice things without knowing it. Many of the popular blogs do not allow comments. They require added effort for the blogger as they have to patrol the comments for nasty messages. His work in maintaining his comments allows newbies like me to post messages that get my work seen by many.

Reformed Blacks of America not only enjoyed my (positive) suggestions for the next Spike Lee film, but invited me to participate in their discussion boards. They rock.

Bonny Underfoot responded to some questions I had about blogging with some very heartfelt comments that I treasure.

Angel, Jake and Killired are just good friends to have.

I know I’ve forgotten a few, but I’ll try and catch them next time.

All the best,


Jennifer said...

a really nice random act of kidness would be to send the first reader who replies to this post (oh, is that me, what a coincidence!) a brand new, full sized ferrari... that should guarentee public awareness of your blog and more readers than you could probably handle!

Jennifer said...

oh crap... major typo... KINDNESS not kidness....


K T Cat said...

No kidness for you! You've been a bad commenter! You mizpell wurds!

Anonymous said...

How about a story of serendipity? My cat Athena was reading Bonnie and Victor's blog and we checked you out. . . Lo and behold you're linking to my favorite blogger The Anchoress!

K T Cat said...

Serendipity is fine!

And let Athena know that she's a very, very good kitty.

WomanHonorThyself said...

oh oh oh I'll take the ferrariiiiiiiiiiiiiii me me!

Anonymous said...

Athena is a very sweet girl. And I forgot to mention -- Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite book, too.

Neurotic Mom said...

I'd settle for a new minivan =c P

American Crusader said...

Sounds great...thank "Behind the Badge" for sending me over here. Now what's this about a Ferrari?