Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ingraham Bridge Sunset

We've been having lots of good sunsets lately. I took these photos two days ago and I like them more than my previous Ingraham Bridge sunsets.

This one looks like the sky is in flames over the Pacific.

I love the drama of this shot. Click on it for a much better version, it's worth it.

I took some video of last night's sunset and used the manual settings for exposure and focus. The results were dreadful. The thing did not focus on infinity and I could not really tell from the video window the camera provided. I set the exposure as the sun was going down so that the camera would not be saturated. After the sun went down, all you could see was black. The majesty of the sky in all it's purples and oranges was totally lost. Clearly, I need to keep working on this.

Update: The marvellous Cascade Exposures blog has more sunsets for you to enjoy.

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