Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blame in the Housing Crisis Knows no Party

Yesterday's Wal Street Journal has a great article on just how the housing credit crisis was accelerated by willing politicians from both sides of the aisle.
The Bush administration coupled cheerleading for homeownership with pressure on government-sponsored mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to provide funding for riskier mortgages. Both Democrats and Republicans stood by as Fannie and Freddie invested heavily in securities backed by subprime loans. Democratic congressmen pushed a federal law to restrain lending practices later discredited, but Republicans with some Democratic allies blocked or countered with weaker versions.

And at the Federal Reserve, Chairman Alan Greenspan, revered by both parties for his economic management, resisted using the Fed's authority to more aggressively regulate lender behavior.

The blame spreads beyond Washington, to state capitals. In California, home to most of the country's subprime lenders, Democratic state lawmakers didn't support laws that would have imposed tougher regulations on a prized local industry. Politicians of all stripes cheered on the lower interest rates that sparked the boom in housing and excesses in credit.
Live below your means, save money and stay out of debt as much as possible. That's the path to financial success.

Oh what am I saying? To heck with that! Dig this totally way cool ski boat we could buy on credit right now!

Party on, dudes!


Foxfier said...


Ogre said...

Wait. Hold on. Are you saying there's TWO parties in government? Where did you hear that lie? If there's two parties, what's the difference between the two? Oh, right, you just pointed out that there isn't one...

And since banks are now using bad credit loans as collateral, I'm going to stop paying my own mortgage so I can help the economy grow.

B-Daddy said...

In a more perfect world, no government institution would intervene and this would just work itself. Behavior would adjust and we wouldn't get into this pickle until the next generation forgets these lessons. Unfortunately, I see bail-outs on the horizon, so let the risky behavior continue.

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We shouldn't be pointing fingers at any one group.The housing crisis is not the fault of just one but of every group that was involved in making those wrong decisions. Let's all help each other out and resolve it once and for all.