Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Excuse Doesn't Fly

Senator Obama has finally come out with a statement about Rev. Wright's insane and venomous sermons.
Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies. I also believe that words that degrade individuals have no place in our public dialogue, whether it's on the campaign stump or in the pulpit. In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue.
Give me a break. Like if John McCain had attended a white supremacist church for 20 years he'd be able to get away with this one. Right.

The truth of the matter is Barack had choices and he chose to keep his family at Rev. Wright's church for 20 years. I've left churches for far less. The rest of the defense is just as bad. Apparently, churches that claim that Americal created AIDS and call the US the greatest murderer in the world are a "pillar of the community." Right. And dingbat preachers who claim that Jesus was black are "respected biblical scholars." Please.

Obama has forgotten the first rule of holes which is this: When you're in a hole, stop digging. Barack goes on to claim that he never heard Rev. Wright say any of these things in person. That's probably a mistake right there since his church has videos of these sermons for sale and it won't take much for someone to place Barack at the church at the time of one of these rants.

His next press conference ought to be a great one. If he could only handle eight Rezko questions, how is he going to do with an hour or so of Rezko plus Wright?


Ohioan@Heart said...

An amazing turn of events for the main stream media's darling, Senator Obama. I suspect that this the MSM begining the process of destroying their creation, which seems to be the pattern they follow.

Justin said...

A lot of politicians are members of my church. I've never seen them there. I think a lot of them join a church just to say "hey, look, I'm a member of First United Methodist in Beaumont" or something like that.

Or at least we used to. A few years ago we started purging people from the church rolls if they didn't show up for a few years.

ligneus said...

Justin, haven't you seen pics of Obama, arm around Wright's shoulder, both of them all smiles? Wright married him and Michelle, baptised his kids, this will or should sink his candidacy.

Rose said...

Before the video of the preacher, didn't Obama call him his spiritual leader and mentor? That reversal doesn't wash - I agree with you.

Sure doesn't look to me like Obama led anything but a life of privilege, especially recently - Harvard, wealth, big house - not to begrudge that but don't play the beaten up black guy, this nation gave you awesome opportunity and you excelled in this culture. That should have been something to deeply appreciate and be proud of.

Foxfier said...

The comments of Anchoress' post cover just about anything that can be said.

FWIW, I disagree with the Lady on this, but there is an AMAZING amount of reasoning and information:

K T Cat said...


The problem with the Anchoress' reasoning is that in this case, the pastor is an indicator of the community. I just don't believe that someone with such violently obnoxious views isn't attracting similar people into his church. Catholics will go to local, but unpleasant churches because they're Catholic and that's what you're supposed to do. Rev. Wright has no such draw since his church is essentially independent.

Foxfier said...

I quite agree--and she was informed the same thing about thirty times. ;^P

I found it interesting that the church Obama goes to is so well known for this stuff-- two different folks mentioned it's locally impossible NOT to know.

Road Dawg said...

Although I agree with you, look at the crap Bush took just for giving a speech at Bob Jones U. But Obama delivered a brilliant speech putting the relationship into perspective. I just wish he were on my side of the issues.