Saturday, March 15, 2008

Barack Obama Leads Us Slouching Towards Europe

Just a brief continuation on the Obama - Rev. Wright issue. Some people have defended Rev. Wright's sermons by saying, "that's just the rhetoric you hear in black churches." Well, that's what they're saying all across Europe as sharia is instituted in majority Muslim communities. "That's just the way they are so we have to live with it." Heinous acts such as honor killings of women are ignored as the majority of the population has lost all confidence in their way of life.

Either you have a culture worth defending or you don't. If Don Imus can lose his job over a throwaway snark, but Obama isn't taken out to the woodshed for 20 years of patronizing a racist lunatic, then you've surrendered in the culture war. If they have more confidence in their culture than you do, then yours is already gone.

No, it's not OK to scream "God damn America" and hurl venomous racial accusations from the pulpit. It just isn't. No excuses, no parsing, no understanding, no exceptions. If my priest said that in the church basement to the inner circle of the Knights of Columbus, I'd never go to that church again and I'd tell everyone I knew. Rev. Wright isn't mumbling this to his closest friends, he's selling videos of his crazed sermons on the Internet.

If the cultural rules apply to me, then they apply to you, too. Rev. Wright has the freedom to say these kinds of things, but his followers need to pay a very, very steep price for it.

Update: Over at Just One Minute, they're suggesting that Claude Rains should go close Rev. Wright's church. Hilarious! The rest of the Just One Minute post is a must read.

Barack Obama on Rev. Wright's church: "Close it down? But everyone's having such a good time!"


Anonymous said...
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Foxfier said...

Huh. Looks like someone bought the spiders from the Ronulans.

Anonymous said...

Hello KT.

Just saw this story on Reuters and remembered that you had an interest in economics.

With the inflation rate in Zimbabwe running at some pretty stupid levels (66,000% seems to be the current consensus) perhaps they should look at introducing Sharia Law as Europe has done?

K T Cat said...

I deleted the first comment because it was a massive cut and paste from some odd political site.

K T Cat said...

aon, thanks for the link. That's pretty informative stuff!

Road Dawg said...

Do we follow the portion of truth found in Wrights rhetoric, or do we despise the messenger for his presentation.

In context, I found his rhetoric to be far less harmless than when taken out of context, as found in the media.

I personally can take the "whitey held me down" speach if they are preaching self reliance. So hate me, don't kill me, don't kill your brothers, don't abandon you kids.

I love you, my Christian black brothers, I know you've been wronged, love me back when you can!

Road Dawg said...

I meant "more" harmless, sorry!

Foxfier said...

I despise the messenger for his hatred and lies, personally.

The guy has at least FOUR amazingly well-off blacks in his pews, probably more...and he's yelling about "whitey keeping us down"?

He preaches that they should do everything for one race?

No. I cannot give a pass to someone for his skin. Were this a white man or an Asian screaming against the black folks, it would be Armageddon.

There is NO truth in the idea that we "deserved" 9/11.

There is NO truth in the idea that the USA made the AIDS virus.

There is NO truth in the idea that "whitey" will keep a black man from being president.