Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Opening up the Back Door as Wide as I Can

I just installed a new wireless router at home. Before, my network was purely wired. I was able to get the new router configured to work with my wired PCs, but when I tried to use WEP encryption on the wireless side, the stupid thing wouldn't give my laptop an IP address. Argh!

I kept trying to repair the connection, but I finally gave up and went completely without security. My son needs the big PC for homework, so I can't go and try different settings. For the next few hours, the backdoor to our home network will be wide open. Come on by and grab an IP address. They're free to all!

Update: Ha! You waited too long. The door is shut - the encryption is turned on. No more free IPs for you. From now on I shall charge $801.11 per IP address.


Jeff Miller said...

Well if you are using WEP you are still leaving your backdoor open. WEP has long been cracked.

You need to be using WPA if you want security.

WEP will work to keep the casual neighbor or other person from using your network. But anybody that wants to get into you system can get your WEP password in a minute or so.

If yo use WPA with a good password nobody will be able to get in.

K T Cat said...

WPA was so secure that even I couldn't get in and I knew the password!

Thanks for the tip, though. I'll keep trying the WPA.

K T Cat said...

Wait a minute. WPA is what I'm using right now. Whoohoo!