Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Mask has Fallen!

Thanks to the Missouri legislature, the Theocracy has begun! Come and pray to our Maximum Leader, K T Cat, that she might grant you the paradise of tuna!

Some might call posts like this:
The fascists who bring down America will not be wearing brownshirts and displaying swastikas, but rather they will be carrying Bibles and displaying the cross
panicky, hysterical paranoia from a reasoning-challenged knothead, but lo, it is true! He does well to hide under his bed and quake in fear.

Bow down and worship her! She has come from on high, well actually just from the bathroom sink, bringing the word of Truth! Only she can save you! She shall pray for you, that God might grant you tuna, or at least wet food, if you but send her your links and tithe her 10% of your blog traffic.

Brother Jacob, pass the collection plate.


Some are trying to continue the masquerade, but I urge them to drop all pretense and follow our Maximum Leader.

Because she has linked to us, Heidi has been placed on the protected list. When the feline theocracy comes to full flower, she shall be given a comfy sofa in a sunbeam to sit with the Maximum Leader on her lap and pet her. All others shall toil day and night in the tuna mines!

The feline Empress Kukka-Maria has most graciously given us the honor of a link and pledges her tithe. Until we can find a way to email a gift certificate to her for a can of Fancy Feast, she shall have to be content with being able add the title of "Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish" to her name.

Yet another blog has publicized the feline Theocracy. The evangelism spreads!

1 comment:

Kukka-Maria said...

I'm pledging 10% of my blog traffic, although you won't realize they've even really been here because most of them are just lurkers who never comment.

I'm also linking to you in hopes of wet food and tuna and cat treats as far as the eye can see.