Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chalk Up Another Win for the Good Guys

From the Long War Journal:
Six days after the Iraqi government launched Operation Knights’ Charge in Basrah against the Mahdi Army and other Iranian-backed Shia terror groups, Muqtada al Sadr, the Leader of the Mahdi Army, has called for his fighters to lay down their weapons and cooperate with Iraqi security forces. Sadr’s call for an end to the fighting comes as his Mahdi Army has taken serious losses since the operation began.

"Sadr has sent a message to his loyalists urging them to end all armed activities," the Al Iraqiya television channel reported. Sadr "disowned anyone attacking the state institutions or parties' offices and headquarters."
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Ohioan@Heart said...

KT - great story isn't it?

Sadr knows he can't win a one-on-one battle (mainly because it's more like two-to-one). Since he'd lose, he's smart enough to "runaway and live to fight another day". By doing it the way he did, he can claim (or at least try to claim) a role in the government.

Just goes to show that the terrorists and militias really can't stand up to a trained army (or in the case of the Iraq army a partially trained army). The issue is never in doubt about who'd win, the issue is whether the left, the media, and the public will let the military do its job.

Rose said...

Good news, in a disheartening-news world. I just watched Fitna.

Anonymous said...

Typically, that known pinko, leftwing rag Time Magazine is trying to undo all McCain's good work in Iraq.