Saturday, March 29, 2008

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

From this weekend's Wall Street Journal, we have this article suggesting that opposition to Hillary is, in part, a backlash against the gains of feminism.

When Sen. Clinton started her presidential campaign more than a year ago, she said she wanted to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling. But many of her supporters see something troubling in the sometimes bitter resistance to her campaign and the looming possibility of her defeat: a seeming backlash against the opportunities women have gained.

Just as Barack Obama's campaign has been empowering for African-Americans, Sen. Clinton's run has inspired women across the country, drawing millions to the polls and putting her in a neck-and-neck battle for the nomination. She has already gone farther than any woman before her -- a source of great pride for her women supporters.

But her campaign has also prompted slurs and inflammatory language that many women thought had been banished from public discourse. Some women worry that regardless of how the election turns out, the resistance to Sen. Clinton may embolden some men to resist women's efforts to share power with them in business, politics and elsewhere.
This is just a continuance of the identity politics that are wrecking the Democratic party. Meanwhile, men have become a minority at Universities, the institutions which are the feed system for the vast majority of positions of power. You don't need statistical training to see that this kind of gender analysis is no longer valid. And yet it goes on.

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Rose said...

People always say women will vote for her just because she is a woman, but women are harder on other women than they are on men, more judgmental, and more likely to find her lacking.

None of the women I know support Hillary, almost all of them democrats, most very very liberal. The reason is that they feel, and I agree, that she will do anything, say anything, to get elected. Or in other words, she cannot be trusted to be truthful, or any of the things that go along with that.