Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Teachers Union and Public School Administration Unmasked

Dig this video.

The shocker to me was how violently the teacher's union and school board defended their turf of laziness and incompetence. They're the #1 political action group in California and probably most other states as well. They're also the reason my kids don't go to public schools.

H/T: The Puppy Blender.


Anonymous said...

Dear KT Cat:

The video states the problem succinctly. There is a war between Charter Schools and Public Schools. I work at a Charter School. We are continually harassed and backbitten by the Public School system. We have no union, our facilities are ancient and we do not pick our students, yet we thrive.

Teachers’ Unions are malignant. They are concerned not with students but with their own perks. These organizations are bureaucratic, inefficient, incompetent and completely beholden to the Democrat Party.

Justin said...


My grandmother despised the teachers union when she taught first grade... and she's been retired for 20 years now!

Ogre said...

Just more proof that the education system is about money and NOT learning.

Dean said...

Gang problem? Crips? Bloods? or... the teachers union?

What an amazing video. Every once in a while there is a happy ending to these things.

Did anyone notice how nearly every defense made by that union goon centered around the teachers and not the kids.

By the way, the school board supe is my former boss. Adm. David Brewer (Retired).