Wednesday, March 22, 2006

World of Good Blogburst, Aussie Style

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Last week we highlighted the stellar work the US Navy did helping the vicitms of the Asian tsunami. This week we salute the Royal Australian Navy.

The sailors of the HMAS Kanimbla and their comrades showed how bighearted Australians can be as they came to the aid of people who were homeless and starving. The Aussies worked day and night to help people they didn't know, people who couldn't pay them back. Knowing the Australian Navy, I wouldn't have expected anything less. It's an honor to call you friends.

Members of HMAS Kanimbla ships company and embarked forces assist Indonesian military and civilian relief workers in the offloading of humanitarian aid supplies to the township of Lahewa on the northern coast of the earthquake-affected Indonesian island of Nias.

Residents of the town of Lahewa on the earthquake-affected island of Nias attend a clinic run by the Aero Medical Evacuation Team from HMAS Kanimbla, deployed to support Indonesian Government-led relief operations under Operation Sumatra Assist Phase II.

Stores party brings in supplies while HMAS Kanimbla conducts a three way Replenishment at Sea (RAS) and Vertical Replenishment (Vertrep) with USNS Tippecanoe and USS San Jose.

A Nias islander injured in the 29 March Sumatra earthquake receives treatment in the Primary Casualty Resuscitation Facility (PCRF) on board HMAS Kanimbla.

Victims of the 29 March earthquake on the Indonesian island of Nias are being prepared to be transported to Medan for medical treatment on an Australian C-130J Hercules aircraft for evacuation to Medan.

A little girl who was a victim of the 29 March earthquake on the Indonesian island of Nias waits to be loaded onto the awaiting C-130J Hercules aircraft for evacuation to Medan.

HMAS Kanimbla returns to Sydney from humanitarian operations in Banda Aceh and Nias.

Leading Seaman Bryan Kendall greats his daughter as he steps off the gangway of HMAS Kanimbla.

All photos and accompanying text © Commonwealth of Australia 2005

A special thank you goes out to LCDR Mike Purdy of the Royal Australian Navy for his assistance in assembling this post.

The World of Good would like to publicize your stories of good deeds. I would like to renew my original offer to host stories and photos.

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