Friday, March 07, 2008

The Pistons Are In

My son and I just installed the pistons on our little MGB's motor. They're not quite finished as I need to tighten the nuts on their connecting halves to 25 ft-lbs and the nuts are these strange, octagonal things. I can get them to about 14 ft-lbs before the socket starts to slip. I'll be doing some research on this tonight and will attack it tomorrow.

My gaskets won't be in until Monday, which means I won't be continuing until next Friday. Even so, the crankshaft and the pistons are the hardest parts. The rest should be smooth sailing.

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Justin said...

You know, I'd wished I'd have been able to do this with my dad for my first car. Then again, he never really had time to do the '57 Nomad that he had, much less one for me.

Not to mention a truck with 250,000 miles on it tends to require a bit of work.